Sunday, May 25, 2014

*GEMINI* 2014 ~ Assimilate All That You've Learned & Earned

Gemini ushers in a lighter, more playful energy. It is the Child on the Karmic Wheel, care free and detached, alert and curious, gathering information and telling imaginative stories, playing with new characters & different expressions of Truth. It is time to lighten up and breathe in the fresh air of Spring and know that Summer is coming.
Energetically, we've been through a process akin to the caterpillar-to-butterfly transformation and we must pause so our wings can fully open & activate. We have a moment (1-month) to get acclimated to our new, different, lighter form, as well as the new functions that we are capable of, those things we may have previously considered an impossible and far-off dream.
As you awaken or open to who and where you are now, there is a lot to take in. Wiggle your toes, stretch, breathe deeply, and give gratitude for another chance to fulfill your potential and experience Life. This month is so supported to assimilate all that you've learned & earned in the last 3-6-9-12 years. Release the non-essential and outdated. Look at EVERYTHING with open, innocent eyes seeing for the very first time, with wonder & awe! You've come a long way, changed form completely and been reborn in to a whole new realm of possibilities.
You can use the Gemini New Moon (5/28) to initiate new self-expression, ideas & thought patterns. You're working with new information about your Self, as well as your world. As you recognize that, the Sag Full Moon (6/13) illuminates your personal Truth in a way that releases the old Story of your life completely. You will know, on a deep Soul Level, that it is time to step fully in to your new Story and embody your Authentic Truth a little more than ever before.
Another concept that continues to be supported by a wide range of planetary alignments is that of the New Earth. Essentially, Earth just rebooted its own 26,000 year cycle in 2012, so we can take that literally or figuratively but either way, we have to adapt to the NEW ways of existing on a constantly evolving, living planet. Since Earth is our Home in the solar system, there is that large, collective perspective of Rebirth ('out with the old/in with the new') that we must consider. But then we must bring it down to human size, and individually, define *HOME* for ourselves.
  • How do you define Home? Family? Community?
  • What makes you feel well fed, protected, loved and supported?
  • How/When/Where do you retreat to replenish your resources?
This month is an *Exploratory Mission* of your Mind/Heart Connection. All this detached and objective Gemini processing is illuminating the ideas & concepts that your level of consciousness is ready to embody. Next month, Cancer and Summer Solstice will be the time to declare what will truly nourish & protect you going forward and use the energy to stabilize New Roots and New Home Base.
Like many of you, I am at a pivotal crossroads in my life and plan to anchor my *New Truth, Story & Definition of Home* this Summer Solstice in Mt. Shasta, at Shanta Gabriel's *Bridging Heaven & Earth Retreat*. I am inviting the support of the Power Circle Community ~ to help with my travel expenses, please consider making a Donation of $20 or more & Receive *Goodies*.
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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scorpio Full Moon ~ Final Mission Before Re-Entry


Today's Buddha Moon (5/14) brings us to the final phase of our Spring Eclipse season. We have spent the last year or so moving through Taurus/Scorpio lessons, and now Aries/Libra lessons are being ushered in. Hopefully, we will begin to see/experience more of the collaborative spirit that Nature teaches, that all works together for good, and that dominance/oppression is destructive & unsustainable.
It has been my theory that, as we integrate new power, channel our resources in new ways and honor nature (Taurus/Scorpio) post-2012, we must learn to express ourselves (Aries) and relate in new, more effective ways with others (Libra). We had all (but one) New Moons with Taurus/Scorpio, indicating the new patterns & pathways being activated, while all 6 Aries/Libra Eclipses will be Full Moons, indicating patterns which are ready to be upgraded or released and pathways that have hit a dead-end of sorts.
If you are able to take the next 2-4 weeks to mine your Soul for your very own treasure, the following lunation in Gemini/Sag will give you time to process and assimilate what you discover and develop throughout this Underworld journey.
I am likening this Eclipse season to a trip in to Deep Space. It feels like we're navigating a completely different realm than ever before. This Scorpio Full Moon will reveal many things and connect you to your own Soul's desires, as well as fears, catalyzing the deepest of all surrenders. Some aspect of life has truly died, but only in the way that it creates space & nutrient for new life to take root. As Mars goes Direct (5/19) and Sun moves in to Gemini (5/20) a process begins that I liken to "re-entry in to Earth's atmosphere". It's tricky, dangerous but most of the time, ultimately, successful. My point is, there is a "process" to coming back down to Earth (after 'portals & choices & crossroads - oh my!), whereby you must release anything sticking to your suit (aura) or vehicle (body) and a certain decompression (so you can breathe again) must happen. Try to allow your Self some time for this process over the next 2-4 weeks.
Then, Cancer time (June/July) will usher in Jupiter's final blessings, rewarding you with the nourishment & protection of your NEW *Home*. Home that you find in your own Center (heart), as well as home on the New Earth which operates at a higher frequency than humans have ever lived for. It's important to take that time to put down some roots around whatever feeds & supports you best, stabilize your Self (home base) before jumping in to Leo playtime (with others).
But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, today's Scorpio Full Moon, though part of the larger story, is also an annual completion. It gives you a chance to release or compost whatever has outgrown its natural lifespan. Take some time to *cleanse & purify* your system of all that has been repressed, suppressed and pushed to the farthest and deepest realms of your life and consciousness. Use the energy to release waste, debris & the nonessential and the light of the Full Moon to bathe yourself with new life, vitality & power.
PS ~ I used the *Sandcastle* pic because it represents our return to a life made by hand! and it includes all the elements we need ~ Earth, Water, Air & Fire ~ to create beauty & structure that is a more authentic representation of our Truth. This one reminds me of Aladdin ~ Magic ~ Test of Values, Courage & Conscious Awareness ~ I could go on but you get the gist ; -) 
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