Thursday, October 2, 2014

The *FIRE* of Your Authentic Heart, Deepest Passion & True Purpose has Been Activated

9/25 ~ Jupiter (Education/Faith)
~trine~ Uranus (Awakening/Liberation):     
(1 of 3:   9.25.2014 ~ 3/3 & 6/22.2015)
You have 1-year to set your Intentions and claim your Vision. That's not to say that there won't be some other juicy, potent planetary alignment to support our goals next year but this one blesses the crossover between 2014 & 2015. And if you're feeling really strong, think in 1-3-6-9-12 year increments and set intentions but know that this first year sets the tone going forward, especially for those with strong Cardinal, Fixed & Fire energy in their chart.
This is a delicious relief for some who have had enough of the Cancer/Aries challenges of the last year or more (personal security vs. independence), though developing the strength & tools to work it out was critical to maximizing the potential of the current blessing of *Fire* energy now that Jupiter has moved into Leo. We still have to deal with the independence/liberation issues that Uranus is 'cracking us open' to, but hopefully, now that we've redefined personal security and deepened our faith in our own ability to sustain & protect ourselves, Leo energy encourages us to believe in ourselves and express more authenticity in every moment. It's almost like you rewired your internal system and now you'll be working on the outer expression & appearance (how it really works in the world). I don't necessarily mean your looks or physical appearance, although upgrading that too is deeply supported, but this is more about what your unique energy radiates out to the world, and how others receive & respond to your energy. Think: Magnetize & Repel and then define your terms and invite your Higher Self, Angels, Ancestors & Guides to assist you.
Jupiter & Uranus affect groups of people, so this energy is 'in the air'. If you have a lot of Fire in your chart, this is going to increase it, so you may want to use your Earth energy to ground & contain this fiery time, or at least take some precautions. If you don't have enough Fire, this will really help you bring in the Fire energy consciously and balance out certain aspects of your life, in a much-needed way. So, in general, these two getting together activate your consciousness in a huge way. There are sudden ah-ha moments and more clarity than you've maybe had access to in recent years. Uranus always activates us to learn or try something new or try something in a new way (to the tune of 3-6-9-12 years, a Jupiter Cycle). In this context (with Jupiter) you will want to express something you've only just recently discovered or realized is Truth for you, and you're bursting at the seams to show everyone how you and your consciousness has grown. That's great, but make sure your new Truth is grounded first. Think of the first trimester of pregnancy or a new sprout that hasn't totally rooted itself yet, new beginnings are delicate and require extra care & protection at first, so pace yourself with your new discoveries. This activation spans a year (June 2014 - June 2015) so pace yourself and pay attention to what comes up now (Sept 2014) that is re-activated or revised in March 2015 and finds its footing (roots) and finally gets its final polishing activation in June 2015, right around Summer Solstice (wow!).
See this as an 'unfolding new Truth' or new aspect of Self emerging. Get a feel for the Fire. It's a great time to expand your learning or education, get certified in something that you want to share with others, but try to avoid ideas (and people) with more flash than substance. The combination of Jupiter's luck (which is really a strong faith & following it) and Uranus' sudden, seeming out-of-the-blue-ness (which is really a sudden opening in your consciousness that allows you to see things in a completely new way) things will feel very "ordained" or magical or destined. Just stay grounded & present, because often when things seem 'too good to be true' - they are. What I'm talking about here is more about inner & outer alignment, faith & opportunity, when the path just opens before you and you have NO DOUBT that this is the (new) direction that you're supposed to take.
Also unique to 2014-2015 is the Leo/Aries combination. As long as we maintain integrity, lead with the heart, be creative & authentic, remaining free & independent becomes much easier. However, if you are struggling with self-esteem/self-worth issues, as well as being independent and capable of defining who you are/what you want, then this is the year to face your issues square on and make some real progress. Just keep in mind that what these energies trigger for you, is really bringing these issues/relationships into the light to be transmuted and purified with this Fire. It's going to first illuminate the excess & non-essential, then melt it away and reveal your true beauty & innate value. Believe in your Self! Know that you are here for a reason and while your Path is unique for you, we are all sharing this journey of self-discovery & evolution of our planet. Activations (which I can help you with, just reach out) will be personal, social & collective and during the next year or so, we will be creating containers for this *Fire* to burn safely & productively. Use this potent, creative *FIRE* to connect to Your Authentic Heart, Deepest Passion & True Purpose!

*LIBRA* 2014 ~ Solar & Lunar Guidance

MONTHLY *SOLAR* GUIDANCE: As the Sun moves in to Libra, it activates the Annual Check-In with your Individual Balance & Personal Relationships. Are you healthy and are your relationships reciprocal? This is also the Annual *Harvest* ~ what have you created this year? What will sustain you going forward? What needs to be cleared away? On a personal level, Libra/Other yields the *harvest* of your Aries/Self-Work (on multiple levels) and is particularly potent for the *Cardinal* Family ... LIBRA *Initiation* ~ ARIES *Integration* ~ CANCER/ CAPRICORN *Test/Growth*. This is true every year for folks with this energy activated in their charts, because they fall at the Seasonal shift, but with the continued influx of energies from Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024), Uranus in Aries (2010-2018) and North Node in Libra (Feb 2014-Nov 2015) ~ it makes the Social/Collective evolution very personal for one and all.
This month’s Libra/Aries energy supports the decisions & choices, which are a result of last month’s Virgo/Pisces work of “assessing your strengths & weaknesses” and:
~ Re-committing to balancing your soul-work with your daily work
~ Allowing the fragmented aspects of life to come into cohesive whole
~ Focusing on the little things that make the grand vision (of your life) work
~ What did you discover? What are the results of your assessments?
~ What will restore Libra-Balance within and around you?
~ What needs to be cleared/released for your Aries-Identity to go to the next level and complete your Individual mission by Spring 2015? Use the added support of the Seasonal shift to do your personal work. Change is happening anyway, and postponing choices & decisions will only create more labor & cost down the road. Pay NOW … or pay double later.
This *Sacred Season* is About:
--Gather & Harvest ~ Assess what you've produced/accomplished in the last 6-9mo
--Evaluate & Rectify ~ Assess what worked and what did not work
--Balance & Integrate ~ Assess what you need to do/have/be more or less of
--Pause for the Cause ~ It is time to be still, tune in & prepare for new season
*Fall* Equinox gives you the opportunity to reflect on what needs to be assessed & released to prepare you for the final Sacred Season, *SCORPIO* Gate of Power/Access the Ancestors.

--Release all toxic relationships, burdens or obligations
--Release all people & circumstances which have completed their purpose
--Release all imbalance within Self, as well as with those you interact with
--Release all additional weight you may be carrying (physical, emotional etc)
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current resources
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current community
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of your current relationships
--Assess the value & Assign the priority of art, creativity & cultivation of beauty
MONTHLY *LUNAR* GUIDANCE: Let me just say again, how organically the Divinations came together. Last month we had all Father Elements + one Mother and this month, we have all Brother Elements + one Sister! It seems we must first address our authority issues and then we can deal with our peer & partner issues. Post 2012, we are all re-learning how to relate, and now rather than just our own families or neighborhoods, we all live in a 'global community'. I once used the example of my Irish Catholic Nana, who had 10 kids in 12 years. When you have 1-2 kids, the rules & guidelines are such 'n such, then you have 3-4 kids the rules change, 5-6 kids they change again and to have this exponential growth in such a short period is essentially what we are experiencing with our global families. It's a LOT - on micro & macro levels. The Aries/Libra Eclipses (we are now at #3 of 6) are actually right on time to assist with course corrections, turning points & the crossroads of old & new patterns, when we must all make individual decisions, while taking into consideration the whole family& community.
Your frame of reference for gauging your own personal cycles & patterns are the years: 2004-06 and 1995-97. Fast-forward to now and consider: Oct 2013 ~ April 2014 ~ now, Oct 2014. Are you facing similar independence vs relationship issues? The idea is that cycles repeat, while YOU and the energetic support around you, changes. So every 9-10 years (which in & of itself is a complete cycle) we get a chance to address these particular aspects of life. We go through changes for about 3-years (a typical Eclipse Season) and then things settle into a natural rhythm. Hopefully, as you get to know your Self better, you make better choices & decisions at each go-round. Now, it is just time to *Spiral UP* to your Next Level of your basic Fundamentals in Life: Home vs Work and Self vs Other. We are all 4 - we need all 4 - and when all 4 are balanced & integrated, the rest of Life flows in beautiful, unique ways & stabilizes all.
The above is the big picture/general overview, now come back in to Individual/Here & Now Mode - this month brings the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (10/8) which is where the current self-work is. We are going to 'break to realign' our personal patterns around desire & purpose to the tune of 10 and 20 years. (Think in 5-yr increments if you have to because those would've been active periods with lots of clues.) But first ...
The Libra New Moon (9/24) brings in another round of the Cardinal Cross, pushing us to make personal/internal connections, as well as universal/external decisions. This reminds us that, anytime the Moon is in Aries/Libra or Cancer/Capricorn, it is directly engaging Pluto (Capricorn), North Node  (Libra) & Uranus (Aries) automatically. This happens for a couple of days, 3-times a month, but when New/Full Moon falls in these Signs we have greater access to co-creating and weaving in our individual desires. Then you add the current Aries/Libra Eclipses to the equation and change is definitely the name of the game. The last time we experienced Aries/Libra Eclipses was with an Aries North Node in 2004-2006 and before that, 1995-1997, with a Libra North Node (coming full circle again Feb 2014 - Nov 2015). Since we are finishing up the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipses (on 10/23), which activated a new level of power to create and sustain life, we are learning more and more about this new level of power. That, along with your individual changes, is likely to rattle the cages of your current relationships (private or public) by reflecting what is no longer sustainable, nor desirable.  
Libra New Moon is all about setting new intentions around conscious equal partnership, whether public or private, short-term or long-term, balance is the key. Our Guidance suggests that to honor the month of The Scales, we must weigh our personal progress against our obvious manifestations in relationships (for better or worse). It's time to assess the strength & value of each one (one-by-one) and what kind of time, energy & resources you have and are willing to invest further with this person, situation or agreement. Soulful kinship and a sense of belonging is vital for most humans and this year, we will cultivate that more than ever. We can renegotiate as we go, at regular intervals. We can be part of something without being burdened by it. We can have soulful connections without losing ourselves. We can still love each other even if/when we do not agree. It's time to define your individual terms and start renegotiating with those who matter.
The Capricorn First Qtr Moon (10/1) brings the focus to how well your Internal Reality 'matches' your External Reality and vice versa. The more OUT of alignment they are, the more challenging and intense this month will be. The more IN alignment they are, then more options become available. It's time to release the non-essential and focus on your true goals. The First Qtr Moon always brings some action and if you have done all the work up to now, Capricorn will reward you with the energy and stamina to ground something crucial to your foundation. As you get more rhythm in your new identity, your home base, foundation and personal structure has to adjust to support you at this new level too.
The Guidance speaks to simple, yet potent steps you can take at this time to stabilize your foundation. You have cultivated endurance and persevered through monumental clearings, all of which indicates you are ready to start taking more responsibility for your Self and the condition of your life. There's no more postponing decisions or avoiding due diligence and some things may take longer, but they'll also last longer too!
The Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (10/8) is driving home the message that an aspect of Self must be released, and with gratitude because it has served you well for 10-20 years. You have since evolved and certain things just don't 'fit' the way they used to. This is an unprecedented opportunity to release darkness (anger, bitterness, regrets, fear etc) from the depths of your Being. These are energetic blockages buried deep in the subconscious realms that undermine your goals and dreams in the conscious realms. The energy of the Eclipse can facilitate the perfect 'break to realign' (customized for each individual). It is your sense of Self that is being activated (and upgraded), so naturally, it is revealing all the ways you are no longer that Old "Self". There is nothing to "do" really, except stay focused on the Light, count your blessings and clear space for the New YOU (literally and figuratively) to come up & out to play!
We are actually finishing the Scorpio/Taurus Eclipse season, so keep in mind we are stepping into new power and creating a new garden that supplies and supports all that nourishes us, in this new realm, at this new level of consciousness. It's all NEW! Pace yourself as you learn about power in a whole new way. Things we've only dreamed about or thought to be "magical" are becoming a daily occurrence.Recognize how instantly your thoughts manifest. Strengthen the positive thoughts/visions and make any corrections to the negative ones immediately, lest you create more clean-up than is necessary. That said, for all the "new power" we are learning about, this week's Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (in addition to Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio/Libra) is about releasing all that is no longer part of your identity, who you are or what you want in both your personal/intimate relationships, as well as your public/family/community relationships. You will not be able to stay the same old person you were and use the new power effectively. In addition to that, you will not be able to relate to others (Libra) the same old ways either. There is potency in coming together with others (now/this quarter/Sept-Dec 2014) and the cleaner the connection, the better the ultimate creation.
Let's consciously use the interruption in the electro-magnetic field that Eclipses afford us to "reboot" how our internal and external systems work, communicate and actually serve our intentions. This is an alignment of the Earth, Sun & Moon, the three entities that most influence our daily rhythm and Earthly existence. This "interruption" is completely NATURAL and happens on a regular basis, every 6-months, so there is nothing to fear. Mercury Retro (10/4 - 10/25) can also help you recognize how your thinking and perceptions influence your choices. In Scorpio, it gives you a chance for a deep purification (of your subconscious mind); and in Libra, it gives you a chance to recalibrate balance within and reciprocity with others. It is truly time to surrender the past, the old & the outdated, in our thinking as well as our actions. Stay present and alert, but also relaxed, so you can better allow your Heart to follow the Universe's lead!
The Cancer Last Qtr Moon (10/15) is going to show us where we'd rather "lose a limb" than "let go" but ultimately, "let go" we must. Emotions are running high, security issues are UP, no doubt, but a primary question this week/month remains:  What *feeds* you? On all levels, you take in fuel/nutrient, and you use that in all that you do, create and share with the world. What is your primary source of fuel/nutrient? Cancer energy reminds that you need only process the actual *nutrient*, and you are encouraged to release the *waste*, with some "regularity". It never "ends" as it is a natural process of being alive, we process what we can & release the rest. (Holding onto too much or too long, can become toxic to your system.)
Also 'in the air' is support for finding your Soul family or tribe, that circle of human support that honors your individual light and unique spirit. We can create NEW terms & definitions of 'fulfillment & nourishment' going forward. No matter who you are, where you live or what your circumstance is, we are all experiencing a surge in feelings, emotions, intuitions and a deep inner knowing that is directly linked to the heart. We have to practice with our inner compass (heart) as well as develop our individual boundaries (aura), and all at this new earthly frequency, as well as new level of human awareness. If you have grounded your sense of Self & Self Worth, then attracting authentic support from others will come naturally. You have a solid foundation that you have cultivated over time that supports you now. Claim it! If you have not been able to ground this new sense of Self & Self Worth, then all of these energies & activations will help you clarify within, move things around without (around you) and make space for that new sense of Self to feel in to its new space, new levels, new borders & boundaries, new neighbors. Ease in.
Libra time (Sept-Oct) brings the annual *personal* report cards, according to some.  I feel like that isn't really until Scorpio but the theory is that we do all our personal/individual work Aries-thru-Virgo, and then we magnetize in Libra/Scorpio/Sag, the people & outer support that matches the inner work we've done, so that with Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces, we can play in the world and make our unique contributions. No matter how you look at it, Libra time (Oct/Nov) is always about establishing *balance* between our inner & outer selves, personal work & community work and self & other. Who are you and what do you want within the context of your primary relationships? The 'old way' is not supported, but being the New You and relating to others in New Ways IS supported! Just practice ; -) there is no perfection! 
For Full Divinations:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

*VIRGO* 2014 ~ Solar & Lunar Guidance

MONTHLY *SOLAR* GUIDANCE: As the Sun moves in to Virgo (8/23 - 9/22), it activates the *Annual* Check-In with your Personal System & Daily Routine, is it healthy & sustainable? This is preparation for the *Harvest* on multiple levels and particularly potent for the *Mutable* Family ... VIRGO *Initiation* ~ PISCES *Integration* ~ GEMINI/ SAGITTARIUS *Test/Growth*. The energy this month supports you assessing your strengths and weaknesses and re-committing to balancing your soul-work (Pisces) with your daily work (Virgo); allowing the fragmented aspects (Virgo) of life to come in to a cohesive whole (Pisces); and focusing on the little things (Virgo) that make the grand vision (of your life) work (Pisces).
We are coming out of Fixed energy (Leo), which has activated both the need to stabilize certain things, as well as release (permanently) some aspect of Self, so that your life can actually work, in the physical reality you're currently living. That said, no matter how bad it is, change really is only one decision and a renewed commitment away. We are now moving in to Mutable energy of Virgo, which is going to help us process & assimilate all that has died/left/ended and make the necessary arrangements for new life to come in and thrive. Think: Nesting in the sense that you are preparing space for something new in your life. But because it is Virgo, it is more about how this new life/energy/direction is going to actually work in to your natural rhythm & routine.
*IF* you made a ton of new connections & friends recently, and all your creativity activated, and your heart engaged, then Virgo energy comes in and helps you create a new system and help you get used to your new rhythm. It's time to create a whole new daily routine that better supports who you are and are becoming. We're all finding various systems and routines (that have historically worked) are now obsolete and no longer work (for whatever reason). That is always a clear indication that it is time for a new one. And *IF* you are able to create one (while tweaking and leaving it open to ongoing revisions in the beginning), then when Libra comes next month, you'll be able to really make those connections with others, personally or professionally, and create some powerful new relationships & collaborations.
HOWEVER, if you have spent the last month of Leo examining your own self-worth, wondering why you magnetize certain things & people, and repel others, and generally feeling like the life you're living does NOT reflect who you are in your heart-of-hearts, then this month of Virgo will help you heal aspect(s) of Self that will enable you too, to take advantage of coming opportunities in Libra.
That said, another round of Cardinal energy is on the way (along with Eclipses in Aries & Scorpio), so use Virgo to restore your energy, replenish your Self, tend to your health & fitness, and create a daily practice that supports your current goals & aspirations. If you are resistant to doing whatever it takes to strengthen that trust within (your intuition), just note that the road will be that much more challenging for you. If you resist change and seek to control anything or anyone outside of Self, you are in for a bumpy & painful ride. If you want things to "go back", you will be disappointed. So rather than resist the changes disrupting your life at this time, try silence, deep breaths, and intuitive, heart-centered decision-making. Use the earthy, practical energy of Virgo to direct the powerful, current flow of energy, get *Present* to 'here & now' and take things one step at a time.
*VIRGO* is the *best* time of the year (Aug-Sept) to:  

  • Release guilt & regret and Embrace the value of each experience's lesson, while forgiving your Self & others along the way.
  • Release criticism & judgment and Embrace compassion & patience with the process of activating your new rhythm & routine.
  • Release the need to have everything "perfect" before expressing it and Embrace trusting your Self to know how to respond in any moment.
  • Release all petty distractions & people-pleasing and Embrace your inner authority to direct your own life (consciously).
MONTHLY *LUNAR* GUIDANCE: This month I'd like to first share that a common theme has been emerging recently: healing between Fathers & Daughters. So, for those of you feeling that too, or in need of such a healing, this month, it is tremendously supported. In a less personal and more broad sense, it is also yet another recalibration of the Masculine & Feminine energy within & around us that was activated in a huge way with the turn of 2012. On so many levels, we must heal our individual connection to the Masculine ~ how we (male or female) express it, as well as how we receive it from the actual men in our life. Light a candle, do some forgiveness prayer-work if you feel called to do so, as it is a tremendously potent time to heal & release the past once and for all. For further validation, this month's Lunar & Solar Guidance gave us Earth Mother for the Sun in Virgo and ALL 4 Fathers ~ Earth, Fire, Water & Wind ~ for the weekly Lunar Guidance. This too reflects the *balance* of Masculine & Feminine, and possible role-reversals within & without that are necessary.
To honor the Masculine "things to do/express/outward" energy of the Sun in Virgo, we must use the Earth Mother's Feminine energy to honor all 4 Elements in order to be productive in the world. She indicates that if we pay attention to how the Elements work ~ both constructively & destructively ~ we can be much more effective players in the world.
To honor the Feminine "things to feel/reflect/inward" energy of the Moon in Virgo (and Mutable Signs of Sag, Pisces & Virgo), we must use each Element (each week), adapting, flowing & changing consciously as the energies move & shift. Here, we will use our Masculine energy to "do something" about what our Feminine energy is feeling. Note that this is not to say change with every passing mood, but moreso to be flexible and responsive to where the energy is flowing and where it is blocked or stagnant, then make a decision & act accordingly (or not). Your Feminine intuits what is happening, as well as the proper response. Your Masculine responds, makes the decision and follows through on your behalf.
The Virgo New Moon (8/25) comes every year and presents us with an opportunity to reboot the *System* ~ which usually entails creating a whole new routine as well. Theoretically, during the last Lunation (Leo/Aquarius), we decided what we were going to *express* (more authenticity) and *invest in* (more value/new priorities), both Self & Community. Now, Virgo-time supports integrating all that you have learned about your core essential nature (Leo) recently, into a new routine and creating a completely new System for living, that will support you better in the here & now. It's time to digest, assimilate & integrate the last 9-months specifically. Also deeply supported this month is acknowledging (and releasing) any *regrets*, mourning any true losses or deaths and deepening your dedication to that which is vital, strong, healthy & evolving (within & around you).
Pre-Harvest *Assessments* (Aug/Sept) always reveal what does or does not support your Physical & Spiritual Selves. Twice a year (Feb/Mar & Aug/Sept), we have to take time out to check in on the Physical Body (Virgo) & Spiritual Being (Pisces). If you're healthy, great! But if you have pushed yourself to the limits, it's time to pull-back and recalibrate. We also have to check in with our Spiritual Being. If your practice is strong and supporting you, great! But if you have neglected your yoga or meditation, silence or sleep, again, this is the best time to recalibrate. This is *pause for maintenance* time, which leads to Libra New Moon (9/24) when *NEW* Relationships & Collaborations will present themselves and you want to be as clean (Virgo) and centered & clear about the vision (Pisces) for your life as possible by then.
With Virgo energy, we can get "stuck" on the little things, lose our perspective and block our own flow. Please understand that doing the tasks that are supported by the energy (ie, get organized, take inventory, clean up & clear out in preparation for working/playing with others in Libra) - doing what is supported - will just make it easier to get things done, as well as facilitate better results, so don't resist the energy at this time. Right now, we are all being asked to take a time-out to Assess, Digest & Assimilate all that has been stirred up in the past 9-months. It is time to Process & Integrate what is working and release that which is not. What - or I should say - Who did you *seed* with the Aries New Moon back in March 2014? Each month has led you to this point and Virgo time always asks the questions:  What is practical? And what can your individual system actually handle and maintain?
Sagittarius First Qtr Moon (9/2) indicates that the first step toward your Virgo New Moon  (8/25) Intentions and has something to do with owning the *new truth* of who you are on a Heart-Level (Leo). Virgo time (Aug-Sept) brings the annual *personal* assessments that will create the new *system* to support the "new you" that you discovered during the last month in Leo, so this whole month is basically about creating a new routine for your new Self. Use this week to activate the new routine, be hopeful & optimistic but most of all, be fired up about Life and future possibilities. Our guidance for this week reminds us that Fire needs a proper container & guide to be useful and we should always be attuned to the Elements (which also keeps coming up) and how they work and affect our lives. Fire Father says, " order to remain successful, in addition to staying consciously attuned, he must balance the fiery part of himself with the other major elements: Earth, Wind and Water. Connection with these elements - EARTH for grounding; WIND for rational thinking; WATER for emotional commitment - will both fan and temper his flames." I think Fire Father represents Sag energy really well: "the master of growth, inner development, and increased perception." Use this week's energy for what it is good for and expand the vision of your life (along with taking a tangible step ; -)).
The Pisces Super Full Moon (9/8) brings an Annual opportunity to *Release* any/all illusions/delusions about who you are or how you're living. At this time, more than ever, your Inner Truth must *match* your Outer Reality ~ we are encouraged to be *congruent*. In other words, those who are most in-alignment within & without ~ those who are living Authentic lives, are moving through with a relative amount of ease & grace. Please don't confuse this with not having any challenges, loss or disappointment, just that navigating & decision-making is a lot easier when your Private Life and Public Image are congruent. If you are living a life completely contrary to your core essential Nature, then you are probably feeling the energies of change most intensely, but also supremely supported for the integration & wholeness.
Some describe it like going to a lavish party, having a great time (Illusion) and then, unexpectedly, receiving the bill (Reality). We are all "paying" for our own illusions, delusions & denials, to the degree that we each have them (everything is customized for the individual even though these are social & collective energies affecting us all). Anyway, big illusion - big bill, small delusion - small price. Either way, you're accountable so use this Super Full Moon to truly look at that which is being most brightly *Illuminated* for you personally and use the energy to transcend that which has historically held you back.
This Super Full Moon is an opportunity to *Release* all that you discovered is no longer part of the *System* of your life. Upgrades are necessary periodically and this is an *Annual* chance to create space for you to *Integrate* ~ your healing ~ your wholeness ~ your Truth ~ and ultimately your faith in Self & the Universe!! Fears, phobias and unhealthy fantasies, which delude and delay, can now recede with the tide, returning to Gaia/Mother/Source, as She who knows the proper blessing to cleanse & infuse them with the love and light that transforms them in to useful, imaginative ideas and creative solutions that are Based ~ Sourced ~ Rooted ~ within your own unique individual SoulSelf.
This Super Full Moon in Pisces is a potent opportunity to flush your entire system of the past and any toxicity which may be creating blockages in the flow of your life. Pause, assess and decide. The next step will become obvious once you do that. Even the Guidance speaks to the answer being more accessible if you be still and listen for your intuitive guidance, then trust it and act on your own behalf! Virgo/Pisces is all about learning to trust your body (gut instincts) as well as your intuition (inner knowing) but naturally, it becomes a practice throughout your life.
The Gemini Last Qtr Moon (9/15) brings a final push to change your mind, in some way, to align with your heart, or perhaps a change of heart will reveal the logical next step. This month is preparation for Fall Equinox & Libra time, when whoever is magnetized in to your energy field will reflect an aspect of your Self that you have *perfected* over the last 6-months to 1-year ... and conversely, what you may still have to work on a bit. Either way, all your personal, individual work in the last 6-9 months has led to *here* and the Mutable *Thinking & Perceiving* Virgo/Pisces is leading to Cardinal *Action & Choices* of Libra/Aries in the realm of who you are and what you want, in both your public & private relationships. There will be a natural evolution toward radically new & different support systems, relationships, partnerships & collaborations (don't resist who's leaving or coming in, just watch with detachment at first) with the Libra New Moon (9/24). And there will be a natural evolution within you (each individual), as you release that which is no longer really who you are or what you want, to the tune of 20-years, that will be activated by the Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse (10/8). (Your frame of reference for this 19-year lunar cycle is:  The Last Aries/Libra Eclipses + Libra North Node:  1995-1997 and the Last Aries/Libra Eclipses + Aries North Node:  2004-2006.)
As you prepare for your own next level of self-expression and personal work, this week's Guidance indicates that even though you may be processing a lot of thoughts & ideas all at once, you are supported to move in the right direction, if/when you take in to account your "spiritual, loving and physical being." Wind Father suggests a starting point is your own conscience, and offers some relevant questions to reflect on as you consider upcoming decisions. "To discover, utilize & apply his fullest ability, the Wind Father needs to tune in to his conscience. Of the product of his analytical process, he should ask:  Is it safe? Is it good? Is it important? Does it matter? Will it preserve and enhance the Mother Earth? Will it relieve the suffering of humanity?"
In closing, all the Masculine/Father guidance (Divinations) really supports another recurring theme: developing a positive animus within (Divine Masculine) and this goes for both men & women. The way I'm defining Masculine is that aspect of our SoulSelf that guides us to (1) maintain integrity, (2) create the guidelines to follow, (3) maintain proper boundaries, and (4) negotiate on your behalf. These are all things we can cultivate & develop with our evolved consciousness and energetic support of the global shift. Ultimately, Virgo energy is all about being practical, natural & healthy. And somehow, we ALL need to integrate our Masculine/Feminine on one or many levels, and since integration never happens all at once (but is a gradual daily process), Virgo-time gives us support (each year) to stabilize or eliminate something for the sole purpose of strengthening & fortifying our system in general.
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Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 ~ Heart & Soul is Activated & Engaged

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Heart & Soul ~ is being activated within and around us! Leo & Scorpio ~ energies & lessons for all! Leo is your Heart, the lesson of Self-Love and is about knowing & expressing your Authentic Self. Scorpio is your SoulSelf, the lesson of understanding, containing & directing your power, your power to create life, trust your instincts and navigate this world. For the next 4-6 weeks, we have increased access to these energies and the support to animate them anew.
Mars in Scorpio plus all the personal planets animating the Leo energy/lessons, brings a personal challenge to grow and integrate inner & outer, masculine & feminine, and in this case, our Heart & Soul. Additionally, both social planets are engaged as well, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Scorpio, indicating personal decisions have long-range effects on our Truth & Purpose specifically.
This is a time of choice between light & shadow, positive & negative, masculine & feminine ~ we need BOTH, but we need balance & integration to be effective players. If you can stay in the Light, aligned with your Authentic Self and expressing from the Heart, then you will make choices regarding your Truth & Purpose that will support you going forward. If you give in to fear, paralytic dread & powerlessness, then you may experience loss & abuse until you own your power and connect to & honor your Soul's desire.
~ Leo/Fire & Scorpio/Water ~
~ Heart & Soul ~
~ Outer Self & Soul Self ~
~ Authentic Self & Inner Power ~
~ Creative Fire & Creative Flow ~
~ Truth & Purpose (Jupiter & Saturn) ~
~ Inner Masculine & Inner Feminine (Mars & Venus) ~
We need all of the above! We ARE all of the above! This month, these creative forces are at a 90-degree angle to eachother - they are building something together. Square = Test/Growth/Development/Choices/Decisions + out of comfort zone, into new territory. There is a creative solution to ALL the challenges & extremes but we must learn how to balance & use these forces as individuals. This will be our work over the next 4-6 weeks.
7/22 - 8/23 ~ Sun in Leo infuses us every year with some light and energy to touch base with our true heart-of-hearts. Theoretically, we anchor our personal security issues in Cancer so that we are SAFE to be ourselves in the world once we hit Leo. Do you love who you are and do you feel safe being yourself wherever you go?
7/26 ~ Moon in Leo happens once a month, so you can work it on a micro-level within your regular monthly routine. However, the New Moon in Leo only happens once a year and gives you added energy & juju to set new intentions around your magnetics ~ what you magnetize and what you repel, just by be being YOU. How can you do that a NEW way and present a newly anchored/integrated aspect of Self to the world?
7/31 - 8/15 ~ Mercury, like our minds, moves very quickly through the zodiac, slowing down 3-4 times a year for a retrograde (which extends its stay in a particular Sign/Element). In Leo, it is an activation of your creative expression. It's about expressing or communicating something from the heart, in a dramatic & inspiring way! However, the Shadow of that is arrogance, a need to be "right" and disinterest in how you are received. That said, you may also reflect on July/Aug 2012 and what creative ideas came up then because that is the last extended stay in Leo and probably left an impression.
8/12 -9/5 ~ Venus in Leo activates your sense of Self-Worth in love, finances and social situations. Venus, as it travels through the zodiac (which takes 18-months) illuminates the values & priorities of the time. In this case, it is fun, sex, games, theatre, drama, passion & copious amounts of creative fire needing both containers and free-range outlets (that are safe). This is the time to align with your own Heart, and determine what kind of fun you can bring to the party, as well as who else you want at your party to play with. If you're struggling, like many are, to create new social settings and be part of groups that better reflect your Inner Artist, then this is the time to set your intentions.
7/25 - 9/13 ~ Mars in Scorpio brings a sort-of ‘final exam’ post 8-months in Libra! We’ve been recalibrating the Masculine/Feminine dynamic (Dec 2013 - July 2014), exploring new ways of expressing 'who we are' and 'what we want', with a special focus on how we relate with others, both personal & professional. As Mars now moves thru Scorpio, your Soul weighs in and tests you AND your relationships. Imbalances (within or with others) will be glaring & obvious and must be corrected or things simply will not work. We are definitely working on Higher Will/Lower Will issues; how you use and express power to get what you want out of life. Mars connects with Saturn in Scorpio on August 25th (once-in-28-yrs/last: 1984) to conceive a new Reality that better reflects who you are/what you want, on a Soul Level ~ Here & Now.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

*LEO* 2014 ~ Solar & Lunar Guidance

MONTHLY *SOLAR* GUIDANCE: As the Sun moves in to Leo (7/22 - 8/23), it activates the *Annual* Check-In with your Heart & Authentic Self, are you being true to YOU? and expressing your unique *Light & Brilliance* ~ from the inside out? Leo energy activates your Self-Love/Self-Worth issues. As you discover your unique strengths & gifts, it becomes your responsibility to share them with the Community to which you belong. There is an old idea that "whatever's inside comes out" (especially under external pressures) ... so if you are full of Love & Light, then a generosity of Spirit comes out ... if you are full of Fear & Doubt, then obstacles and blockages come out.  What's inside you? in your true heart-of-hearts? Now more than ever, we must be congruent with our Inner & Outer Natures in order to thrive & evolve. If we are "serving two masters" (or incongruent on one or many levels) ~ having the private side of your nature be too drastically different from that which you present to the world ~ then you're going to have challenges, blockages and delays until you get into more alignment. Leo energy teaches us all how to BE it (your Authentic Self), not just "appear" to be it; it asks that you know who you are (and next month, Virgo will perfect it ;-)). What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun), so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way?
Leo time brings us the Mid-Point between Summer & Fall, activating the Gate of Power as well as the annual Pre-Harvest. It is the time of year when we assess what we can preserve and build on, in time to have a good Harvest come Fall Equinox (9/22) that will then carry us to Winter Solstice (12/21). This time is potent, especially for the *Fixed* Family ... LEO *Initiation* ~ AQUARIUS *Integration*~ TAURUS/SCORPIO *Test/Growth*.  This time of year, every year, is considered the time of 'pre-harvest' and it is a celebration, as well as an early assessment of all that you, the individual, has been able to create or contribute. It is time to assess and celebrate how far you have come, how much you have manifested and your overall progress for this year so far. This is where you are, at a crossroads or turning point, when depending on your harvest, it is time to plan the next leg of your journey. Using Leo's heart-centered faith & confidence, as well as child-like joy & hope, you will radiate light and magnetize all that you need, desire & deserve!
An added, expanding element is Jupiter moving in to Leo (7/16) for the first time in 12-years!! This will expand & illuminate the lesson of courage, authenticity and deep self-love. When you're connected and truly love your Self, it is easy to give/receive and share/attract LOVE! When you operate from a confident, strong center, rather than insecure ego, you radiate LOVE and magnetize a similar (loving/confident) energy to you. Collectively, when you love and take care of your community, it can come together and create new, innovative structures & institutions which actually serve & support the needs of the people in the here & now. Your community can be free to grow, thrive & prosper, handling each blessing, as well as each challenge, that comes along. Cancer brought us out of the first quadrant of survival issues & basic needs to more of the individuation process (Leo) when we tend to focus more on asserting ourselves and integrating all that we learned in the last quarter. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun represents your Source - your inner Light - and all that you have come to create & contribute to the community (Aquarius). Leo energy helps you expand the concept of who you are and what you are capable of, not to mention the value of the energy & service you provide to the community. Jupiter in Leo will teach us that we can ALL be free, when we ALL do our part.
MONTHLY *LUNAR* GUIDANCE: This month supports purging, purifying & stabilizing on multiple levels. An added, expanding element is Jupiter moving in to Leo (7/16) for the first time in 12-years!! So my Fixed Babies (and the Fixed areas of the rest of our charts) are up for a familiar *evolution* ~ LEO = Self-Love, Magnetism, Courage to be Authentic Self, Rooted/Sourced in the Heart & Radiant Creativity (among many other things and Shadow = ego & looking like something rather than 'being' it). So, while ALL of us will benefit from this infusion of fun, expansive, creative energy, my Fixed Babies will feel it the most intensely. This month's Lunation is our introduction to how it will feel on a *personal* level and the Divinations are AMAZINGLY specific & supportive!! The other thing that this entire year of Jupiter in Leo is activating & awakening us to - has to do with the next Venus Cycle (June 2015), whose theme will be LEO. Again, that will make it *personal* for us and this is preliminary groundwork. Jupiter is going to illuminate & expand ALL Leo concepts for a once-in-12-year Birthing of a New, more Authentic & Heart-Centered, Truth & Story.
The *LEO* New Moon (7/26) is annual *Initiation* of the New YOU! on a core, essential level.  It is time to reconnect with your Heart and begin to tap into the courage to live Authentically, here and now.  It's time to have 'Faith' in what you personally are here to express, this lifetime. Use this month to connect to a completely NEW way of expressing your true Self and the infinite creativity that wants to come through you. HINT:  Start with the Heart! What do you LOVE to experience? to express)?
The *SCORPIO* First Qtr Moon (8/3) which brings the first step ~ up and in to a new level of power for you. You are literally conceiving a New YOU! one that gets an annual makeover this time every year, but add Jupiter and bigger themes, tests & triumphs expand the possibilities in potent ways. Often, to move in new directions, a sacrifice or ending has to happen first. Make sure that your Soul and your Heart are communicating, then the new realms you may soon find yourself working & playing in, will be rich & rewarding. That said, the rewards will be equal to what to you believe you are worth; the sense of passionate purpose will be equal to how authentic & creative you can be, naturally. Scorpio represents Soul Level/Raw Truth, so this week may bring your breaking point, in that, you can no longer continue to 'go along to get along'. You will be forced to honor your Soul Self and take a brave step into the Unknown ... trusting your Heart and your own instincts! A deeper commitment to daily/ongoing (6th House) focus or active practice (Leo Sun) will set you up better, for living the Highest Truth (9th House) of your Soul (Scorpio Moon). This will enable you to express more Light and magnetize more beauty & abundance, and ultimately benefit from Jupiter's 1-year stay.
The Lunar/Sacred Season ~ *LEO* Gate of Power/Cross Qtr (8/7) is about *PRESERVING* what is growing strong, solid, useful and nourishing ... while releasing density, weight & excess to be composted in to something more useful in the season to come. It's a time of gratitude & celebration, in anticipation of the Fall Equinox season of Harvest. Some call this the Pre-Harvest. You can get a jump-start on assessing the year if you've completed your "clearing & releasing" process. If not, this is the final *purge* in preparation for the Harvest Season. Artemis, Goddess of Moon & Hunt is also associated with this Sacred Season and supports us this season to drop deep in to our Hearts (Leo) to connect with what we really love, and renew our dedication to that. It's time to position your Self for an expanded perspective at this time. Explore your options with fresh eyes! Allow your instincts to guide you on your Path and Trust the Divine Feminine within & around you, that She will *contain, nurture and protect* all life, now and always. Artemis reminds us to honor that which sustains us and to always aim your magical arrow at only the most precious dreams, your deepest heart's desire.
The *AQUARIUS* Super Full Moon (8/10) is the second of three in a row, flushing your systems of any residue of your former Self. No matter who you are, we have all been *upgraded* in a sense, rebirthed on multiple levels and we're only now beginning to truly assimilate 'The Shift of 2012' on a personal/individual level. It's time to make the connection between Head & Heart, between your Soul and your Personality and get them congruent, on the same team and working together for your greater good. Jupiter's once-in-12-year addition allows you a huge upgrade to your consciousness. Leo/Aquarius energy/lesson is all about learning who you are as a unique individual and then determining where you can contribute the most, to the collective community ... just be being your Self and loving who you are! This Super Full Moon has added *juju* to help you release anything blocking the full potential of embodying your essential nature and contributing your unique gift to the Collective. It's time to activate your most heart-centered, authentic Self & release all ego-attachment, self-righteousness, denial & rigidity.
You are deeply supported to release all that is no longer "truth" for you, on all levels. Begin the process of integrating these amazing new aspects you've recently discovered (or recovered) about your Self and HONOR who you have worked so hard to become! As you integrate on this new level, your ego may struggle against the shift. These inner urges (the ego) should be handled with strength & firmness, yet NOT repressed & broken or we lose power & potency to survive & make our way in life. As you allow both Spirit & ego to co-exist, assigning them both tasks best suited to their skills (and nature), you will discover your Authentic Self & Unique Gift. Often, we don't express the authenticity that would enable us to create fulfilling lives. It's time to practice being authentic, honoring your nature & sharing your gifts, until it's automatic. You can & will survive all the humiliations & defeats, and ultimately, emerge stronger, more vibrant and alive!
The *TAURUS* Last Qtr Moon (8/17) may bring some results or rewards of your recent labors, but ultimately, it is about evaluating what is sustainable for you, and what is not. Last Qtr Moon pulls your focus inward, to personally *feel* what needs to be further cultivated, and what needs to be released altogether. It's time to question the worth & value of what's in front of you at this time. Will it create more stability or chaos for you? and which would be more useful? It also demands that you do this processing in your BODY, literally, physically. If you've done all of the above Leo Self-Work of rebirthing your identity and who you are in the world, then this is the time to establish the base or foundation of that New YOU. Taurus' aspect of the base has to do with food, sex & money ~ our literal security needs and where any famine may be growing. What are you starving/thirsting/yearning for? Start there and add it to the new identity *brew*. The Guidance below reminds us of the value of balancing & activating the Elements in our lives & bodies (and planet). Essentially, YOU are the center-point, then you have Above & Below, Four Directions & Elements to work with:  Fire/South (your spirit), Water/West (your emotions), Wind/East (your intellect), Earth/North (your body).

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

*GEMINI* 2014 ~ Solar & Lunar Guidance

MONTHLY *SOLAR* GUIDANCE: As the Sun moves into Gemini, *Illuminates & Infuses* our ideas & thoughts, which are then *communicated* through our body language, our actual language/words, our energetic field (aura), our movements & sounds ~ ALL express something from within. We have both conscious & unconscious communication. I often play with the concept of an Inner Twin. Here's how it works: consider your own Sun, Moon & Rising Signs, and then go research their exact opposites. Aries/Libra ~ Taurus/Scorpio ~ Gemini/Sag ~ Cancer/Capricorn ~ Leo/Aquarius ~ Virgo/Pisces are the polarities. You will find a more balanced strength & inner knowing once you more fully understand your natural opposite.
Using this month's energetic support, consider all that you have accomplished with both the Aries (3.30.2014) and the Taurus Eclipse (4.29.2014) New Moons, then move in to *Present* Moment. If you anchored your Identity (Aries) and your Priorities (Taurus), then Gemini (5.28.2014) says, "It's decision time!" Based on the new revelations & integrations, choices will have to be made so you are in a better position to accommodate the new energies and master your NEW Rhythm. Be sure to dream forward ~ old dreams must be fired up with renewed lifeforce or released altogether. You're in very new territory, look around for resources & support nearby and explore new ways to use the support & resources you already have, in fresh, new ways. This is an *Annual* Activation for everyone, but for the *Mutable* Family, it can be more intense & personal ~ Gemini *Initiation* ~ Sagittarius *Integration* ~ Virgo/Pisces *Test/Growth*.
This month's Guidance took on a life of its own and we got two cards instead of the usual one. Perfect for Gemini that wants to honor both sides of everything! I pulled *Clarity* and *Many Tongues* jumped out. This is the challenge of NOW, the Field of Possibilities is wide open and there are more choices than ever before. Your Heart ends up being your true Inner Compass, the part of you that knows you best and will always choose for your Highest Good. When the Heart signs off on whatever choice/decision you're having to make, then you know you are operating from 'clarity'. However, if you allow your Mind to make the final choice/decision, often that *feels* divided within.   
Post-2012 is a clean slate, particularly where consciousness, knowledge & information are concerned. It's time think in radically new ways, this is beyond a rebirth of consciousness, this is altogether NEW consciousness that may take some longer than others to grasp and integrate fully. In the meantime, use this time, along with the support of the Summer Retrogrades, to turn within, take some time-outs and assess how far you've come, as well as the direction you're headed.
MONTHLY *LUNAR* GUIDANCE: This month supports process & assimilation exercises. What have you learned or discovered? that you now need to integrate as a true, earned *knowing*. If you do not integrate the changes you've been through, the choices you've made, the knowledge you've learned & the wisdom you've earned, then they never convert from ideas-to-bricks in a Base that supports you (of your own creation). Many will stay in 'overwhelm' or go even deeper at this point because this much information, that does NOT get filed or deleted, WILL overwhelm the system. Gemini time is a good time to review & explore the ideas, concepts & perceptions that have been revealed over the last 3-6-9-12 months. It's good to review last month's advice, because you'll need it again NEXT month (Cancer) when the 'fundamentals' are UP again. Now it will be about which of these ideas will nourish, support & protect you going forward. Choose ideas that have life & vitality, choose ideas that *feel* right from your Heart-Center, choose ideas that expand your life, rather than limit it. SIMPLIFY, PRIORITIZE & RE-DISTRIBUTE YOUR ENERGY/RESOURCES.    
The Pisces Last Qtr Moon (5/21) may be challenging you to get up and out of your comfort zone. Life and the World are beckoning and you may rather hit the 'snooze' button but I don't recommend it. Instead, take that same time to be still and invite the *Vision* for the day/week and as that clarifies, then you start moving. Tend to the most pressing items first and then go with the flow for the rest of the week. It is time to surrender some aspect of your Being and the instructions for what's next will come with next week's Gemini New Moon.
This leads to the Gemini New Moon (5/28) which is really the outcome of Gemini/Sag Eclipses 3-years ago (2010-2013). Those Eclipses carried us over the threshold of 2012 and NOW ~ we can make sense of it all and begin to activate some radically NEW ways of thinking, learning & expressing. How we process info and what we allow IN - now that the Field is Infinitely Open - forces us to rely on our own filters, boundaries & systems for living. It is time to live your own Truth, within the context of the larger, collective Truth. Gemini always activates the lesson of CHOICE, and now that we have so many choices, some more than others, we have to have a way of making the best choices for Self. The way to do that is to strengthen & fortify the *Head/Heart* Connection: allow the Head to present the variety of choices and the possibilities therein, then proceed to the Heart to sign off on what *FEELS* True & Right for YOU, personally. Anything good for YOU, is usually good for ALL. Think with your feelings!
The Virgo First Qtr Moon (6/5) totally supports the current assimilation process going on due to all the retrogrades, eclipses and rare, potent planetary alignments. As Above, So Below. What humans are directed to do is tend to the physical body, the vehicle that protects you as you navigate Earth. Virgo has to do with the systems for living, natural timing, the rhythm of life and of balancing being a Spirit in a physical body. We have to know ourselves, our natural rhythms as well as our natural limitations. These limitations shouldn't make you feel 'less than' but show you your own boundaries. Virgo is all about being practical and dealing with what's physically in front of you, no matter how stinky or scary it may be (think: Nurse Archetype). This week you prepare, assess & integrate what you can because next week, the Sag Full Moon will shine a bright light on that which is/isn't Truth for you.
The Sagittarius Full Moon (6/13) is exactly one year since the last Sag Eclipse (5.25.2013) in a series of 9 and you may feel like you've spent at least a year just clearing out that which no longer reflects your personal Truth. We are completely supported to pull back and process what is being illuminated at this time. The Summer Retrogrades are rolling in, Mercury included, whose primary purpose this go-round is to help you *Think with your Heart*. Also, this is the third of the *3* High Moons ~ the Lunations which usher in the Spring Festivals each year as life is renewed. They are as follows: Aries New/Libra Full Moon, Taurus New/Scorpio Full Moon & Gemini New/Sagittarius Full Moon. There are many cultures & belief systems that refer to these Full Moons in particular, which *AWAKEN* the life force energy (Aries/Libra), *Awaken* the Christ nature of unconditional love & acceptance, then *Awaken* the Buddha nature of compassion & forgiveness (Taurus/Scorpio), and finally, *Awaken* the wisdom & understanding that comes (Gemini/Sagittarius) every year, when all life, on a cellular level, is activated to seed & renew Life.

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