Tuesday, April 19, 2011

*LUNAR* Sampler ~ Initiating 2011

*LUNAR* Sampler ~ Initiating 2011

Special *FREE* Audios,
Activations & Post Call *Notes*

This is a very important practice.
Live your daily life in a way that
you never lose yourself.
When you are carried away with your
worries, fears, cravings, anger, and desire,
you run away from yourself
and you lose yourself.
The practice is always to
go back to oneself.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

To my Power Circle Community Members ~ it is because of YOU that I even have this *Offering* to make, and I am eternally *Grateful* for your *Energetic* Contribution, Friendship and On-Going Support. I look forward to more years of sharing the Path of Discovery we call *Life*. Rhythms, Patterns and Cycles being what I'm "in to" ~ I also HONOR the *Ebb & Flow* ~ recognizing that, for everything, there is *a Season and a Reason*. I've been *Tracking* the patterns of the Power Circle and noticed some distinctions in the *Usage & Application* of the Tools I share. This has IN-Couraged me to HONE my *Offering*.

*Special* Offering from Kelly
*3* Lunations ~ Initiating 2011
*FREE* Audios + Activations,
Divinations & MORE!

Capricorn New Moon/Solar Eclipse~Cancer Full Moon
~ January 2011 ~
Aquarius New Moon ~ Leo Full/Super Moon
~ February 2011 ~
Pisces New Moon ~ Virgo Full/Super Moon
~ March 2011 ~
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Most of you receiving this first are already involved, so I created a web page to *SHARE* with others that has these *3* Audios + Activations for YOU! and I encourage those who would like to experience the calls before contributing any further to definitely check them out ;-)) My Spring *GOAL* is making a conscious effort to *INVITE* MORE people to join the calls and the Power Circle Community. Many of you already *share* KarmicTools with others so please feel free to share THIS LINK whenever you feel called to. This information will be vitally useful throughout the year (2011) and our Gatherings & on-going Focus will continue to create a sanctified space of mutual support.

The *Lunar* Tele-Gatherings ~ are when we check in with the Full Moon/New Moon, planetary energies twice a month and honor the ebb/flow of daily life by aligning our Individual/Personal goals with the Moon's rhythm. This alone, guides us on when to *plant or prune*. Each month, we also gather to go over one major planetary shift or alignment affecting the Social/Collective realms, including Retrogrades, Nodes & Eclipses. The Gatherings for the Sacred Seasons are done in *LIVE* Ceremonial Circles when possible, but available via phone or online as well. I would *LOVE* to hear from anyone with *Sacred Space* to accommodate small, intimate gatherings (of 10-15 people) and/or 3-7 day retreats. I absolutely cherish my online community. I am also feeling called to gather in person when there is a *Vibrational Match* and things flow organically.
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These Gatherings are *DELICIOUS* for those people who:
· Are *Passionate* about managing their own energy
· Are *Deeply Dedicated* to serving their unique purpose
· Are *Joyfully Committed* to accomplishing their goals
· Like knowing the *Cycles & Seasons*
· Like working the *Monthly & Annual* Cycles
· Like the Group dynamic of *Energetic* Support

The energy of these tele-gatherings has also evolved over time, with the powerful group dynamic and the alchemical mix of people who constitute the Circle. The Power Circle is an amazing (and growing) community of master teachers, dedicated students and lightworkers of all walks, sharing this Path. My intention is always to create Sacred Space for those who like to listen and gather information, as well as those who like to share their *Illuminations, Discoveries and Ah-HA* Moments. (Online Radio is in our future ;-)) You can pop-in for Periodic *Infusions* or there are a couple of Subscriptions to choose from which support the site & keep a steady stream of *energy, info & support* flowing to you in Divine Time & Order. You have an *Open Invitation* to the Power Circle Gatherings ~ Anytime!

Also, please consider that much of what I do is in both *WRITTEN & AUDIO* Form, so there is always information available that you can apply immediately, no matter your personal preference. I am dedicated to supporting those consciously working their own process and am happy to address any questions or concerns you have along the way. On the *LUNAR* Sampler page, you will find SEVERAL *Audios, Activations & Additional Tools* that will *Support & Guide* you throughout the year of 2011. Be sure to scan all the way to the bottom of the web page at least once to see all that is offered, then double-back over that which *speaks* to your Soul.

Our deepest calling is to grow into
our own authentic self-hood,
whether or not it conforms
to some image of who we ought to be.
As we do so, we will not only find the joy
that every human being seeks --
we will also find our path of
authentic service in the world.
~ Parker J. Palmer, Activist ~

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**This one is best for those who prefer to *READ*
and will only do ONE CALL per month, if that.

You can Contribute $30/mo and
*Gratitude* Goodies Include:
In-Depth Audios, Individual/Collective Activations
and Additional Tools & Resources
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**This one is best for those who prefer to *LISTEN*
and want ALL CALLS / ALL YEAR.

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