Monday, March 28, 2011

ARIES: Faith ~ Risk ~ Courage ... *NOW*

ARIES: Faith ~ Risk ~ Courage ... *NOW*

A non-doer is very often a critic.
That is someone who
sits back and watches doers ...
and then waxes philosophically
about how the doers are doing.
It's easy to be a critic,
but being a doer requires

Happy Re-Birthday to all, and especially Aries folks! For many people (past the age of 25), birthdays come with a mixture of hope for the new and stress over the old, what's done (or not done) by now. We all experience some degree of "review" during birthday time. So - good news first - those who are craving a clean slate / fresh start - THIS is your chance!! Bad news is - it will not be an 'easy' new start, except maybe for those of you who love a challenge and thrive on overcoming obstacles.

This month of Aries, as I do every year, I give you PERMISSION TO BE SELFISH!! One month is no time to assess and plan for one year (and beyond). This month you should be focused on YOU! Your needs, your desires and what you deserve in exchange for the energy you share in your personal and professional life. Exchange, flow, reciprocity are all mandatory but the only way to ensure that energy flows freely is to remove all the blockages within. Mars and Pluto are working diligently, over a very long period of time, to ensure a permanent shift in your perception of need vs. desire.


~ FAITH ~ that you ARE in the right place, at the right time, with the right people for the lesson and the blessing. Faith in your Self, your Truth, your abilities, and your contribution as worthy and necessary. Faith that God is the Infinite Source of your supply and you already possess all that you need to maintain your life.

~ RISK ~ a willingness to risk investing in your own potential ~ for your own sense of accomplishment ~ for your own forward movement ~ to make progress in your own life. It seems that we are all willing to take incredible risks on behalf of people or entities which, in my humble opinion, are hardly worth it (in this context), not to mention the fact that these very same people and entities would NEVER risk (to any degree) for YOU! Remember, never allow someone else to be your PRIORITY ... if you are only their OPTION!

~ COURAGE ~ to face your fears and do it anyway, which is TOTALLY supported, even encouraged by Mars/Aries energy by the way. Courage of your convictions - to stand up for what you believe in even if no one close by agrees with you. Right or wrong in the end, when you are courageous enough to go after what you want, stand up for what you believe in, do what others are afraid to even try and/or take a step in the direction of your goals, you earn self-respect as well as the respect of others.

So this month, there are a couple of things to keep in mind while you go about organizing your life for spring renewal / re-birthday / and all these initiation energies (among others). This Season in particular, the transformation (Pluto) of your values & relationships (Venus), the expansion (Jupiter) of who you are and your core drives (Sun), and expressing your thoughts (Mercury), your deepest desires (Mars) and emotions (Cancer) are all giving you an opportunity for a breakthrough!

Squares in astrology are usually described as "hard angles" that the planets make to each other, so while it will likely be stressful in the moment, please keep somewhere in the back of your mind, as you move through this month and interact with others, that the whole point of any challenge(s) or blockage(s) which do pop up, are only to help you facilitate some very necessary (and long overdue) change(s). They are also giving you a palpable opportunity for ULTIMATE MASTERY of Self, for finally 'getting' the lesson so you can move on to other things.

It is advisable to be 'courageous' and 'faithful' and take a risk in choosing a new response, which will in fact elicit a new result. Stability and healing are the ultimate goal of the current energies and change is good!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Initial Thoughts on 2011

Initial Thoughts on 2011

2011 opens with 25 days of *forward* motion ~ NO Retrograde Planets. This is auspicious and juicy! These *portals* are small and rare and worth investing some conscious attention to what you are creating with your own personal energy. Every day brings another *gift* of revelation and energetic support. This year supports RE-Establishing *BALANCE* after a major *HEALING*. 1996 - 2010 had Saturn traversing Aries -thru- Virgo, below the surface, behind the scenes, working on the *fundamentals* of our evolving Saturn Reality. It may have felt very personal to many along the way. As it hits Libra, it moves above the horizon and out in to the world to work on the Social/Collective realms, assuming the Individuals have done the groundwork. As Planets *finish* every Sign, Cycle and New Direction ~ very often, there is a *TEST*. I would encourage you to look for the areas of life where you have done the most personal growth and Self-work, honor what is truly *done* and prepare for the *Test*. We never want to look at life's tests as malicious, it is a natural occurrence, not to be feared, but to be embraced! It will validate your level of mastery (more of Saturn's domain).

An astrological chart is basically a *snapshot* of the sky at any given moment, so if you want to know the *energetic blueprint* for anything or anyone, all you have to do is get this snapshot and study it for the *energies and patterns*. The chart of 1.1.2011 @ 00:01am in Washington, DC/USA ~ has 7* Libra on the Ascendant setting the tone for the year. Where's Saturn? That's right, in Libra! This year will reveal much greater *results and rewards* for the Harvest of Fall Equinox / Sept 2010 -thru- Winter Solstice / Dec 2010 and beyond that, many of you will also see the *results and rewards* of the last 2.5 ~ 7 ~ and 14 years as part of the natural Saturn Cycle. According to Barbara Hand Clow in Liquid Light of Sex, when Saturn passes over the Ascendant like this, there is a major *emptying out* of sorts. This leads to the empty space ~ in-between the old and the new ~ the Sweet Spot between Seed & New Life. So that *in-between* vibration continues in 2011, but at a much higher level because so much *healing* has already been integrated.

My guidance from Saturn has shown that the deep and permanent *healing* done 2007-2010 in Virgo is leading to the renewed balance between all levels of Masculine/Feminine energy, Human, Divine and Galactic. To the degree that the Masculine/Feminine *balance* is restored within the Individual, Social and Collective realms, will be revealed 2012-2015 when it enters Scorpio. Theoretically, after a great healing, you cannot jump back in to *life* too soon, balance must *FIRST* be restored. Once you're healed and balanced, then you can start building power, strength and endurance. It is my feeling that *if* we've healed (Virgo) and reestablished balance (Libra), then directing our power (Scorpio) to create a clean, new 3D/reality (Saturn) is granted by Saturn, The Great Teacher. For those who have not done their Saturn Due Diligence may find they're more in touch with Saturn, The Lord of Karma, which always teaches (one way or another) that your outer 3D/reality is a direct reflection of your internal reality and the labor that goes in to maintaining it.

Part of the lesson of the eternal cycle of Saturn and Uranus, especially in Virgo/Pisces (like 2007-2010), is RE-Aligning life as we know it, one aspect of which is being a Spirit (Uranus in Pisces) in Human Form (Saturn in Virgo). Reverberations from the 1960's ring out. Huge (and numerous) major Cycles converged then and now ~ remember, Earth's 26,000 Year Cycle is not anchored in a day. But how incredible is it that we are all here at this particular turn of the Eternal Wheel? Okay, okay, I'll come back down to Earth and say that Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (consolidation) represent basic principles of Life and also ALWAYS facilitate great shifts in the Social and Collective realms, while deeply activating the Individuals born under their influence along the way.

This leads me to the other Star of the Show for 2011 ~ Jupiter! When I looked up all the Outer Planets' Activations, Jupiter is, by far, the most active with *7* major Activations. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune all have one Activation each and that's it. The rest is up to us Individuals and how we work with the Personal Planets as they zip around the zodiac engaging our Souls on deeper levels than ever before. Jupiter starts the year (1/4) aligning with Uranus, both in Pisces, the end of the zodiac, to complete their *Initiation* of a 14-year Cycle. This will be the first 14-years of Uranus' NEW 84-year Cycle, which is vital, if you are focused on Truth (Jupiter) and Liberation (Uranus). We have our work cut out for us during this time, beginning stages of anything are delicate. The First Test of this Cycle comes in 2013-2014.

But let's get back to 2011 specifically. Where Jupiter is concerned, those with Planets in Aries/Libra and Cancer/Capricorn will be Activated January to June. Those with Planets in Taurus/Scorpio and Leo/Aquarius will be Activated June to December of this year. Jupiter *expands* all that it touches in an effort to educate you, to open you up to a larger vision and deeper version of the Truth as you know it. Aries brings the *clean slate* energy many of you are feeling. It really is the Beginning of a new 12-year Jupiter Cycle. Whatever New Truth and Story you are initiating will be tested in February as it tags Pluto/North Node in Capricorn. This is to, among other things, ensure that your new beginning is clean and will ultimately serve and benefit both YOU & OTHERS. It is time for you to be responsible for your own Truth & Purpose, as well as the Story you're telling with every thought, word and deed.

Then in March, the third and final Activation comes as Jupiter tags Saturn Retrograde in Libra. This is a major (and personal) *Integration*, especially for those with Aries/Libra Planets. For you, I think it will be a matter of re-visioning your own personal reality, in light of Jupiter's education of the last 3-6-9-12 years. How have you suppressed your Truth to please and appease others? This Activation will help you expand your idea of who you are on a core level and reveal where *stability, balance and reciprocity* may be lacking, within or around you. This Activation will stimulate those with Cancer/Capricorn energies in a different way. For you, there will be more movement and choices involved. I suspect that post-Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses, there isn't much left of your OLD Story or OLD Reality. This Activation is designed to push you "out of comfort zone ~ in to new territory". In this case, I think most of your "movement and choices" will have to do will you *choosing* what Story you want to tell NEXT!

By May, the Element of *FIRE* will be Activated by Jupiter (Aries) and the North Node (Sag) and you may feel a wave of energy that carries you right on to the shore of your NEW Truth & Story. This one is tricky because it is one of those Activations that really requires your conscious intent to benefit from the stellar rays, but I think you can receive a *delicious download* regarding the next step on your NEW Path, if you attune to it. I suggest you develop an *outline* of your NEW Story and then review it for its Social relevance and evolutionary potential. What I mean is, it must reflect your own passion and truth, and also, lead to greater things for you and the world. Remember, these are fairly large and general themes. The Signs that are Activated along the way is what will make it feel personal for you. I recommend knowing the dominant pattern of your own energies and lessons.

Stay Tuned for MORE in the months to come!