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FEB 2010 ~ Candlemas / Cross Quarter

FEB 2010 ~ Candlemas / Cross Quarter
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~ Feb 1st each year, is the second of *8* Sacred Seasons ~ *INVITING* a renewal of the Light. The light is returning, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. This is the season you commit to the process of nurturing the intentions you set for the new year at Winter Solstice. In order to create anew, sacrifices and changes must be made. This time of year coincides with Lent, when many cultures give up something cherished in an effort to cleanse and clear a space for renewed growth, within your Being and your environment. This season will culminate on Aug 1st with the Cross Quarter/Lammas, so what would you like to create by then? What are you willing to give up to further your goals? What relationships are you willing to commit to and cultivate?

Cross Quarters are considered the *Gates of Power* ~ the in between ~ the mid-point between the Solstices and Equinoxes. This is the *Sweet Spot* ~ between seed and new life, where Infinite Potential lies. Use this time to turn within and hold your own counsel. Define freedom. Define liberation. Define community.

The Houses being activated by this Sacred Season
are the areas of your life where you are:
Acknowledging a Turning Point
Using the Sacred Season to Rest, Replenish & Ruminate
Broadening Your Vision
New beginning / clean slate
Your definition of freedom
Your unique contribution to the community
Healing of all self-love issues
Trying new and innovative ways for living (in the new era/new energy)
New hopes and dreams
Time of change
Complete rebirth/new life/new look
Fiery Creativity; new projects or old projects being renewed
Independence and Leadership

The House Being Activated for the
11th House of: helpful people, friends, community, detachment, expanded thinking, hopes and wishes
*Note ~ 11th House
is related to Uranus and Aquarius, increasing intensity for many related issues.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

AQUARIUS 2010 ~ Freedom & Liberation for ALL Life!

Inner Peace & Love is the Way to
Freedom & Liberation for ALL Life!

AQUARIUS: Freedom Requires Responsibility
LEO: Love Requires Authenticity

Aquarius has to integrate the self-love lesson of Leo, in order to make its unique contribution to the community and reminds you to think outside the box (Aquarius/Uranus) & follow your heart (Leo/Sun) for the betterment of all. One month past the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses (course corrections) of Dec/Jan, what crossroads can you identify? What correlations can you make to the Aug 2008 Leo/Aquarius Eclipses? This Lunation will activate those Eclipses again this month. What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun) so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way? We re-volve EVERY year ... this year we E-VOLVE!

A huge cycle in history just completed in 2008 (Pluto/Galactic Center/Sagittarius), and 2009 brought in considerable closure for those who go willingly and voluntarily (to the next level) and own a *NEW* Truth/Story. The way is a bit more harrowing for those who insist on holding on (fixed nature types) to that which has crumbled and dis-integrated because it has served its purpose, completed and is no longer necessary. It is time for you to further define truth and happiness for yourself. It can no longer follow the formula of generations past. You have direct access to this potent Uranian energy and you can now connect directly to a UNIQUE VISION OF LIFE, COMMUNITY AND THE PLANET.

The recent surge of Capricorn/Saturn energy has brought to the surface the need for a reality check but we're going to take that to a Higher level now, and rework our definition of reality and security. It is time to operate strictly from the HEART ... chase a PURPOSE, not a job! What is your purpose? How do you serve and contribute? If you've been stuck in "survival mode", for whatever reason, now is the time for a paradigm shift in to *Self-Preservation* ~ breaking chains of "obligation" in favor of being joyfully *responsible* for all you create. Life is too short and certainly hard enough on its own but when you are focused on a purpose, something bigger than you, you're in the FLOW, participating, co-creating a much richer experience for your Self and those lives you touch along the way (of which there are many).

There is just one life for each of us:

If you have been getting in-sync with your personal cycles and the current energy, harmonizing with nature more often, and vibrating at a new (and Higher) frequency, catching glimpses of your new reality, you are on the right track. Part of your covenant with the Universe, to be here at this time, is to usher in this new era. Your consciousness IS your contribution, how you use your energy at this time is setting the tone for generations to come. When you step out of "survival mode" even for a second, your perspective shifts and you see that you are participating at the dawn of a new age.

The beginning is the most delicate stage of evolution. You are likewise beginning anew (on one or many levels in your life). Choices made now are crucial to your long-term plan. Aquarius time is the perfect time to broaden the scope of your vision. Keep the 12 year cycle you just began in mind, what is the NEW STORY you want to tell (of your life)? If hindsight is 20/20, then what would you do differently NOW/TODAY to align your life and daily routine with your deepest heart's desire? For example, I've been using the moving metaphor lately because we have been "moving" in to a brand new, and long-term cycle.

It takes courage to grow up and
become who you truly are.

~ Say you had to move next month, what amenities would you look for that you did not think of when choosing the place you currently reside in?
~ In relationships, what would you choose differently if you were to start over at this time?
~ In career choices, how different would your career path be if you chose something you love and are passionate about versus what paid the most or had the most prestige, or worse, what someone else wanted you to do?

This is the time to apply these standard questions to the current *Time* and situation. How have you truly *moved* ... in consciousness and in reality? This is a prime opportunity to set new intentions for living your Truth & Purpose. The issues, people and circumstances that are leaving your life at this time are moving out in Divine Time. That is creating a vacuum for you to start fresh, with a clean slate. Choose wisely, be prepared to work hard but take time to recognize every blessing along the way. When you work from the heart, with passion and purpose, the angels pave the way!

The future has a way of ...
arriving UN-announced!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Capricorn-Aquarius 2010: Dec 21-Feb 1

Capricorn/Aquarius 2010:
Dec 21 (Winter Solstice)
Feb 1 (Cross Quarter/Candlemas)

*Winter* Solstice ~ initiates the Solar year and welcomes the Return of the Light. Things appear dormant on the surface, however, much life is developing beneath the surface ~ in preparation for Spring. Still a time of relative darkness and limited mobility, you are most supported for working behind the scenes, communing with other realms, honoring darkness and silence and receiving information, nourishment and replenishment with a clear intention of strengthening for soon-to-come action and forward movement.

Next Season is a little more 'mental' but this Sacred Season is about what you *feel* on the deepest levels and creating space to move from that Center within ... out in to the world to be a useful and dynamic participant in Life. This is the time of year to set your intentions for what you want to create, within your own Being and out in the world through good works. It's time to strategize about the future, while building on what is solid and worthy. It's time to take the past year's 'fruits of your labor' and put them to good use. It's time to get serious and practical about what you want and create a plan for success.
Marriage of Earth & Sky . . .
We are the "Spirit Children" of this Sacred Union!
Birthing Dreams:
(Excerpt from Molly Hall of
"The longest night is a fruitful time for setting intentions,
to be birthed with the newborn Sun. What you conceive now
can grow with the Sun, and gain momentum in Spring.
You might start a tradition of setting Winter Solstice intentions,
and in one year, see how many have come into being.
Put them in a special tin or box that has meaning for you.
The dark before the dawn, just like New Moons,
can be a powerful moment of magic, drawing in
what you'd like to see happen in the new year."

During this Sacred Season, the Sun makes the journey through ALL Capricorn and the first half of Aquarius. After Sag helps you anchor a new Truth/Story for the new year, Capricorn time comes along to anchor that Truth in the 3-D. This energy brings the Annual Reality Check: Do your inner and outer lives *match*? What's working? What's not? about your current reality. Capricorn is all about your inner authority to run your own life and will test your capacity to do so through various means. If you are being responsible for your own imprint on the planet, owning that your energy, thoughts, words and deeds are creating your reality (internal & external) and being honest with your Self, then you should be ready, willing and able to release the aspects of your structure and foundation which are worn out and require an infusion of new energy ... consider this your annual "upgrade". What will you build in 2010? What will you anchor? And how will your life become more structurally sound, richer and more meaningful?

2009 is officially over, 2010 has official begun ~ Winter Solstice is the *INITIATION*. If you cleared and released last year, then you are ready to begin building this new year. Because 2010 initiates with Mars (12/20) and Mercury (12/26) backwards, with Saturn closely following (1/13), you may feel a little limited or restricted. Release that! That is not the point of this energy. The point is that you are in completely new territory and you must take your time and process (Mercury Retro) the information presenting itself, you must review past actions (Mars Retro) to determine what will work here and now, and you must complete whatever you've started before you can expand on your plans (Saturn Retro). These three indicate that 2010 must be navigated with careful, practical thought, in connection with measured, heart-centered action so you can complete your individual healing (Saturn in Virgo) in preparation for creating solid relationships and community going forward mid-year (Saturn in Libra).

~ Power ~ Balance/Compromise ~ Options/Advantages ~ Opportunity to Grow ~ Blessings ~ ... are all available for us!

~ Power ~ (Conjunct/Conjunction)

The final connection (of 3) between Jupiter (Truth/Story) and Neptune (Vision/Unity Consciousness) happens on Winter Solstice, amplifying the power of renewal. The first one was in May, then July and now finally, in Dec. Reflecting on the previous contacts will give you an idea of how to proceed. There is always a *catalyst* (the first contact) then a *review* (pull back to go forward) and finally, fortified with healing and new information, *forward* movement. For those who have been consciously working on their healing processes for the last 10-12 years, the Healing Trinity is really solidifying all that work and rewarding all that dedication by fusing the fragments of your Soul, strengthening you for the next leg of your journey. For those who've avoided or suppressed their own true nature, ignored open or festering wounds (for whatever reason), the Healing Trinity has activated a process you can and should co-create with or it will be decidedly more lengthy and painful. Either way, while these three celestial bodies (Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron) separate (slowly), you still have access to unprecedented healing for another year or two and now is the best time to set your intentions.

12/21 ~ Jupiter/Neptune ~ Aquarius ~ ALL Air

The Sun has its annual cycle through the zodiac, however, Pluto is only in a sign for 10-20 years at a time and takes 248+ years to cycle through the zodiac. Pluto is the Purifier and the Sun represents your core essential Self. Every year they get together and clear out more of the deep, karmic debris within each individual, as well as the collective. Reflect on how your belief system was deeply altered and/or integrated over the years of 1995-2008 as Pluto moved through Sagittarius. Now that you're clear on what you believe to be "true", the shift of Pluto in to Capricorn initiates a new 16-year process of healing and purification. Those with Capricorn as their Sun Sign will get the biggest infusion over this cycle, but certainly everyone's Cancer/Capricorn Planets and Houses will be stimulated to transform and move to a new level of expression. Collectively, it is time to be responsible (Capricorn) for Self (Sun), own your innate power (Pluto) and direct it with more conscious awareness. With this combination, you can completely transcend your old Identity and step clean and fully in to a new one.

This energy extends to your thinking (Mercury) and your values (Venus), which are also being transformed as your Identity shifts. This is the year you will feel the urge to develop a whole new system for living that reflects your love for the planet, self-respect and concern for all *LIFE*. Because we are still talking Capricorn (responsibility) an Earth Sign, the energy is pushing you to make some physical, tangible moves. It's modality is Cardinal, which is the Initiator ~ it gets you moving, gets projects started and generally keeps things flowing. It's time to walk your talk on one or more levels. Keep in mind too that as you shift internally this dramatically, and since Pluto represents the *deepest* and most permanent transformation, it will affect those primary relationships and interactions near and dear to you (home, work, family, friends, relationships, partnerships and collaborations).

Sun/Mercury/Venus/Pluto ~ Capricorn ~ ALL Earth
12/24 ~ Sun/Pluto
12/28 ~ Venus/Pluto
1/4 ~ Mercury/Sun
1/5 ~ Mercury/Venus
1/11 ~ Venus/Sun

~ Balance & Compromise ~ (Oppose/Opposition)

As the Season progresses, and Sun/Venus move in to Aquarius, the energy will lighten up (from heavy Earth to lighter Air energy). You may want to infuse the renewed structure with your own unique *flava* ... which is developing behind the scenes with the on-going Mars Retrograde in Leo exactly opposite Sun (identity/core self) and Venus (values/priorities) in fiery, passionate, playful, fun-loving Leo. You may not be able to act on it just yet, but the Retrograde is extremely useful for reconnecting with your *Heart* and ultimately the innate *Courage* to love and BE your Authentic Self. This is a prime and potent opportunity to fully integrate your heart's desire with your unique gifts and talents, your ability to be passionate about community affairs and activate your inner flame of creativity. It's time to work from heart-center and co-create alternative solutions to how you're living. This balancing and integration will help you anchor your new priorities and balance your Masculine/Feminine dynamic within, as well as how you apply them to forward your goals and dreams. Watch the extremes to be too aggressive versus too passive. It's time to own who you are, what you want and develop a new system for going forward in this new space and time.

Venus/Sun in Aquarius / Mars Retro in Leo ~ Air/Fire
1/27 ~ Venus/Mars Retro
1/29 ~ Sun/Mars Retro

~ Options & Adavantages ~ (Sextile)

As the Sun (identity) and Venus (values/priorities) move through the last degrees of Sagittarius, engaging the power of the Galactic Center, and proceeding to activate the Healing Trinity in Aquarius, the fiery Truth creates an opportunity for the community or broader purpose to further expand. The lessons of Truth and Detachment will help you activate your imagination to create opportunities out of your current reality, no matter the appearances. Then as Sun/Venus immediately move in to Capricorn, assuming responsibility for Self and how you affect your world, they will connect with Uranus, the planet of true freedom. So it is safe to say that if you can accept responsibility, direct your power with care and consciousness, then freedom is yours by your own definition. How juicy!

Venus in Sagittarius / Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius ~ Fire/Air
12/20 ~ Venus/Jupiter
12/21 ~ Venus/Neptune

Sun/Venus in Capricorn / Uranus in Pisces ~ Earth/Water
1/13 ~ Sun/Venus ~ Uranus

~ Opportunity to Grow ~ (Square)

As the Sun and Venus move through Capricorn, they are going to square off with Saturn in Libra who is already squaring off with Pluto. So again, because squares push us out of our comfort zones and in to new territory, you may as well co-create on whatever level you can at this time. As you begin to recognize more ways that your inner and outer lives do not match, this energy will give you the strength, courage and stamina to make the necessary, if major, corrections. With the added energy of the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, change is inevitable, so go with it and consciously address that which you deeply desire to change about your Self, your relationships and your environment. Use the frictional energy these aspects bring to break free of old paradigms which no longer reflect the real YOU. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE IN & DON'T GIVE UP!! Navigating this time and processing these activations consciously will be duly rewarded. If you know, love and respect your Self, then you will want to cultivate strong relationships that reciprocate that love and respect. It won't be easy, but it will get done, so you may as well participate on whatever levels you are able. This whole year will reveal how well you maintain integrity and cultivate community, then a strong individual and a solid team of support will carry you through the next few years of truly radical new beginnings. This year is pivotal!! Don't waste even a second on looking backwards or petty distractions.

Sun/Venus in Capricorn / Saturn in Libra ~ Earth/Air
12/25 ~ Sun/Saturn
12/29 ~ Venus/Saturn

Anytime planets change sign or change direction, they slow down and gather strength, while beaming intense energy down to Mother Earth. Saturn has been in Virgo for the last 2+ years, restructuring your systems and healing your foundations in many ways, essentially preparing you for this shift in to Libra when you will be called to work with your family, friends and communities in new and different ways. On one hand, Saturn in Libra is going to reveal weaknesses in the structures of your primary relationships, so any that are falling apart already are likely to break down altogether. This is not a bad thing. This is a good thing because it will force all parties involved to *define their terms* with more clarity, allowing for deeper commitment. (This is a perfect time to renegotiate contracts of all kinds, starting with your Soul Contract.) Pluto in Saturn's sign suggests that *responsibility* rules the day no matter how you slice it. It is time to be responsible for what you build in your life and in the world. Pluto, ruler of death, rebirth and transformation, never destroys anything you truly need, desire or deserve. It's whole purpose is to strip you of the non-essential so you can connect with what IS *Essential*. This combo is very serious, but can also be seriously productive if channeled properly.

This is an ongoing activation to consciously work with for tangible results. Use this initiation stage to set your intentions about who you are and how you'd like to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Both of these planets will push you hard to develop their strengths and master their lessons, resistance is futile. It is much better to take stock of your relationships, of the work you do in the world, of balance and responsibility in your own life and see where/how improvements can be made. And then, most importantly, begin implementing whatever you can. You may not be able to do 'everything' but surely you can do 'something' ~ just start where you are, with what you've got. Conscious co-creation with this combo is the only way to lessen any stress or pain associated with the changes that are truly inevitable, so you may as well participate on whatever level you can at this time. Also, keep in mind that due to the path each planet takes, we will experience the peak of intensity during their exact contacts, but the vibe is on-going for the entire 3-years Saturn is in Libra, as Pluto continues its journey through Capricorn.

Saturn/Pluto ~ Libra/Capricorn ~ Air/Earth
11/15 ~ Saturn in Libra / Pluto in Capricorn (1 of 3)
1st (of 3) ~ Nov 15, 2009 ~ Saturn & Pluto Direct
2nd (of 3) ~ Jan 31, 2010 ~ Saturn Retrograde/Pluto Direct
3rd (of 3) ~ Aug 21, 2010 ~ Pluto Retrograde/Saturn Direct

~ Blessings ~ (Trine)

As the Sun and Venus move through Aquarius, they will form a very easy aspect to Saturn in Libra, both being Air Signs. This will assist in helping you to periodically detach from the intensity of all the major shifts. It is important that you look within first, there you will need to assess how attached you are to any people, places or circumstances. If you can honor the Aquarian lesson of detachment and the Libran lesson of justice, then this blessing can be applied to creating win/win situations, both personally and professionally. It can also serve to help you make new friends, possibly with people you would not usually consider.

Sun/Venus in Aquarius ~ Saturn in Libra ~ ALL Air
1/22 ~ Venus/Saturn
1/24 ~ Sun/Saturn

Additional Thoughts:
2010 is about your Truth (Jupiter) ~ your purpose (Saturn) ~ and true transformation (Pluto). If you're still dealing with cleaning, clearing and releasing the past, don't feel 'late' to the party - you are right on time. But truly, 2010 is pretty much it ~ after this you may not only not recognize the world you're living in, but you won't recognize your own Being because you are a completely new person here and now than ever before. Bask in that ~ strengthen that Being ~ practice till you get a rhythm ~ you're closer than ever!

Questions to Contemplate: As you head in to the New Year, here are some things to seriously contemplate which will help you solidify the basic structure of the year. You will fill in the details as life unfolds ...

What did you RELEASE over the last 3mos
(since Fall Equinox / September 2009)?
What did you COMPLETE over the last 6mos
(since Summer Solstice / June 2009)?
What did you CREATE over the last 9mos
(since Spring Equinox / March 2009)?
What did you INITIATE over the last 1yr
(since Winter Solstice / December 2008)?

... NOW ...

What do you want to CREATE/BIRTH
by Spring Equinox / March 2010?
What do you want to COMPLETE
by Summer Solstice / June 2010?
What do you want to RELEASE
by Fall Equinox / September 2010?
What do you want to be ready to INITIATE
by Winter Solstice / December 2010?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CAPRICORN 2010: Handle Your *Business*

Happy New Year! Can you feel it? We are definitely in *new* territory now! Think of when you just move in to a new place: you are exhausted & excited ~ you are hopeful & anxious ~ resources are probably low (energy and funds) ... and now, you are faced with *un-packing* and setting up *new* sacred space. We have just moved in to a new realm of existence and we must get "set up". Walk with me here ... you just moved, and you did a tremendous amount of purging as you packed and prepared to *move* ... as you unload your "stuff" in this new space, you realize there is more to be cleared, things don't work or fit the space and you release attachment to things you've held near & dear for some time ~ you *lighten* up and purge a little more before starting anew. Bask in this feeling for a moment. Lightness. Space. Room to Breathe. Then turn to meet the challenges and tasks of creating a whole new structure to your *LIFE*. You've moved and you must get to know your surroundings as well as those you share it with (community). You will get a rhythm soon enough. Welcome to Capricorn! Welcome to 2010!!

Capricorn brings the energy to handle your "business" (be it personal or professional). It is the time when you are most acutely aware of things that may not be fun or exciting but are fundamentally necessary to support your life. Responsibility. That's the "traditional" vibe. How about we breathe new life in to that by adding some renewed dedication to finding / creating / accessing / activating the passion and energy ~ to create a *new* structure and foundation, as well as cultivate *new* responses ~ your ability to respond to Life has evolved over time. 2010 ushers you in to the *new* but with Mercury and Mars Retrograde at the turn of the year, (and Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, soon follows 1/13) you are further guided that a deep reflective review is underway and must run its course before implementing new your ideas and taking new actions that support your essential needs and deepest desires. Mercury rules your ideas, thoughts, perceptions and your voice, while Mars rules your passions, actions, deepest desires (and means of attaining them), as well as how you deal with conflict and confrontation. The sign lessons point you toward responsible thoughts, words and deeds (Mercury in Capricorn) and deep, authentic self-love, courage and innate creativity (Leo). These things are what you are currently supported to re-define.

Capricorn gives structure to Cancer's flow, you have a chance to (re)define (Saturn) and connect with authentic emotional (Cancer) and material (Capricorn) security. These energies require you to access that which nourishes you (Cancer) on the deepest level so that you are fortified to make your unique contribution to society (Capricorn). *HOW* you navigate this time will be the key to success and completion. If Capricorns would engage positive Cancer (the Empath) and *feel* their way, their decisions would be more heart-based and confident. Use this time of year, every year, to be your own Architect of Life, design a new structure, play with ideas of the tangible and how it can come to be through your own imagination and efforts ... then follow directions and do things in stages of *building*, take your time so you can correct mistakes as they happen rather than have to re-do anything major and focus on stabilizing your foundation in a way that supports your own evolution and dreams.

The following article has a Universal feel to it and is a valuable reminder for the current times.

2008 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
How We Meet Our Fundamental Needs
See Below

After re-reading the above *Reflections*, I found re-reading the following article infinitely valuable in assessing how well I worked the energies throughout the year 2009. It also helped me see how the energies manifested in 3-D. Well worth it ~ reflect and then perhaps (in line with the Mercury Retro season) re-work your intentions for 2010 ~ tweak ~ clarify ~ visualize ~ prepare for future action.

2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
Going Back to Go Forward
See Below

Want MORE? Understanding this month's energy
is most relevant for those with any planets in ...
Cancer/Capricorn and Aries/Libra.
Get ALL *6* Cancer/Capricorn
*ECLIPSES* ~ 2009-2010
*Lunar* Calls
w. $50 Donation

2008 Capricorn ~ Reflections: How We Meet Our Fundamental Needs

All Seeds Germinate in Darkness

"One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that was going on inside himself. He said, "My son, it is between two wolves ... One is evil: anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego. The other is good: joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith." The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one I feed." (from Aluna Joy Yaxkin / Click Here for Full Article)

As the above parable illustrates so beautifully, we always have a choice as to which part of our shadow and light nature we will feed in any given moment, and both are widely available at this time because we are at a crossroads. We are beginning a major, new chapter, individually and collectively. And the choices we make this year will set the tone for years to come, so be present as you choose each thought, each emotion, every word, every response and every action!

The power of "now" includes a potent connection to Source because we are in the void. All seeds germinate in the darkness and depending on what your "intent" is, will determine the "seeds" you plant and the quality of nourishment/care you give them to grow properly. Will you "grow" (create) more darkness or Light in your life? body? home? environment? community? planet?

Scientists claim that 95% of our Universe is invisible, unquantifiable and considered "dark matter", they don't fully understand its magnitude or power, they cannot define it, they cannot see or touch it, but they know it's there. They can detect a "force" - a "movement" - and an "energy" that clearly exists and affects the 5% of matter they can see, touch and define. This speaks volumes to the energy of creation. This says to me that 95% of the power to create is INVISIBLE! This is another way of saying that you create with intent, emotion and passion (all invisible) ... thought precedes physical manifestation ... imagination creates reality. If we are only accessing a minute percentage of our brains, are we also only accessing 5% of the Universe and all its power, magic and gifts? The point is, you are here, living and awake during a monumental time in our planet's history, what will you create during the time you are here and how will it have meaning for you?

Our thoughts are manifesting with lightening speed, sometimes before we've even been able to complete the thought, the Universe has revealed the results before our eyes. The choices you make this year are vital to which energies and ideas you will "feed" and manifest going forward. The mass consciousness is rooted in fear, which is where the powers that be would want them, docile, controlled and predictable. However, many are awakening from their deep slumbers and recognizing their personal truth and remembering what a short period of time we have here on this planet. We must maximize the time we have left being and doing what creates and maintains FLOW ... the flow of love, the flow of energy exchange, the flow of creative juices, the flow of abundance ... flow and reciprocity.

Planetarily, we are at this crossroads, truly things could go either way, so it is up to each powerful individual to "feed" the good ~ the Light within Self and others. Create the community you want to be a part of ~ by "being" what you want to attract. "Be the change you want to see in the world." (Ghandi) Inhale back your own authority, be responsible for who you are, how you feel and what you create in this world, visible and invisible. Be honest with your Self and check all aspects of your personal structure and foundation (for your life). What supports you when NOTHING & NO ONE else does? Are you going to continue on the path you are already on? or choose a new, uncharted path? I say, use the next quarter to review, then move forward when Saturn does in May.

2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections: Going Back to Go Forward

2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
Going Back to Go Forward

[Reprint from Capricorn / January 2009]

Every single person has
capabilities, abilities and gifts.
Living a good life depends on
whether those capabilities can be used,
abilities expressed and gifts given.

Achievement Requires Responsibility
Security Requires Self-Trust

2010 ~ Happy New Year! I am so excited about this new year and all the opportunities indicated by the planetary alignments. In each coming year, we are being led to a new level ... of existence and consciousness. There is nothing to fear but apathy and indecision. I highly recommend taking some time to set some priorities and goals because we are in for fast-paced and magical times. The year initiates with Mercury and Mars Retrograde indicating that our ideas and actions are under review as we launch 2010. And before Mercury goes Direct, Saturn will join them (1/13) so your definition of reality will be revised over the next several months and Jupiter enters Pisces completing a 12-year journey through the zodiac. Consider the next 1-year process to be the *womb* of development of a *new* 12-year Truth/Story, personally and collectively. Because who you are and what you want has changed, your 3-D reality naturally follows so the overall theme this year is to re-structure on many levels ~ in preparation for future forward movement.

This time 1 year ago ... reflect on the "before and after" of 2009! Very poignant!

[Previously ~ 2009 (w. minor edits)]
There is what's called a "Mystical Rectangle", which is a huge *kiss* from the Universe, setting us on this new path and supporting the restructuring we all must do, in such a beautiful way. The Super / Full Moon in Cancer and Sun, still in Capricorn, criss-cross Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, which is on-going for two years (2008-2010) so we will end up with *several kisses* over 2009 & 2010 (and beyond). The Sun/Moon dynamic is balancing and integrating your inner and outer / private and public selves so they can begin to "match" better (though you may still be at the delicate initiatory stages). The Saturn/Uranus dynamic is balancing and integrating your reality and your consciousness, your physical and spiritual, your body and mind, and the new foundation that will better support you living a more awakened, liberated life that reflects your current Truth & Purpose.

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2009: Initiation ~ Release ~ in Preparation For ... the Eternal *NOW*

With so many key and pivotal events this year, I will be doing the one *FREE* Tele-Class each month to cover the biggest aspects and cycles affecting the collective, while writing more articles on the other dynamic energies kicking this year, which are just as relevant but more on an individual level. This first quarter is vital. January thru April are preparing you for a magical and potently creative and healing time come May, June & July is when Jupiter can bring expanded consciousness in the realm of Light, love and the community, as well as Jupiter's signature luck, abundance and expansion. This quarter, make sure you release that which you do not want 'expanded' and made bigger.

Jupiter Enters Aquarius ~ is going to stir things up for sure! Jupiter expands anything it touches, and this year it will be shining its gigantic light on Aquarian issues: humanitarian issues, the community, unconventional solutions, radical theories, objective broad overviews, expanded visions, and individual contributions that make the collective *whole* work better. Keep in mind that it takes Jupiter 12 years to move throughout the zodiac, so this is our chance to expand our individual and collective realms to be more inclusive of all souls, honoring all belief systems as Truth in their own right, and detachment from moral judgments made about things we, perhaps, don't entirely understand.

Saturn Oppose Uranus (2 of 5) ~ This is a Collective Activation that will *ping* us 5 times over a 2-year period (2009-2010) and it made me think of the "5-Act Structure" of a theatrical performance. There are many breakdowns and descriptions of the 5-Act Structure ... here's the "Kelly version":

ACT 1 ~ Introduction to the players and establishment of points and possibilities, as well as the time & place
~ Astrologically: INITIATION
~ Nov 4, 2008
ACT 2 ~
Events accelerate, momentum builds, complications and complexities are revealed
~ Astrologically: TEST of what you've learned so far
~ Feb 5, 2009

ACT 3 ~ Climax of action, choices, critical mass & crossroads
~ Astrologically: INTEGRATION, assessment and compromise
~ Sept 15, 2009
ACT 4 ~
Descent, fear (false evidence appearing real), test of faith and reversal of fortunes
~ Astrologically: TEST of the quality of integration
~ Apr 16, 2010
ACT 5 ~
Resolution, transmutation and awakening to a new level of understanding
~ Astrologically: COMPLETION ... in preparation for initiation of a new kind
~ July 26, 2010 / Aries-Libra Axis

MARCH 2009
Venus Retrograde ~ is a blessing that comes approximately every year and a half. We are also amidst an 8-year Venus / Sun Cycle that only happens every 100-200 years, the last being 1882. This year you get to truly RE-Invent Your Self with Venus spending over 4-months in Aries, the sign that rules your Identity and the Infant on the Karmic Wheel. Definitely tune in to Venus through Pisces this year (JAN 3 - FEB 2), as that will feel most certainly like a cosmic womb preparing you to embark on a brand *NEW* leg of your personal, and our collective, journey.

Spring Equinox w. Leilah ~ The four (of eight) Sacred Seasons this year will bring a beautiful collaboration of Kelly's planetary dance and Leilah's celestial guided tour when we can *ALL* connect in the other realms, cultivating peace and harmony to bring back to the 3rd Dimension and share. We love when you are physically with us, and will be planning the events in Florida and Upstate New York. However, you can *ALWAYS* join us energetically and know we hold you in the Light and in every Circle with us.

And finally, as we approach the US inauguration of Barack Obama, to also encourage you to visualize this transition to include Capricorn's solid, responsible and cool energy, infused for about 60 hours prior to the election with potent Scorpio energy, shape-shifting us (individually and collectively) to own and honor Truth as Authority, rather than authority as truth. It is also good to acknowledge here that Ceres, Mercury and Saturn will be retrograde for inauguration suggesting the *PERFECT TIME* to re-vision your life and this country's administration (USA). Ceres in Virgo will assist in cultivating a healing that begins in each heart and expands to all living souls. Mercury in Aquarius will assist with re-thinking our collective definitions of family and community, leading us to a unique resolution that honors the Highest Good for all involved. And Saturn in Virgo, of course, will assist with healing the various systems and re-structuring all the major entities which support community life (government, health care, education etc). Whether you agree with Obama's politics or not, we must send him all the prayers, strength and good energy with rock-solid trust in the Universe to guide and direct his choices, knowing he is only the channel, the face on 'change' ~ he is NOT the Source.