Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Initial Thoughts

Cycles to Consciously Co-Create with in *2013*
JAN ~ Mercury Retro *WATER* ~ 2013
FEB ~ Saturn Retro *SCORPIO* ~ 2013
MARCH ~ Eclipses & Nodes *SCORPIO/TAURUS* ~ 2013
APRIL ~ Mars Cycle Midpoint *VIRGO* ~ 2013
MAY ~ Chiron Retro *PISCES* ~ 2013
JUNE ~ Jupiter *CANCER* ~ 2013
JULY ~ Uranus *ARIES* ~ 2013
AUG ~ Asteroids & Divine Feminine ~ 2013
SEPT ~ Pluto Retro *CAPRICORN* ~ 2013
OCT ~ Neptune Retro *PISCES* ~ 2013
NOV ~ Venus Retro *CAPRICORN* ~ 2013
DEC ~ Pause-for-the-Cause/NO Call ~ 2013
The focus of my work is Cycles, Patterns and Personal Rhythm. I enjoy helping people unlock the potential of their own unique blueprint (chart) and I am deeply passionate about supporting people as they explore & develop their own personal *Rhythm* (cycles).  Beyond that, I love when people start to master their rhythm and begin to dance with the Universal *Rhythm* more freely and effectively because they are stronger and more centered in their Authentic Self. In addition to assisting Individuals, I am also interested in holding *Sacred* Space for the Power Circle Community to explore these cycles together. My ultimate goal is to serve both the Individuals, who prefer private sessions and one-on-one guidance & support ~ as well as those who enjoy Group energy & the exponential support of others navigating the cycles and consciously co-creating too.
The following introduces the *As Above* (planets/cycles) we will explore and develop this year (2013) *So Below* (our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reality) unfolds deliciously for one and all!  The schedule has already been altered because we are doing both the Mercury & Saturn calls in February, so it is but a loose guideline for the year and my *Intention* to cover these things with you.  Please *respond* to this mailing with your interest as Community (your) participation will largely determine this.  For any gathering I host, there must be a minimum of 10 people registering. Below is my quick, initial snap-shot of what we are likely to cover at those gatherings.  Consider this a *Sneak Peek* as well as an *Open Invitation* to join me and the growing Power Circle Community.
2013 Highlights
SUN ~ Annual Solar Cycle 2013 ~ every month the Sun changes Sign around the 20th of the month.  It is this time when you should consider getting your personal Monthly *Tools*.

MOON ~ Eclipses/Nodes 2013 ~ we will be dealing, primarily, with Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses, however, we still have one Sag Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (5.25.2013) to complete the last couple of years of energy work ... while we will also get introduced to what's coming next with the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (10.18.2013).  Keep in mind, Eclipse themes that *overlap* like this make the year (2013) extremely *transitional* and usually more intense as well.  These Eclipse Cycles coincide with the Lunar Nodes movement and this year we are dealing with a Scorpio North Node, while releasing imbalances around the Taurus South Node issues.
LAST Cycle ~ 1993-1995
PRESENT Cycle ~ 2012-2014 
NEXT Cycle ~ 2031-2032
MERCURY ~ Retro ALL Water 2013 ~ every 5+ years, Mercury does its 3-4 Retrogrades in a year through ALL One Element. 2013 brings ALL Water, meaning our ideas, thoughts, perceptions, conceptions, as well as how we communicate & express ourselves, is going to be *Emotionally* Based and decidedly driven by our *Feeling* Nature.  For some, that will be a piece of cake, for others not-so-much. Either way, we will ALL learn more about Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces this year.
Previous Cycle ended on Water / 1993
(1998) FIRE ~ Creativity / Courageous / Passion / Enthusiasm / Impulsiveness / Transformation
(2003) EARTH ~ Stability / Endurance / Practical / Form / Tangible Results / Building / Outer Realms
(2008) AIR ~ Information (large amounts) / Ideas / Talking / Processing / Expression / Voice
(2013) WATER ~ Emotions / Feelings / Flow / Vibrations / Depth / Intuition / Surrender / Inner Realms
Next Cycle Initiates on Fire / 2018
VENUS ~ 2nd Leg of Gemini *Journey & Process* 2012-2013 ~ Reclamation of Divine Feminine/Gemini in Preparation for Capricorn ~ This deserves a complete article to truly describe the energetic work we are doing with Venus this year.  But there are two points I want to make: (1) Venus in Capricorn Jan 8 - Feb 1, 2013 is the *preview* of the coming extended 4-month stay in Capricorn toward the end of this year (Nov 5 - Mar 5, 2014) and subsequent Retrograde: 12.21.2013/Direct: 1.31.2014.  And (2) Venus still has much work left with the Gemini *Theme* as she embarks on the second and final leg of that journey initiated April 2012.
As Venus goes to the Underworld (pause for the cause) mid-February, she has a couple of *KEY* Meetings with Sun/Moon/Mars/Uranus before Rising as the Evening Star in early-May 2013.  We should consider using this time to clarify the value of all the ideas, thoughts and concepts we have *released* over the last 9-12 months, and acknowledge that we've created *space* for NEW ideas, thoughts and concepts to infuse every Chakra with an Authentic Voice that expresses Self in a higher, more delicious Venusian way.  This work will anchor your NEW *Values & Priorities* so they support you going forward. Remember:  Sun (Identity/Source Energy) ~ Venus (Love/Beauty/Abundance) ~ Uranus (Awakening/Liberation) are linking up at 8* Aries on March 28, 2013.  Then Venus/Mars do *Sacred* Union on 4.6.2013 at 19* Aries.  These *behind the scenes* contacts (and where they fall in YOUR chart) will inform your Self-Work and Soul-Searching before the VERY DISTINCT shift of Venus' direction from *Release* to *Reclamation* kicks in to action.
MARS ~ 3rd Leg of Virgo *Journey & Process* 2011-2013 ~ Mars spent 8-months in Virgo (11/2011 - 7/2012) in what I've since dubbed the 8-month *investment* for a 16-month *return* and we are now at the *Mid-Point* of that 16-months as Mars moves through Pisces (2/1 - 3/12.2013).  It's a good time to review those materials and check to see if you are on-track.  Those most directly affected are my *Mutable* Babies:  Gemini/Sag and Virgo/Pisces.
JUPITER ~ 2nd Leg of Gemini *Journey & Process* 2012-2013 ~ The remaining Gemini work that Jupiter is doing will be:  (FIRE) with the final Sag Eclipse (5.25.2013) and Uranus in Aries ... (WATER) Chiron/Neptune/Pallas in Pisces ... (AIR) and Ceres/Vesta in Gemini lending Divine Feminine *Power* to the remainder of the Gemini Self-Work.  This indicates we will have to bring in our own Virgo energy of healing/assimilation to stabilize all this stirs up.
Jupiter is a 12-year cycle that moves in 3-year increments, so it hit Aries in 2010/Taurus in 2011/Gemini in 2012 ~ we return to Cardinal energy with Cancer in 2013 and thus engage Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, which will leave us having to bring in the Libra energy of balance/fairness on our own but keep in mind that it will also *challenge* the *Truth/Story* you activated back in 2010 to truly (and physically/literally) EVOLVE in the coming year (2013-2014). 
SATURN ~ 1st Retro in Scorpio *Journey & Process* 2012-2015 ~ I did write an article detailing the work I propose we do which I will post very soon but for now, you should just know who Saturn will be working with during this 2+ year time.  Anytime the Personal Planets are in Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius, you will feel it.  Beyond that, Saturn will connect with North Node around Fall Equinox (9.16.2013) and Venus will be there at the same time as she moves through Scorpio 9/11 - 10/7.2013. Saturn will be directly involved in several of the Eclipses and will work well with all the other Water energy this year: Jupiter in Cancer; Chiron/Neptune in Pisces and the Mercury Retrogrades all year.
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