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Gemini 2010 ~ Cultivating Your Authentic Voice

The truth is that our finest moments
are most likely to occur when we are feeling
deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled.
For it is only in such moments,
propelled by our discomfort,
that we are likely to step out of our ruts
and start searching for ...
different ways or truer answers.

Searching for "different ways" (Gemini) or "truer answers" (Sagittarius) ... May I remind you that as a "human" you are dual by nature (Gemini) ... and so much MORE! (Sagittarius) Add "human" to "being" and now you are *multi-dimensional*. I find it far more useful these days to look at the energies AND their polar opposites to get a more balanced understanding of what I am experiencing. And beyond that, I notice, I've been reminding people almost constantly that "life has become an 'AND' ... not an either/or". You have to multi-task to get ANYTHING accomplished and/or completed these days. Why is that? Because, you are SIMULTANEOUSLY: dying and being born anew; leaving the past behind and moving toward an unknown future; releasing and acquiring on a multitude of levels. You, my multi-dimensional friend, have many layers to your being which are being activated and/or shifted in dramatic and permanent ways.

Gemini time is the *approach* of the 6-month mark of the year and Summer Solstice, just as its polar opposite, Sag, is the *approach* of the culmination of the year at Winter Solstice. At this stage, we are still gathering information that will (hopefully) translate into Sag's wisdom come the completion of this annual cycle. Every year around Gemini time, several planets retrograde (appear to pull back, slow down or reverse altogether) indicating it is time to 'gather information' to make better decisions upon forward movement in a month or two. At this time, multiple aspects of our individual and collective lives require that we 'check-in' and 'assess' where we are, how far we've come and just how much further we have to go. Review the last 6 months so you can make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming 6 months, in the hopes of getting something worthwhile accomplished by year's end. At the half-way mark of any cycle you are given a choice ~ an opportunity to choose differently based on the experiences and information you've gathered thus far. So, how is 2010 shaping up for you? (Can you believe it is half over already?) Are you moving in the direction you want to be moving in? *NOTE* Summer and Winter Solstices are potent times of the year every year, they fall in Cancer / Capricorn every year, however, 2009-2011 also brings the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses. Your frame of reference for this Cycle will be 1988-1992 and 1998-2002. It is highly useful to work the Gemini/Sag Lunar and Solar energies each year, even more vital at this time.

Gemini energy brings to mind: change, duality, choice(s) to make, fork in the road or crossroads, and of course, transition. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which moves along side the Sun in its travels through the sky so it is easiest to catch a glimpse of Mercury during dusk and dawn, when the Sun's light is coming or going. These are the two times a day also often recommended for meditation as the veils are thinner and COMMUNICATION is easier between the visible and invisible realms. Additionally, dusk and dawn also represent that potent in-between stage that transition represents. We stand at this zero-point of possibilities.

Transition originally meant "going across or over" ... as in changing from one state of form or being to another. What is powerful about this is not in the 'being here or there', but in being PRESENT wherever you are. If you are consciously participating in life, then this is a potent time for you. However, if you are overwhelmed and your systems are on overload, you are going to short-circuit and most likely have to go down, before you can go back up and function effectively.

The main dangers in this life
are the people who want to chang
everything ... or nothing.

Gemini 2010 ~ Change Is Good

~ GEMINI ~ 2010 ~
Assimilating Radical Shifts Within & Without

Finish each day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities
no doubt crept in;
forget them as soon as you can.

Tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely
and with too high a spirit
to be encumbered
with your old nonsense.

This month you will have to take many deep breaths to maintain your equilibrium. The pressure is intense and the speed of which information is coming at you, is continuing to increase. Always keep in the back of your mind, if you cannot control it, release it to the Universe ... and if you CAN control it, then this (whatever is activating your "control" or "survival" buttons) is just a reminder to inhale back your own authority and your personal power to choose ... your power to change your mind and thus, your circumstances. In the instant you commit to your choice, change can occur. Because it is Gemini time, I am inclined to think most of us have some major decisions to make which are going to require us to choose between two (or more) distinctly different paths. These paths are going in such new and different directions, that you can no longer 'straddle the fence' or 'serve two masters' ... you will HAVE to choose.

Sagittarius (wisdom) helps Gemini (intelligence) make meaning out of the information coming through at this time. Right now, all SIX of your senses are being bombarded with information. How are your "filtering" systems working these days? We need to activate our "human spam box" where all non-relevant info should go automatically. Your main task at this time is sorting through all this information. You will know the Truth when you come across it because it will speak to you on a soul level and you will be compelled to act on that new knowledge.

These are not "small" or "easy" aspects of life to undergo such a major transition. HONOR THAT FACT by taking the time to review how you have expressed yourself up to now ... and reflect on how you want to express your Self going forward.

Who have you led your Self (and others) to believe you were (over the last 6-12 yrs)?
Who are you today?
What parts of you are solid and structurally sound?
Which parts of you are completely worn out and need to be released or recycled?

Use the current Full Moon in Sagittarius to release anything that is no longer part of your personal Story and all that is no longer "true" for you and then, plant your seeds at the New Moon in Gemini ~ take a deep breath and express your Self in a whole new way. The story of your life is not done yet. You can still choose to "edit" and change the next chapter any way your soul leads you to. Open your mind and heart this month and connect with your Authentic Voice in order to express your deepest Truth. Pay close attention, activate your filters for this particular flow of information. Some will be Divine Truth, some will be petty distraction, delaying you on your Path. It is a NEW day, and like it or not, you will have to make some (seemingly) daunting choices that will determine your course (path) over the upcoming 6-12 months and 6-12 years. Backwards is not an option, and even if it were, all that used to be back there is gone / done / over / completed anyway. So you can CHOOSE - or you can get dragged - but either way, you're going (to the next level). Actually you're already there but some people are holding on to the door as it closes on their fingertips.

It really depends on what you want to create and what you want to be a part of for the remainder of this lifetime. If you are comfortable with the "light and airy" aspects of this Gemini season, then enjoy them because this is the best time of year for creative exchange of ideas; use social situations to learn (and teach) and share information, you have more options than you think. INVITE COLLABORATION AND UNITY ~ look for circumstances that your individual personality and skill set is *valued*.

On the other hand, if you have some heavy duty choices to make at this time, solitude is probably better. Tuning in around the Full and New Moons, dusk and dawn, the turn of each Sacred Season, when the channels of communication are wide open, invites the Invisible Assistance. Ask the questions, be still and the answers will come ... then you must be prepared to accept a NEW Truth.

Enlightenment must come
~ little by little ... otherwise
it would overwhelm!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chiron in Pisces ~ 2010-2018

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Chiron Enters *PISCES* ~ 2010-2018
CHIRON: The Wounded Healer
Without darkness
Nothing comes to birth,
As without light
Nothing flowers.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer energy is the wound we come in to heal, individually (your personal chart) and collectively (up in the sky) we move through each Sign in the zodiac during the course of a 50-year Cycle. The *A-Ha* Moment that many experience by/around the age of 50. Chiron's mythology is very interesting, as he was known for consciously choosing death, and in this case, his journey through Aquarius suggests that community and individuals' special gifts / healing abilities have all been undergoing a major healing and transformation (2005-2010). Allowing the ego-based, separatist thinking to die so that a rebirth of communal living and honoring of all living things can re-emerge. This is micro-to-macro, yes on a collective level we are definitely going through this, but on an individual level, can you make the connection to:
If/How you have ...
Separated from your Self and other human beings?
Forgotten what is special about you?
What it feels like to be part of a group energy?

Chiron has been working through many of these Aquarius/Leo issues for the last couple of years and it turns out that almost all of that 5+ years, Chiron would Retrograde during Gemini time and go Direct during Scorpio time. This suggests to me that a review of our thoughts, ideas and expression (Gemini) of community and alternative ways of living (Aquarius) were concerned. And after that review, and subsequent healing within, emerges during Scorpio time ready to plant seeds at such a potent time for creating just such a global community which supports the vital life force of ALL living beings. Scorpio energy assists in activating what needs to be purified, healed and RELEASED (wounds must be cleaned before they can heal and disappear), plunging us in to the Underworld, to be stripped of all ego machinations, humbling us - and hopefully healing us individually and collectively - to come back up to the surface clean, pure and ready to plant healthy new seeds that will nourish humanity for a long time to come.

It is still on the above schedule as it moves in to *PISCES*. And I remind you that it will Retrograde back and forth through the END of Aquarius and the BEGINNING of Pisces, extending a natural *GRACE* period of adjustment to the new energetic vibration. During the 5+ year period in Aquarius, for the collective, we realized or remembered that *either/or* serves no one, all Spirit-all the time ~ and you are no longer grounded ... all reality-all the time ~ and you are no longer free. The during the 8+ year period in Pisces. We must practice Higher Consciousness in our daily (Pisces), mundane, 3-D world (Virgo), making it practical and useful for the entire community. Use tools properly (3-D/Saturn), access Spirit (Consciousness/Uranus) regularly and honor all living beings.

As it moves through Pisces during 2010-2018, your frame of reference will be 1960-1968. A greater sensitivity is available now, a completion of a 50-year Cycle is upon us and we must navigate carefully in preparation for *Initiation* in to Aries next. This *sensitivity* is a mixed blessing. On one hand, you can be overwhelmed by the information you are "sensing" from a multitude of sources and if your Virgo-Filter is not clean and engaged to *sort and sift* what is relevant and useful information, you could drown in confusion. On the other hand, if you practice daily (Virgo) feeling ONE with the Universal energy and flow (Pisces), then you could access a very deep reservoir of knowledge and understanding.

It is time to work with your intuitive capacity and hone it so that it can serve you during this Earthly transition. And remember, Chiron activates the WOUND so it can draw your attention to the HEALING. So at first, many will feel open and vulnerable, which can make you feel the need to protect your Self, and in piling on whatever layers of protection you think you need, you LOSE TOUCH with your ability to "sense" things around you. Body - Buildings - Energy Fields - whatever you 'surround' your Self with as 'protection', when excessive or imbalanced, can block necessary, incoming energy and information. Until you find a balance and understanding of WHAT you are sensing, you may struggle to connect to God/Spirit/Oneness/BLISS (that is essential to your nature).

Chiron's Schedule ~
Chiron takes about 51 years to move through all 12 signs, and has an extremely erratic orbit where it spends much more time in a handful of signs (Aries/Taurus and Aquarius/Pisces) and very little (comparatively) in all other signs. This speaks to what I always say about Pluto's transformative energy as it too has an erratic orbit - that transformation (Pluto) and healing (Chiron) "takes as long as it takes" and neither will be boxed in to a formula that we linear-thinking humans can define, control or set our own clock to. Both occur in Divine Time and Order and all we can really do is attempt to co-create with the energies available and allow the process to run its course, making new choices along the way. Also note, that when Chiron moves through the END & BEGINNING of the zodiac, it affects the LARGEST POPULATION for quite a length of time. The current evolution begins with Aquarius (2005) and will be intense for most of us through Taurus (2034).

Chiron orbits between Saturn (our physical reality) and Uranus (Higher Consciousness) which also suggests that you must HEAL the connection (bridge) between these two vital aspects of your being. This is the first step to integrating your human and spirit selves, which is absolutely necessary to expand your consciousness (Neptune), transmute your karmic patterns (Pluto) and reach Higher Consciousness (Uranus). You have to go through Chiron to get to any of that! Wherever Chiron is in your personal chart is the healing you incarnated to do and that which you will automatically teach by your life's example.

Mini Chiron History ~
Chiron has also been associated with Sagittarius because of the centaur connection, but that only speaks further to the integration of the physical (Saturn) and spiritual (Uranus) natures within us. Traditionally, Mercury is said to rule Virgo, however, while I believe there are some definite Mercurial qualities to Virgo, I believe Chiron is the true ruler of Virgo, a more complete expression, because it is the HEALER (total Virgo/High Priestess energy) and is well known for his mastery of herbalism, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, chiropractic and all alternative healing modalities. Additionally, Chiron was discovered (brought in to our conscious awareness) in 1977 when these modalities all really anchored in the collective consciousness and became more widely accepted and practiced. Still under the explosion of connections of Chiron on the collective, the next year, 1978, The Native American Religious Freedom Act was passed which allowed American Indians, Eskimos and Native Hawaiians to practice their earth-based wisdom and healing practices (Virgo is an earth sign) speaks to the practical application of Spirit in everyday life. These people infused Spirit in to ALL ASPECTS OF LIFE.

... and DEATH which brings me to another example of Chiron in our world, choosing death consciously, of your own free will. In mythology, Chiron lived for centuries and had the full spectrum of experiences (gods and humans) with the exception of death. He had been wounded and he suffered (like we all do) until he asked to be released from the body, a wish that was granted. So essentially, he CHOSE to walk in to the Underworld, fearless and willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good. What within you needs to be sacrificed for your own greater good and ultimate evolution? (His death released Prometheus, the Bringer of Light.) From the darkness, comes Light. From death, comes new life. Struggle is futile, going willingly UNLOCKS the magic!

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