Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Capricorn 2008-09 Forecast

Upon reviewing 2009 energies, there is so much to cover that it will have to be done in pieces but the forecast for the month will go in to detail and link to various supportive articles as I am able to post them. It seems appropriate here to remind you that ... "a journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step!" So we are going to break this year in to 12 bite-size pieces but remember at this juncture that very often 'how you start is how you finish' so we want to start full of Capricorn gifts ... STRENGTH, COURAGE, DETERMINATION, LONG-TERM VISION AND (most of all) A PLAN!!

My suggestion is to honor this season by making time to reflect and visualize, plan and strategize, commit and prioritize. Initiating the new year is Saturn and Mercury both Retrograding, indicating that your ideas and concepts of "structure" - the structure of your mind, body, spirit, life and life's work ALL need some serious attention. Some of you just need a strategic tweak here and there, others need to completely change their minds and their "structures" will follow.

This month, Saturn Retrogrades Dec 31st giving you the opportunity to begin a 5+ month review of your structure, what's sound / what's not ... in Virgo, what needs to be healed and mastered ... and you have about six months to tweak it (and you). Jan 11th, Mercury Retrogrades, which suggests that you need to review your thoughts, ideas and concepts ... in Aquarius, thinking outside the box, which is what will be required in the coming years, so start practicing. An additional note about Mercury Retrogrades in 2009, first of all, three is normal and we will have FOUR. Also noteworthy, Mercury will Retrograde in all AIR signs and go Direct in all EARTH signs, which suggests that you need to review your thoughts, ideas and concepts, then move forward and ground them in tangible form. Our *bonus baby* (the 4th one) is going to Retrograde AND go Direct in CAPRICORN (EARTH), which also suggests that if you do the work of the YEAR, by the end of the year, you should have TANGIBLE RESULTS of your process.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

DECEMBER Energies: 12:12 Portal ~ Brief Window of Opportunity

The world is too dangerous for anything but ...
and too small for anything but ...
* LOVE *

MORE: Completion ~ Initiations & Cycles of *NOW*

There is so much energy to understand and integrate, all during various holidays and celebrations this season. I just want to remind you to give your Self the gift of TIME ... time to/for your Self, time to reflect on 2008 and plan a sketchy outline for 2009. Basically, the more vivid your visualization, the more specific your manifestation, so do whatever you can and call on your angels and guides to assist with whatever you cannot do. There are a number of different energies that warrant your attention, so if you feel overwhelmed by them all, just choose one or two to focus your energy on. This will maximize your results, rather than have you (and your resources) scattered and ineffective. Cycles large and small are converging over the next 10 years, bur for now there are many extremely worthwhile energies to focus on and work with which are on a 2-year timetable. 2009 and 2010 are pivotal for positioning you, individually and collectively, for 2011 and 2012.
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Monday, December 8, 2008

12:12 ~ Portals and Choices and Crossroads ... OH MY!

Completion ~ Initiations & Cycles of *NOW* ... In my own search for how to maximize the potential of the current energies, I explored the Grand Mutable Cross contributing to the upcoming Gemini Super / Full Moon, and many additional thoughts were illuminated.

The planetary alchemical mix of the moment is: Sun/Mars (who you are / what you want) together in Sag (truth) in the 10th House (responsibility & contribution in the world) ~ opposite ~ Full/Super Moon (intense & rare) in Gemini (thoughts, ideas, concepts & their expression) in the 4th House (about home, home-base, sacred space, where you replenish and gather nutrient so that you are capable of going in the world to serve). Saturn in Virgo has spent the entire month off to the side, purifying and healing (Virgo) various aspects, not the least of which is our DEFINITIONS. You will have to define-anew this particular dynamic, and that is not easy on a good day, but it is totally worth the effort to do whatever you can to contribute to the current evolution. This kind of personal makeover, especially where home and work is concerned, is ultimately teaching each of us that our definitions of "quality of life" are in our own hands to determine. You have to choose who you are at home and work and, now more than ever, get the two fully integrated ... particularly if there is a significant discrepancy. Are you the same person at home as you are out in the world? Are you doing work that matters to you?

The combination of these 5 planets (number of change) is creating a critical mass, moving you along whether you consciously participate or not, and have drawn us a literal crossroads in the sky pointing us to which areas of life require major decisions at this time. Full Moon is usually about assessing, pruning and releasing the non-essential so that all involved is strengthened and fortified. Use this two week period to get your head straight, question all your ideas for their worthiness in the here and now, allow some free-flow, experimental ideas to rise to the surface of your consciousness, and question them as well. Explore, gather data (Gemini) from a variety of sources, least of all the intellect. Use the mutable sign energies of your intuition (Pisces) and discernment (Virgo), to gather the facts (Gemini) and determine (or define) your personal Truth (Sag) in the areas of home (4th House) and work (10th House), connecting deeply to your own self-worth and value (2nd House) as well as your ability to shapeshift as needed (8th House).

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sun Mars & Pluto Launch 2yr Cycle Transforming Who You Are & What You Want

Part of the energy this month, with ALL planets FORWARD, is Sun (who you are) and Mars (what you want) mixing it up with Pluto the Lord of Transformation. Yes, I know we all know 'shift happens' but now there are going to be periods where if feels very "personal" and this is one of them.

Use this month to consciously co-create with these powerful energies. Sun is your essential being, core Self and Mars is your desire nature, what you deeply want, what motivates you to action, what you are passionate about and together with Pluto is adding juice and power to whatever you do so keep it in the LIGHT! And remember Pluto is also known as the PURIFIER - and its purpose is not to hurt or harm you but to strip you on the non-essential and release you from that which you may not release on your own. It is neither good nor bad ... it is just time.

You can use the Super Moon / Full Moon in Gemini to RELEASE ideas and concepts which no longer serve (in general, full moons are for releasing and new moons are for bringing in). This is a PERFECT month to come up with NEW IDEAS of what you want and who you are and consciously participate in your own evolution! Access that Mars/Sun courage and surrender to that which is already leaving (or left) your being/your life (Pluto) and just BE for a bit in the space in between.

Trust me, once you surrender and are still and quiet, Spirit will lead you toward your next step. Pace yourself, this is a two year process with a Mars Retrograde in Leo coming to help you with actively loving your Self more and clearing any blockages to letting your true, pure LIGHT SHINE! You can do this work ANYTIME you are conscious and directing your energy, but think of working with the planets when all is supported as a way to get you to your goal FASTER adding more MAGIC to the mix!