Saturday, November 29, 2008

*LAST* Tele-Classes of the Year!

If you would like some direct guidance on the current energies, join The Power Circle Community and gather juice, sustenance and relevant information for making critical decisions now and in the near future. We have people from all over the U.S. and about a dozen other countries who gather with us regularly every month to raise the vibration of our global community. Mention the BLOG and join the Lunar calls for a Love Offering of $15 ... want to try one first? Join the *FREE* call on Dec 9th when we will cover Saturn Retrograde in Virgo.

NEXT Full Moon in Gemini Conference Call is scheduled for:
THUR, Dec 4, 2008 ~ 8:45pm - 10:30pm/Eastern Time
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NEXT *FREE* Conference Call is scheduled for:
TUE, Dec 9, 2008 ~ 8:45pm - 10:30pm / Eastern Time
Saturn Retrograde in Virgo
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NEXT New Moon in Capricorn Conference Call is scheduled for:
THUR, Dec 18, 2008 ~ 8:45pm - 10:30pm/Eastern Time
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sagittarius 2008 Forecast

Hi All, this is my very first attempt at a blog. My initial intention (which is subject to evolve ;-) is to post my forecasts here with links to additional tools and resources you may find useful and relevant. Please bear with me as I familiarize myself with this new medium, I intend to have it organized and part of my regular routine by Pisces 2009. I will start with posting my Monthly Forecast the 20-25th of each month and I will do my best to check in for comments but if you do not receive a reply within 24-48hrs, please email me directly at: If you are just discovering Kelly M Beard, Intuitive Astrologer and for the first time, we do lots of interesting things every month, please check out the site when you can.

This month (Nov 23 - Dec 20, 2008) you have access to aligning your ideas (Mercury) and your values (Venus) where your consciousness (Uranus) and your reality (Saturn) are concerned. You are making connections in ways you may have not been open to in the recent past and they will eventually pay off. There is a lot of juice available this month as the personal planets get together to shift your individual life, which will automatically shift the collective. It is implied throughout this month that action may still be challenging, but setting your intentions is completely and beautifully supported. Your mind is opening up, but forward movement, supported by the planets, doesn't really come till February 2009 after Mercury goes Direct and comes out of Shadow.

In the meantime, there is tremendous energy and optimism to tap in to giving you the objectivity to release the past and the energy to plan for the future. Focus on completing old projects and clearing the decks to make room for new opportunities which are definitely on the way. Be sure to take some time out to reflect on the last 1-4 years so you can consciously co-create the next 1-4 years. Sag energy makes everything bigger, so anything you do not want expanded needs to be released sooner than later. Though anything you do once Capricorn gets here, it will be anchored for some time to come, so again, anything you do not want to continue dealing with (anchored within you or around you) then it is time to release now and move on. Keep in mind any people or circumstance which leave your life at this time are all Divine Order, and if they are meant to be part of your future then all they need is to be released from current expression and realign their energy before they can be fully integrated and useful (in the future).

Lastly, I just want to remind you that the Saturn/Uranus energy is ONGOING for the next two years so there will be periods of intensity, alternating with periods of liberation from previous confines. This is an energy you want to be constantly mindful of as it works in the background of everything else. If you are having a hard time breaking out of old patterns, or releasing limiting situations, I highly recommend you JUST LET GO! There are times in our lives when we are in relationships or in jobs that are clearly disintegrating, and we want to "do the right thing" and "be the nice person" and "help" by staying on (essentially a sinking ship) and I hate to sound harsh, but the truth is you will feel more empowered if you cut your losses now. Your (inner) Being will feel so validated if you take some time to objectively assess where you are, OWN how you got there, and consciously CHOOSE to change. The bottom line is: NO REGRETS. If you can fast forward and look back on "now" ... will you REGRET how long you stayed? Saturn rules your definition of reality and the structure of your life and that is changing because Uranus brings the AWAKENING to the aspects of your structure which are now limiting, confining and restricting your inevitable growth and development. It can be hard and painful, or it can be liberating ... it is your choice. This is a two year period (2009 and 2010) preparing you for the following two year period of 2011 and 2012, and the pace is only going to accelerate from there. Are you truly ready?