Thursday, December 22, 2011

*WINTER* Solstice 2011

*Energetic* Guidance & Support
for Navigating *NOW*
~ 12.22.2011 ~
*WINTER* Solstice 2011
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Our life is an apprenticeship to the Truth
that around every circle another can be drawn;
that there is no end in nature,
but every end is a beginning,
and under every deep
a lower deep opens.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Hi All ~ Happy Solstice! I have more to share before year's end, but wanted you to have the *Winter* Solstice energetic *support* to guide you through this weekend and in to the First Qtr of the year. There is a 37-min Audio that covers the *Winter* Solstice Overview, Chart and I-Ching Guidance. As you listen and *Initiate* your *NEW* Year, consider all the tremendous *support* we have from the current planetary movement, cycles and alignments. Solstice initiates our long-term goals, while within 48-hrs the Capricorn New Moon initiates our *personal* goals, the *NEW* Reality we'd like to fully experience in the coming year *2012*. You may want to reflect on the July 2011 Capricorn Full Moon *Release* work you did to clear a space for this New Reality to anchor. Capricorn energy is all about how you hold your own structures, maintain your own foundations and are responsible for your own contribution.

Now, consider Jupiter going Direct at Zero *Taurus* (12/25) right after the Capricorn New Moon (12/24). We've now (theoretically) completed the *Annual* Editing process Jupiter brings with its Retrograde. Taurus brings up what everything is *Worth* ~ what you're worth, what your investment in Self & Others is worth, where your values lie at this time and what your priorities are around your personal *comfort* and 3D existence are concerned. Jupiter is the larger *Story* but if you have any Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius Activated in your chart, then it gets *personal* for you. For the rest of us, we need to consider the Houses ruled by those Signs to see where Jupiter is evolving our own personal stories.

The other thing that jumps out as relevant to mention is all of this Capricorn/Cancer Energy is a *Response* to the last energy (Sag/Gemini Eclipses etc) and *Preparation* for the next leg of the journey come Aquarius/Leo work. So Sag/Gemini got us all thinking in completely new ways, which is now catalyzing *Choices & Decisions* ... which will lead to what we are able to manifest in *Form* and stabilize so that it supports us going forward in to the next round of energetic *Work*.

The *Rhythm* goes something like this ...

Mutable Energy ~
~ Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces
~ Inspires the Ideas, Thoughts & Concepts

~ which catalyzes Direction
Cardinal Energy ~
~ Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn
Inspires the Choices & Decisions

~ which catalyzes Action
Fixed Energy ~
~ Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius
Inspires the Grounding & Consolidation

~ which catalyzes Stability

With all that in mind, note that Mercury will finish its extended stay in Sag by Jan 8th when it will move in to Capricorn. I suspect that will be when many of the *Ideas & Concepts* you've entertained and invested in over the last year will finally begin to take on a discernable *Form & Shape* that you can then build on. Jan 9th brings the Cancer Full Moon, which too will *Illuminate* which ideas will actually *Feed* you in some substantial way in the coming 6-months, most likely by revealing any *Famine* you've experienced over the last year. Now & Always, despite holiday *obligations* or any challenging *appearances*, the Universe continues to support our *Evolution* so tune in when/where you can and give a nod to the *Source* Energy which brings the *Blessings & Miracles* truly possible as we step in to this delicious & potent New Year! More Soon! I wish everyone a *Joyous* New Year!

PS - Click Here for Weekly Forecast to guide the remainder of the year. I'd like to point out the usefulness of co-creating with the Sun/Pluto *Annual* Activation (12/29) and all the Activations leading up to that one are your *Prep* Work.

Friday, December 2, 2011

*SAG-GEMINI* Eclipse Season Support

*Energetic* Guidance & Support
for Navigating *NOW*
~ 11.30.2011 ~
*SAG/GEMINI* Eclipse Overview & Support
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The things we fear most in organizations,
fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances ...
are the primary sources of creativity.
~ Margaret J. Wheatley ~

Hi All ~ I worked Major *Mojo* 11/11 thru 11/22 and then shifted for family obligations and like you, had to *simultaneously* navigate the intense Eclipse energy and incoming Mercury Retrograde. I have used the *Overview* + *Chart* portions of the Sag *Lunar* Tele-Class (11/17) as our Guidance for *NOW*. I just re-listened and found it tremendously useful! Sagittarius time every year, affords you the opportunity to *Deepen Your Truth* and *Expand Your Story* ~ to move from the revelations of Scorpio's *Raw Truth* ... to the inspirations of Sag's *Higher Truth* ... to make *meaning* out of all that has been brought in to the Light. We're also at the *Mid-Point* in the Jupiter Annual Cycle (Sag's Ruler) with one month left to complete the *Editing* Process Jupiter Retrograde brings (every year). Once it moves forward (12/25), so too will ALL that you *Clarify* at THIS time, when the Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/North Node all make their way through the sign of the Archer!

I have always thought Scorpio was my favorite time of the year but I'm amending that to include the whole last quarter of the year. Scorpio is the best because it clears out the old, Sagittarius is the best for dreaming up the future and Capricorn is the best for initiating the foundation for those dreams to expand on. I *LOVE* this time of year! It so beautifully supports this natural evolution. I can also testify that after working mojo *WITH* the energies over the years, it has always produced results directly equal to the investment of my own energy. I say that to say, you can invest a little or a lot and yield tangible results based on your efforts.

Another thing to consider is that the Sag *Work*( (11/22-12/22) is leading to the ONLY (almost) 30-day period of the entire year when ALL the planets are moving in forward motion ~ which means NO HOLDING BACK! Dec 25th (Jupiter Direct) until Jan 23rd (2012 - Mars Retro) provides a small window of opportunity to hold your own counsel, tune in to the cosmos and your Higher Self and come up with a new and improved vision for your life. I suggest you use the holiday season to give your Self the GIFT of TIME to reflect and plan. You are standing on this side of a bridge, about to crossover to completely new, and as yet, unknown territory, which deserves more than a fleeting thought.

As I ruminated the relationship between Sagittarius and Capricorn, many things started to dance in my consciousness. The energy of faith, optimism and enthusiasm (Sagittarius) to create a reality (Capricorn) based on your personal Truth (Sag) and ultimate Purpose (Capricorn) for being here. It CANNOT just be the proverbial 'struggle from the cradle to the grave'. 'Survival-Mode' is a state of mind and we have free will and choice to re-vision the "Mode" in which we navigate through this life. We've practiced transmuting 'Survival-Mode' for *Self-Preservation* in recent years and it is starting to pay off. Sag's gift is *Exploring* the possibilities, while Capricorn's gift is turning those possibilities into *Tangible* Reality. We need BOTH energies, and the lessons they bring.

If we can also use the energy of Mercury Retrograde in Sag (11/24 - 12/13) as well as the Sag/Gemini Eclipse Season this month, then NEXT month when ALL Planets are *Direct* for a brief time (12/25 - 1/23/2012) you can work with Capricorn's energy of ... Defining Your Reality ~ Creating Your Structure ~ Building Your Foundation ~ Renewing Your Definitions (of Everything) ... not to mention this is *INITIATING* 2012! It is vital to at least set your *Intentions* during this *OPEN* Field ... it is the most Fiery Creative Energy available for *Change* and Birthing *ANEW*! Yummm!

PS ~ Also consider the on-going Cardinal Cross which directly engages Uranus (Liberation) in Aries (Independence) ~ Saturn (Structure) in Libra (Balanced Relationships) ~ and Pluto (Transformation) in Capricorn (Responsibility) and this is the time it is *Activating* the Pluto in Capricorn "leg" (11/26 - 1/27/2012) making things fairly *Personal* for us all. Your frame of reference should be Spring & Fall Equinox and Summer Solstice, this Winter Solstice *Initiates* a NEW Year of work and the final one that Saturn will contribute to in this particular way. The Cardinal energies have to do with our *Fundamentals* ~ Home/Work ~ Private/Public ~ Self/Others ~ Individual/Collective. This is an EXCELLENT TIME to deeply *process* the past couple of years and recognize the truly *NEW* Level you're at and *NEW* Reality you're living. It is a NEW Day!!

· Take some time to reflect on 2011
· Set intentions for 2012
· Tune in to the forward movement on the horizon
· Clear the old, make way for the new
· NO MORE "RE-" anything ~ you're starting with a CLEAN SLATE
· Release anything you do not want bigger
· Release anything you do not want anchored for the next 16-20 years
· Use discomfort as a motivation to change
· Change sooner than later that which you KNOW needs to be changed
· Do not put off to tomorrow what you can do today
· Use the current energies to "break to realign" whatever needs it most
· Take personal responsibility for your own success
· Face the consequences of past choices and commit to change (from this day forward)
· Do not be extreme but be vigilant
· Do not be rigid but be consistent
· Do not be apathetic or pessimistic but be flexible and relaxed
· Do not be stagnant but finish what you start
· Think bigger, expand your realm and consider other possibilities
· Invite the invisible help of your angels and guides to bring you creative solutions
· Find a need in the community and fill it
· Choose a cause to contribute some energy to (start w. SELF)
· Get out of your comfort zone but have FUN (this does not have to be painful)

Whosoever wishes to know about the world
must learn about it in its particular details.
Knowledge is not intelligence.
In searching for the truth
be ready for the unexpected.
Change alone is unchanging.
The same road goes both up and down.
The beginning of a circle is also its end.
Not I, but the world says it: all is one.
And yet everything comes in season.
~ Heraclietus of Ephesus ~

**Heracleitus of Ephesus (ca. 540-ca. 475 BC) ~ Greek philosopher who thought of the universe as a place of ceaseless change ("flux"), going so far as to suggest that a new Sun was created each day. He believed the fundamental element was Fire, because it was always changing, and felt that evidence from the Senses was untrustworthy and had to be used with caution. He was interested in understanding the processes occurring behind the "veil" of appearances. © 1996-2007 Eric W. Weisstein

ALSO Relevant to *NOW* ...
KARMIC TOOLS ~ Weekly Forecast:
November 27 - December 3, 2011

11/27 ~ Venus (socialize) ~trine~ Jupiter (optimism):

This is a most pleasant energy, although short lived. This is a good time to enjoy some kind of social activity. No pressure - just easy, laid back fun. It can make you prone to laziness, but only if you’re already prone to it. Otherwise, if you are typically constantly on the go, this energy gives you permission to kick back a little and release the usual pressures to produce. Take some time out to “smell the roses” or at least reflect on all that you HAVE accomplished and give your Self due credit for coming this far. This is a good time to go on a vacation or short trip. This energy tends to bring forth rewards for past actions. Take a moment to give thanks to the powers that be which brought you to this point!

12/1 ~ Venus (relationships) ~conjunct~ Pluto (transformation):
This energy intensifies relationships, for better or worse. Because your values and priorities are shifting, relationships must also undergo a similar adjustment. Beware of value differences that can cause power struggles which are unproductive. Try to create circumstances that are win/win, and mutually beneficial, this will allow the relationship to EVOLVE, rather than revolve back into the cycle. It is best to use this energy to consciously transform your personal values and define how you’d like to be engaged with others in the future. You may feel really intense at this time, it is the best time to tap your Infinite creative flow and create something AMAZING!

12/2 ~ Sun (core-Self) ~square~ Mars (passion):
Knowledge is power - and in this case, it is better to know than not know. You KNOW it's going to be a challenging time, so don't act surprised when it happens. This energy's sole purpose is to test the validity of a position you took or a statement you made about six months ago. The Universe, and a couple of humans for good measure, will be pointing out your weaknesses, short-comings, lack of preparation and mistakes you've made. Be careful not to be overly sensitive to others or impatient with the progress, or lack thereof, of your current situation. Be assertive but not belligerent and beware of it in others, toward you. This energy brings conflict with authority figures too. If possible, find a positive, physical outlet for your energy this week. If you don't allow your frustrations to be expressed at all, they will explode in the worst way, at the worst possible time; possibly manifesting themselves in illness or accidents. If you don't feel any aggression, anxiety or frustration then you may be suppressing it all, and again, it WILL manifest, ready or not, so beware. And if you are not suppressing it, you may be projecting it and attracting angry, frustrated people to you. If you work WITH this energy, you have access to the ability to do the work and CREATE an authentic life.

*SAGITTARIUS* Prayers & Affirmations

When you follow your Bliss,
doors will open where
you would not have thought
there would be doors; and
where there would not be a door
... for someone else!

Expand Your Horizons!
Going to the Next Level

Sagittarius energy is all about expansion! Expand means to: make or become greater in size, scope or range or it means to open up and out; unfold. We want to do ALL of that this month! There is a story that Wayne Dyer tells on one of his tapes that illustrates my point perfectly. If you take a pair of shorts with an elastic waist and pull them as far as they will go, they will snap back to normal with no problem. However, when you pull the elastic BEYOND ITS LIMITS, the shorts are NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. That's what we want to do. Extend your Self beyond where you usually give up or stop. Start slow and easy but take some aspect of your mind, body, spirit or life and take it to the next level in some way. Growth isn't always easy and it can sometimes be painful, but the end result is so worth the effort. There's a quote by Vincent Van Gogh, "If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced!"

I fearlessly move to the next level, welcoming all the lessons and the blessings that come to me by Divine right.

Another Sagittarius aspect is about exploring other philosophies and ways of living (religions, cultures, etc.) It's about trying new and different things and then taking the parts that resonate with you and combining various beliefs to create your own unique belief system, which works for you. Explore and experiment with different concepts. For a lot of us, we hold on to outdated belief systems that no longer serve our Highest good, it's just old habits dying hard. However, in this day and time, it has become essential that we roll with the changes and adapt. We are being forced to release any preconceived notions about life and the best way to live it. Release any old conditioning that may not even be yours, but you picked it up along the way and don't even realize it.

I am open and receptive to new belief systems which will serve my Highest good, now in this moment and always.

Another principle Sagittarius brings to the table is honesty! However painful or uncomfortable it may be, now is the time to take a good long look at how you're living and if it is really your Truth. This energy is not honest in a critical way (and you shouldn't be either - with your Self or others) but in a detached way, where you access this ability to stand back and accurately assess who and where you are in life. Detachment is not a bad thing when you're trying to figure out where the changes are necessary; where you need to expand and where you need to pull back in your life.

I am detached from the 'how' and 'when' things manifest in my life (that's God's job) and I choose this day to live as honestly as possible, thereby attracting my Truth and Purpose.

Enthusiasm is sometimes ALL we have to attract things into our lives with ... and sometimes that's all it takes. Have you ever been around someone with a contagious personality? They just exude enthusiasm and it gives you permission to be more enthusiastic as well. We need more people like that in the world. But really, when you're trying to manifest, you may not have the money or background that you need, but if you are FULL of enthusiasm, people will listen. A good way to know if you're truly enthusiastic is when it is natural. If you have to think about it, you're on the wrong track - what I'm talking about is a feeling - a gut feeling.

The Eternal Essence of who I am is not my mind (which thinks), but my heart (which feels); I live each day from my heart, come what may.

You are on a Spiritual Quest, whether consciously or not, at this time. Higher learning is underway and you have probably gathered a considerable amount of information lately, and now it is time to assimilate and integrate it all. Take some time in nature, in silence, to listen to what your Higher Self is trying to convey to you at this time. Question long-held beliefs about your Self and others. Rather than living your conditioning, tune in to the Truth as YOU define it and exercise your free will and choice to choose a new path.

I lovingly release long-held beliefs which no longer serve my Highest good and embrace a new truth.

This is the month to expand your thinking. If you are not even open to an ideal, if you haven't even tried to cultivate your own Truth, then this month gives you the incentive to access that part of you. Next month, with Capricorn energy, you can give that ideal a structure and develop a plan for making it tangible, however, this month, only focus on the HIGHEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME. One month of your life, you can free your thinking just enough to allow a new seed to be planted.

I commit to taking the time to discover my Highest Truth and expand my thinking, to dream and dream BIG, then taking the next step to fully expressing the wonder that is my life, the life I created.


Prayers & Affirmations
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Virgo 2011 ~ Prepare & Clarify Prior to Choices & Decisions

VIRGO: Healing Requires Faith
PISCES: Unity Requires Order

Kelly's Weekly *Audio* Forecast
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Friday Program
(26-min / mp3)
~ 8.30.2011 ~
Prepare & Clarify Prior to Choices & Decisions
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Divinations Audio
(46-min / mp3)

Hi All ~ The last time we connected was around August 8th when the current *Sacred* Season began. This Cross Quarter/*Gate of Power* starts mid-Leo (8/7) and goes all the way through Virgo (9/22), in preparation for Fall Equinox/Libra (9/23). It has been an incredible ride so far ... for all of us! I am deeply grateful for all of you in the Power Circle Community. Please check out the latest Weekly Audio (26-min) + *BONUS* Divinations Audio (46-min). I've also linked a couple of *Relevant Reflections* below to get you started on your Virgo-work. Regarding this week's Bonus Divinations, they were so *Spontaneous, Organic & Delicious* ~ that I had to *share*. They are to guide us late-August thru late-September (2011) and I hope you find them *useful & relevant*. I got the idea to do Divine Guidance for each ...


~ Cardinal ~


~ Fixed ~


~ Mutable ~


Many of us have all *3* activated in our charts and each Modality operates differently. The Guidance will serve as support for each set of Signs, also guiding you for those *Areas of Life* (Houses) being Activated this month specifically. This Guidance will prove most useful if you are really working this *Sacred* Season ~ the *Mid-Point* between *Summer* Solstice and *Fall* Equinox. Below, you will find *VIRGO* links that are useful & relevant for navigating *NOW*.

Infinite Gratitude & Blessings to All,

*Relevant* Reflections
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
Click Here for Energy of the Month
~ *VIRGO* Issues, Challenges, Highlights & Insights
~ * ~ * ~
Click Here for Inspiration Point
~ *VIRGO* Prayers, Affirmations & Medicine Card
~ * ~ * ~
Click Here for Weekly Forecast
~ Written Highlights of this Week's Transits

(best in conjunction with the Weekly Audio)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*LUNAR* Sampler ~ Initiating 2011

*LUNAR* Sampler ~ Initiating 2011

Special *FREE* Audios,
Activations & Post Call *Notes*

This is a very important practice.
Live your daily life in a way that
you never lose yourself.
When you are carried away with your
worries, fears, cravings, anger, and desire,
you run away from yourself
and you lose yourself.
The practice is always to
go back to oneself.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

To my Power Circle Community Members ~ it is because of YOU that I even have this *Offering* to make, and I am eternally *Grateful* for your *Energetic* Contribution, Friendship and On-Going Support. I look forward to more years of sharing the Path of Discovery we call *Life*. Rhythms, Patterns and Cycles being what I'm "in to" ~ I also HONOR the *Ebb & Flow* ~ recognizing that, for everything, there is *a Season and a Reason*. I've been *Tracking* the patterns of the Power Circle and noticed some distinctions in the *Usage & Application* of the Tools I share. This has IN-Couraged me to HONE my *Offering*.

*Special* Offering from Kelly
*3* Lunations ~ Initiating 2011
*FREE* Audios + Activations,
Divinations & MORE!

Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse~Cancer Full Moon
~ January 2011 ~
Aquarius New Moon ~ Leo Full/Super Moon
~ February 2011 ~
Pisces New Moon ~ Virgo Full/Super Moon
~ March 2011 ~
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Most of you receiving this first are already involved, so I created a web page to *SHARE* with others that has these *3* Audios + Activations for YOU! and I encourage those who would like to experience the calls before contributing any further to definitely check them out ;-)) My Spring *GOAL* is making a conscious effort to *INVITE* MORE people to join the calls and the Power Circle Community. Many of you already *share* KarmicTools with others so please feel free to share THIS LINK whenever you feel called to. This information will be vitally useful throughout the year (2011) and our Gatherings & on-going Focus will continue to create a sanctified space of mutual support.

The *Lunar* Tele-Gatherings ~ are when we check in with the Full Moon/New Moon, planetary energies twice a month and honor the ebb/flow of daily life by aligning our Individual/Personal goals with the Moon's rhythm. This alone, guides us on when to *plant or prune*. Each month, we also gather to go over one major planetary shift or alignment affecting the Social/Collective realms, including Retrogrades, Nodes & Eclipses. The Gatherings for the Sacred Seasons are done in *LIVE* Ceremonial Circles when possible, but available via phone or online as well. I would *LOVE* to hear from anyone with *Sacred Space* to accommodate small, intimate gatherings (of 10-15 people) and/or 3-7 day retreats. I absolutely cherish my online community. I am also feeling called to gather in person when there is a *Vibrational Match* and things flow organically.
eMail Kelly

These Gatherings are *DELICIOUS* for those people who:
· Are *Passionate* about managing their own energy
· Are *Deeply Dedicated* to serving their unique purpose
· Are *Joyfully Committed* to accomplishing their goals
· Like knowing the *Cycles & Seasons*
· Like working the *Monthly & Annual* Cycles
· Like the Group dynamic of *Energetic* Support

The energy of these tele-gatherings has also evolved over time, with the powerful group dynamic and the alchemical mix of people who constitute the Circle. The Power Circle is an amazing (and growing) community of master teachers, dedicated students and lightworkers of all walks, sharing this Path. My intention is always to create Sacred Space for those who like to listen and gather information, as well as those who like to share their *Illuminations, Discoveries and Ah-HA* Moments. (Online Radio is in our future ;-)) You can pop-in for Periodic *Infusions* or there are a couple of Subscriptions to choose from which support the site & keep a steady stream of *energy, info & support* flowing to you in Divine Time & Order. You have an *Open Invitation* to the Power Circle Gatherings ~ Anytime!

Also, please consider that much of what I do is in both *WRITTEN & AUDIO* Form, so there is always information available that you can apply immediately, no matter your personal preference. I am dedicated to supporting those consciously working their own process and am happy to address any questions or concerns you have along the way. On the *LUNAR* Sampler page, you will find SEVERAL *Audios, Activations & Additional Tools* that will *Support & Guide* you throughout the year of 2011. Be sure to scan all the way to the bottom of the web page at least once to see all that is offered, then double-back over that which *speaks* to your Soul.

Our deepest calling is to grow into
our own authentic self-hood,
whether or not it conforms
to some image of who we ought to be.
As we do so, we will not only find the joy
that every human being seeks --
we will also find our path of
authentic service in the world.
~ Parker J. Palmer, Activist ~

You can Contribute $5/mo and
*Gratitude* Goodies Include:
Monthly Articles, Audios & Personal Astro Reports
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**This one is best for those who prefer to *READ*
and will only do ONE CALL per month, if that.

You can Contribute $30/mo and
*Gratitude* Goodies Include:
In-Depth Audios, Individual/Collective Activations
and Additional Tools & Resources
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**This one is best for those who prefer to *LISTEN*
and want ALL CALLS / ALL YEAR.

For MORE on how this particular *Trinity* came to be ...
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go right to the Goodies and *Dive* IN!

Monday, March 28, 2011

ARIES: Faith ~ Risk ~ Courage ... *NOW*

ARIES: Faith ~ Risk ~ Courage ... *NOW*

A non-doer is very often a critic.
That is someone who
sits back and watches doers ...
and then waxes philosophically
about how the doers are doing.
It's easy to be a critic,
but being a doer requires

Happy Re-Birthday to all, and especially Aries folks! For many people (past the age of 25), birthdays come with a mixture of hope for the new and stress over the old, what's done (or not done) by now. We all experience some degree of "review" during birthday time. So - good news first - those who are craving a clean slate / fresh start - THIS is your chance!! Bad news is - it will not be an 'easy' new start, except maybe for those of you who love a challenge and thrive on overcoming obstacles.

This month of Aries, as I do every year, I give you PERMISSION TO BE SELFISH!! One month is no time to assess and plan for one year (and beyond). This month you should be focused on YOU! Your needs, your desires and what you deserve in exchange for the energy you share in your personal and professional life. Exchange, flow, reciprocity are all mandatory but the only way to ensure that energy flows freely is to remove all the blockages within. Mars and Pluto are working diligently, over a very long period of time, to ensure a permanent shift in your perception of need vs. desire.


~ FAITH ~ that you ARE in the right place, at the right time, with the right people for the lesson and the blessing. Faith in your Self, your Truth, your abilities, and your contribution as worthy and necessary. Faith that God is the Infinite Source of your supply and you already possess all that you need to maintain your life.

~ RISK ~ a willingness to risk investing in your own potential ~ for your own sense of accomplishment ~ for your own forward movement ~ to make progress in your own life. It seems that we are all willing to take incredible risks on behalf of people or entities which, in my humble opinion, are hardly worth it (in this context), not to mention the fact that these very same people and entities would NEVER risk (to any degree) for YOU! Remember, never allow someone else to be your PRIORITY ... if you are only their OPTION!

~ COURAGE ~ to face your fears and do it anyway, which is TOTALLY supported, even encouraged by Mars/Aries energy by the way. Courage of your convictions - to stand up for what you believe in even if no one close by agrees with you. Right or wrong in the end, when you are courageous enough to go after what you want, stand up for what you believe in, do what others are afraid to even try and/or take a step in the direction of your goals, you earn self-respect as well as the respect of others.

So this month, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while you go about organizing your life for spring renewal / re-birthday / and all these initiation energies (among others). This Season in particular, the transformation (Pluto) of your values & relationships (Venus), the expansion (Jupiter) of who you are and your core drives (Sun), and expressing your thoughts (Mercury), your deepest desires (Mars) and emotions (Cancer) are all giving you an opportunity for a breakthrough!

Squares in astrology are usually described as "hard angles" that the planets make to each other, so while it will likely be stressful in the moment, please keep somewhere in the back of your mind, as you move through this month and interact with others, that the whole point of any challenge(s) or blockage(s) which do pop up, are only to help you facilitate some very necessary (and long overdue) change(s). They are also giving you a palpable opportunity for ULTIMATE MASTERY of Self, for finally 'getting' the lesson so you can move on to other things.

It is advisable to be 'courageous' and 'faithful' and take a risk in choosing a new response, which will in fact elicit a new result. Stability and healing are the ultimate goal of the current energies and change is good!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Initial Thoughts on 2011

Initial Thoughts on 2011

2011 opens with 25 days of *forward* motion ~ NO Retrograde Planets. This is auspicious and juicy! These *portals* are small and rare and worth investing some conscious attention to what you are creating with your own personal energy. Every day brings another *gift* of revelation and energetic support. This year supports RE-Establishing *BALANCE* after a major *HEALING*. 1996 - 2010 had Saturn traversing Aries -thru- Virgo, below the surface, behind the scenes, working on the *fundamentals* of our evolving Saturn Reality. It may have felt very personal to many along the way. As it hits Libra, it moves above the horizon and out in to the world to work on the Social/Collective realms, assuming the Individuals have done the groundwork. As Planets *finish* every Sign, Cycle and New Direction ~ very often, there is a *TEST*. I would encourage you to look for the areas of life where you have done the most personal growth and Self-work, honor what is truly *done* and prepare for the *Test*. We never want to look at life's tests as malicious, it is a natural occurrence, not to be feared, but to be embraced! It will validate your level of mastery (more of Saturn's domain).

An astrological chart is basically a *snapshot* of the sky at any given moment, so if you want to know the *energetic blueprint* for anything or anyone, all you have to do is get this snapshot and study it for the *energies and patterns*. The chart of 1.1.2011 @ 00:01am in Washington, DC/USA ~ has 7* Libra on the Ascendant setting the tone for the year. Where's Saturn? That's right, in Libra! This year will reveal much greater *results and rewards* for the Harvest of Fall Equinox / Sept 2010 -thru- Winter Solstice / Dec 2010 and beyond that, many of you will also see the *results and rewards* of the last 2.5 ~ 7 ~ and 14 years as part of the natural Saturn Cycle. According to Barbara Hand Clow in Liquid Light of Sex, when Saturn passes over the Ascendant like this, there is a major *emptying out* of sorts. This leads to the empty space ~ in-between the old and the new ~ the Sweet Spot between Seed & New Life. So that *in-between* vibration continues in 2011, but at a much higher level because so much *healing* has already been integrated.

My guidance from Saturn has shown that the deep and permanent *healing* done 2007-2010 in Virgo is leading to the renewed balance between all levels of Masculine/Feminine energy, Human, Divine and Galactic. To the degree that the Masculine/Feminine *balance* is restored within the Individual, Social and Collective realms, will be revealed 2012-2015 when it enters Scorpio. Theoretically, after a great healing, you cannot jump back in to *life* too soon, balance must *FIRST* be restored. Once you're healed and balanced, then you can start building power, strength and endurance. It is my feeling that *if* we've healed (Virgo) and reestablished balance (Libra), then directing our power (Scorpio) to create a clean, new 3D/reality (Saturn) is granted by Saturn, The Great Teacher. For those who have not done their Saturn Due Diligence may find they're more in touch with Saturn, The Lord of Karma, which always teaches (one way or another) that your outer 3D/reality is a direct reflection of your internal reality and the labor that goes in to maintaining it.

Part of the lesson of the eternal cycle of Saturn and Uranus, especially in Virgo/Pisces (like 2007-2010), is RE-Aligning life as we know it, one aspect of which is being a Spirit (Uranus in Pisces) in Human Form (Saturn in Virgo). Reverberations from the 1960's ring out. Huge (and numerous) major Cycles converged then and now ~ remember, Earth's 26,000 Year Cycle is not anchored in a day. But how incredible is it that we are all here at this particular turn of the Eternal Wheel? Okay, okay, I'll come back down to Earth and say that Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (consolidation) represent basic principles of Life and also ALWAYS facilitate great shifts in the Social and Collective realms, while deeply activating the Individuals born under their influence along the way.

This leads me to the other Star of the Show for 2011 ~ Jupiter! When I looked up all the Outer Planets' Activations, Jupiter is, by far, the most active with *7* major Activations. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune all have one Activation each and that's it. The rest is up to us Individuals and how we work with the Personal Planets as they zip around the zodiac engaging our Souls on deeper levels than ever before. Jupiter starts the year (1/4) aligning with Uranus, both in Pisces, the end of the zodiac, to complete their *Initiation* of a 14-year Cycle. This will be the first 14-years of Uranus' NEW 84-year Cycle, which is vital, if you are focused on Truth (Jupiter) and Liberation (Uranus). We have our work cut out for us during this time, beginning stages of anything are delicate. The First Test of this Cycle comes in 2013-2014.

But let's get back to 2011 specifically. Where Jupiter is concerned, those with Planets in Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn will be Activated January to June. Those with Planets in Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius will be Activated June to December of this year. Jupiter *expands* all that it touches in an effort to educate you, to open you up to a larger vision and deeper version of the Truth as you know it. Aries brings the *clean slate* energy many of you are feeling. It really is the Beginning of a new 12-year Jupiter Cycle. Whatever New Truth and Story you are initiating will be tested in February as it tags Pluto/North Node in Capricorn. This is to, among other things, ensure that your new beginning is clean and will ultimately serve and benefit both YOU & OTHERS. It is time for you to be responsible for your own Truth & Purpose, as well as the Story you're telling with every thought, word and deed.

Then in March, the third and final Activation comes as Jupiter tags Saturn Retrograde in Libra. This is a major (and personal) *Integration*, especially for those with Aries/Libra Planets. For you, I think it will be a matter of re-visioning your own personal reality, in light of Jupiter's education of the last 3-6-9-12 years. How have you suppressed your Truth to please and appease others? This Activation will help you expand your idea of who you are on a core level and reveal where *stability, balance and reciprocity* may be lacking, within or around you. This Activation will stimulate those with Cancer/Capricorn energies in a different way. For you, there will be more movement and choices involved. I suspect that post-Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, there isn't much left of your OLD Story or OLD Reality. This Activation is designed to push you "out of comfort zone ~ in to new territory". In this case, I think most of your "movement and choices" will have to do will you *choosing* what Story you want to tell NEXT!

By May, the Element of *FIRE* will be Activated by Jupiter (Aries) and the North Node (Sag) and you may feel a wave of energy that carries you right on to the shore of your NEW Truth & Story. This one is tricky because it is one of those Activations that really requires your conscious intent to benefit from the stellar rays, but I think you can receive a *delicious download* regarding the next step on your NEW Path, if you attune to it. I suggest you develop an *outline* of your NEW Story and then review it for its Social relevance and evolutionary potential. What I mean is, it must reflect your own passion and truth, and also, lead to greater things for you and the world. Remember, these are fairly large and general themes. The Signs that are Activated along the way is what will make it feel personal for you. I recommend knowing the dominant pattern of your own energies and lessons.

Stay Tuned for MORE in the months to come!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Karmic Tools ~ Friday *Audio* Forecast

Hi Everyone! Here's
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~ 2.11.2011 ~
Taurus First Qtr Moon
Strengthens the Roots

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I'd like to introduce you to GloLady ~ Lisa Landis of Asheville, NC. We connected some years ago when I came across some of her amazing spiritual photography. And while she does a multitude of things, one of them is producing and hosting the first ever *LIVE* International/Global talk show where she has diverse and interesting guests, facilitating discussions on a wide variety of issues facing the local community, humanity and the planet.

KarmicTools is featured during the last half-hour of GloLady's show. Every Friday, I join them to share my thoughts on the current energies and astrological alignments. If/when you're in Asheville, NC/USA, this program can be viewed on local cable or you can join us in the *LIVE* studio audience. If you are in other parts of the world, you can Watch Live Online at and call-in with your comments or questions. (Please check URTV's Local Listings for FRI/*Glo' Karmic* LIVE.)

I do not have video capability at this time, however, the *LIVE* Audio Forecast ~ the KarmicTools half-hour segment is available here with an Archives of previous weeks. The latest will be uploaded over the weekend and show here, with the most recent at the top.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mercury Retrograde *FIRE* ~ 2011

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Mercury Retrograde in *FIRE* ~ 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011
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Mercury Retrograde provides 3-4 opportunities per year to pull back and check on your ideas, thoughts, concepts and perceptions of reality. Outer, worldly things seem to go awry, but I truly believe this is to encourage you to pull back and examine the data from a different perspective or using different methods to process all that is on your mind at this time.

2009 ~ Mercury Retrograded in Air Signs and went Direct in Earth Signs, which gave you the opportunity to review your thoughts and ideas before getting to apply them in the 3-D. Now ...

2010 ~ Mercury Retrogrades through ALL Earth Signs, suggesting that "practice" is over and it's time to really see what / how your thoughts and ideas are truly *working* in the 3-D.

2011 ~ Mercury Retrogrades through ALL Fire Signs (with one brief exception), suggesting it is time to get creative with what IS working and infuse it with some energy and passion.

Mercury Retrograde @ 24 ° Aries ~ March 30, 2011
Mercury Direct @ 12° Aries ~ April 23, 2011

Mercury Retrograde @ 1° Virgo ~ August 2, 2011
Mercury Direct @ 18° Leo ~ August 26, 2011

Mercury Retrograde @ 20° Sagittarius ~ Nov 24, 2011
Mercury Direct @ 3° Sagittarius ~ December 13, 2011

This is a good time for almost anything beginning with "re" - re-evaluating, re-doing, re-arranging, re-building, re-covering, re-discovering, re-viewing, re-peating, re-newing, re-storing, re-pairing. It appears I could go on here, but you get the gist. Basically, it means two things: (1) you must communicate more internally, with the Self and (2) you must go over things with a fine-tooth comb, looking for anything you may have overlooked to begin with. That's the opportunity of Mercury Retrograde, you get re-check the details and correct things before they're too big to fix, hopefully.

Life is a process of becoming,
a combination of states we have to go through.
Where people fail is that they wish
to elect a state and remain in it.
This is a kind of death.

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