Monday, December 20, 2010

*Winter* Solstice 2010 Celebration

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Hi All ~ I am so excited to celebrate the New Year with YOU! Whether you can physically participate or not, we always hold you in the Circle. In fact, MANY of you are already planning Sacred Ceremony around the world. There are all kinds of meditations and celebrations scheduled and the energies are really incredible because of converging cycles and rare planetary alignments, this year and next in particular (2010-2011). To that end, most of the *FREE* calls are geared toward the cycles and astrology of the time, however, we have *8* Sacred Seasons and *Winter* Solstice *INITIATES* the New Year and signals the Return of the Light! So this is more of a Sacred time and we are moving in to a space where our ways & means of *communication* are changing. Linear is tough. Heart-Centered is all that works these days. I want to invite you to share in our Solstice Celebration ~ which has evolved over the last 3 years. Together, we will honor the guidance, anchor our intentions and surrender to the *First* Step ... on the New *Path* of 2011.

We are honored to have Kathie Giove, a gifted artist & intuitive, joining us to close the Circle. If you feel called to submit a question regarding a symbol or dream, Kathie will pick one or two to interpret the message and decipher any Universal wisdom for us all to benefit from. She will also tune in to the energies and her guides and bring us other guidance for embarking on the New Year. Some of the things that have been mentioned so far are ... *heightened* sensitivity (sense when to be open or not) ~ fear of loss (visualize new forms) ~ powerlessness (liberation to shift your focus) ~ people have been having *wild* dreams bringing these issues in to the Light, and there are other ways to interpret the messages. Sometimes it's a warning, but sometimes it's guidance for the next step. Kathie is great at this!
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Fall Equinox / September 2010 brought *2* Aries Full Moons, *Initiating* everyone to (at minimum) the next 6-months (to Spring Equinox 2011) of Full Moons at their final degrees, which are pushing the *Individual* each month to recognize, release and recalibrate ~ in preparation for ~ many more *major* Initiations coming soon. This was a delicious opportunity to clear the last 20-years (or more) and prepare space for a completely *NEW* Individual, Social and Collective *IDENTITY*. Now, we are coming up on Gemini Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse (3 of 6) which is also *Initiating* a major cycle last seen 2001-2003 (w. Gemini N Node) and 1991-1994 (w. Sag N Node). We can use the next 6-12 weeks (Winter Solstice to Spring Equinox 2011) to consciously course-correct aspects of our lives related to Gemini/Sagittarius. We are being asked to release the old, stale ideas, belief systems and stories and cultivate more vibrant, diverse, life-affirming stories which preserve and promote *LIFE*. When one rises, we all rise. It is time. Try to get out under the sky if possible, whether you can see the Eclipse or not, you can *infuse* your Being with the energy and vibration of this Full Moon that bathes and prepares your mind-body-soul connection to better assimilate the *Initiation* of Winter Solstice ~ a Clean Slate. New Beginning. 0* Capricorn / New Reality is seeded, simply through your focus ~ whether 5-minutes or 5-hours ~ it's the *quality* of your focus that matters. Take some time on your own to clarify what you've released with 2010 and what you're initiating with 2011. To simplify, use Dec 20th to *Complete/Release* (past) and Dec 21st to *Initiate/Anchor* (future) and be *PRESENT* the whole time!


The other thing worth mentioning at this time is that we will experience the Lunar Eclipse, a brilliant time to release old thought patterns and lifeless stories ... and then about *16* hours later, we have the brand New Beginning of *Winter* Solstice, when we seed our (Capricorn) reality for the coming year. Based on all that is stable and worthy, we expand on what we birthed in 2010 ... while that which has not taken root or proven sustainable, must be released so your individual resources can be redirected more efficiently. This is the time to plant your seeds that will quicken by *Spring* Equinox and fully bloom by *Summer* Solstice 2011.

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*Winter* Solstice ~~ Initiates the Solar year and welcomes the Return of the Light. Things appear dormant on the surface, however, much life is developing beneath the surface ~ in preparation for Spring. Still a time of relative darkness and limited mobility, you are most supported for working behind the scenes, communing with other realms, honoring darkness and silence and receiving information, nourishment and replenishment with a clear intention of strengthening yourself for soon-to-come action and forward movement. Next Season is a little more 'mental' but this Sacred Season is about what you *feel* on the deepest levels and creating space to move from that Center within ... out in to the world to be a useful and dynamic participant in Life. This is the time of year to set your intentions for what you want to create, within your own Being and out in the world through good works. It's time to strategize about the future, while building on what is solid and worthy. It's time to take the past year's 'fruits of your labor' and put them to good use. It's time to get serious and practical about what you want and create a plan for success.
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*WINTER* Solstice ~ 2010
TUES/December 21, 2010
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sagittarius 2010 ~ Activating Your *NEW* Truth & Purpose

Activating Your *NEW* Truth & Purpose

To move into true spiritual power
requires an INTERNAL discipline -
to sit each day with ourselves,
to renew our behavior and choices,
and develop consciousness.

~ Caroline Myss, Author ~

Sagittarius energy launches a personal and global Spiritual Quest to create a life that reflects our Highest Truth. There are some incredibly powerful shifts affecting everyone this month and next. It is vital that I remind you of the planetary support we all have access to at this time as it is more than the usual "shifts" - we are ALL AT A MAJOR LIFE CROSSROADS!

Sagittarius requires us to take a moment to make meaning out of all the information we have gathered over the last 6mo - 2yr. And last month, Scorpio energy brought some very real, deeply buried issues to the surface and further revealed what is truly ending, complete and finished in your life. The reason for this is the end-of-an-era energy going on at this time. We really are ending some HUGE cycles, personally and globally, and beginning completely NEW ones. There is no more postponing, putting on the back-burner, avoiding, burying, or sweeping under the rug - basically, there is no more rug - no more cover! Not to totally negate free will and choice, you must remember that you can run but you can't hide (from Self) so you can "choose" to postpone or face things once and for all and move freely, LIGHTER, to the next level. It is time to subjugate your ego to that of higher, Divine Will.

If you find that things are dis-integrating in your life, keep in mind that some things have to "break" to heal correctly and re-integrate stronger. Many people are experiencing career change, relationships ending, income streams shifting, health issues popping up (or getting worse), please know that it truly is Divine Order. You are changing, growing, evolving, and when YOU change - everyone (and everything) else around you must shift too (or go away, even temporarily). These are "growing pains" or "labor pains" you are feeling and while they may seem unbearable in the moment, it is not a permanent condition. You are in the VOID - between the old and the new - where you have to focus - you have to breathe - and be present, keeping in mind the most optimistic possible outcome because if you give in to the fear, you only create more pain, more challenges & more karma to clear.

When you catch yourself giving in to the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and gravitating toward the worst-case scenarios, it can be infinitely effective to immediately correct those thoughts with the Highest outcome you can possibly imagine in that moment. My thinking is, if we are in a space where "anything can happen" - which I believe we are - then why not only connect to the miracles? Why can't that "anything" be fantastic rather than horrible? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? It is your choice. But know this, it is an infinitely creative time - WHATEVER you think or imagine is instantly created and eventually (sooner or later) manifested.

Sagittarius time is the time in between the end (of the old) and the beginning (of the new), in between the invisible (Scorpio) and the visible (Capricorn) energies, where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to believe in your Self and the Universe (faith). (Next month we move in to Capricorn where we begin to make the vision tangible and the physical work begins.) Sag asks everyone to reconsider their definition of Truth, Faith and Purpose. We are being presented with a tremendous OPPORTUNITY (Jupiter) the whole month of December. One month is scant time to free your mind of limitations, detach from appearances and focus ONLY on the Highest possible outcomes you can imagine (to any issue / problem / goal / objective). There are some powerful planetary shifts which are opening gateways to energy allowing us to readily connect to the Infinite Source of all creation. Take advantage of this time!!

Sagittarius 2010 ~ Next Step is *FAITH*

The Next Step is FAITH

Most of the change we think we see in life
is due to 'truths' being IN and OUT of favor.
~ Robert Frost, Poet ~

This month's theme is:
As represented by
and 9th House.

Expansion Requires Conscientiousness
Information Requires Wisdom

Scorpio brought some very real, very heavy duty stuff to the surface for most people. That kind of deep, energetic-shift is the catalyst for the *Spiritual Quest* energy of Sag. Sagittarius is the adventurer and researcher of the zodiac, curious about the deeper meaning of all things and cultivating Truth. Since we know all seeds germinate in the darkness, where Scorpio's magic breathes life in to Taurus' Garden, we now encounter the most vital part of the process ... Sag's unwavering FAITH ... faith in the process that leads to Capricorn's tangible Earthly results (form).

With all this transition and energy to integrate, we have so much to be grateful for, and a small window to connect to the Infinite possibilities (one month in this context). It is time to free your mind, allow your imagination to be free, tune in to Sag's fiery, passionate energy for The Quest: for knowledge, for meaning and Truth. What story do you want to tell? What contribution do you want to make during this pivotal point in history? How often have you 'wondered' what the world would be like if everyone would do their part for their own development ~ AS WELL AS ~ do their part for the community to which they belong?

If you are having a hard time getting in the Spirit of 'imagining a new world', the "I-Wonder" method is very effective. As Caroline W. Casey would say, "Believe nothing, entertain possibilities!" If you struggle with believing or having faith, then don't 'believe' ... just allow your Self to WONDER. Here are few starters, then make up some of your own.

"I Wonder" ... what my life would be like if I did what I LOVE and loved what I do?
"I Wonder" ... what my life would be like if I was in a loving, reciprocal relationship?
"I Wonder" ... what my life would be like if I was completely debt-free and connected to Infinite *FLOW* ~ cash flow, creative flow and energetic flow?
"I Wonder" ...

This is your opportunity to tap that part of your consciousness, bring some ideas that you have buried over the years back to the surface, dust them off and see if there are any remaining components worthy of a renewed investment.

Think ahead ...
•What are the needs of the short and long-term future?
•What are the needs for you as an individual? for us all as a collective?
•How can you contribute to this evolution?
•What has meaning for you?
•What gets you excited or outraged and motivated to action?

Pick something near and dear to your heart, something you want to be a part of and start there. Even if you get there and things are not what you thought they'd be, it may be leading you somewhere else, useful and relevant to your journey. You can hear your MIND out on ideas and concepts, but choose your course of action based on the *response* of your HEART. You're in new territory on many levels at once. Tune in to the spirit of adventure, rather than the fear of the unknown. We have expanded beyond previous parameters and there is no going back, so it is time to chart your course FROM HERE & NOW. Enjoy this time because, trust me, the Capricorn WORK is right around the corner.

Sagittarius time gives you PERMISSION to expand out to the far reaches of the Universe, cast the net of aspiration and see what you make it back with by month's end. Whatever is delicious and nourishing, useful and relevant and solid enough to build on, is what you begin the next leg of your journey with.

If you made it this far (if you "Wonder"), perhaps you will go a little further and imagine all that you need, desire and deserve *is and always will be* provided so you are free to CO-CREATE & SERVE! Remember FEELING is how we bring things in to the 3-D, so tune in to your HEART and FEEL this new level of existence, as well as the next step.

Sagittarius 2010 ~ Aspire to a *NEW* Truth & Story

Aspire to a *NEW* Truth & Story

Too many people are thinking of security
instead of opportunity.
They seem to be more afraid of life
... than they are of death!

~ James F Byrnes, Govt Official ~

If you truly aspire to a *NEW* Truth, then a *NEW* Story will unfold organically. It helps to read the cues from the Universe and face your own Truth so that you can consciously *aspire* to something greater. Then your Higher Self begins to assist and molecules begin to move. Last month, Scorpio dug it up, this month, Sag will help you make *meaning* out of the revelations of the last 1-6-12 months. Sagittarius is the most spiritual of all the energies. Among many other complex things, it represents wisdom, higher learning and exploration. Gemini, Sag's opposite represents *information* and how we gather along the way; Sag represents *wisdom* and how we making meaning out of the info gathered. This is the energy of learning all about new philosophies and ways of life.

At this time, you are in the unique position of being awake and conscious during a global shift, and you can now CHOOSE the Truth you would like your life to be/express. You are ready to take things to the next level with your spiritual development and learning. This is about expansion and growth, going beyond where you are now. That requires a certain amount of trust, which comes when you're connected to your Spirit and your Truth. This whole year has been preparing everyone to live in some completely new (and sometimes totally foreign) ways. Now, you have direct access to this energy and this month, you have a chance to add your "intent" to what the Universe is cooking up. Don't wait for things to happen TO you - connect to what will make your life have more meaning and expand your horizons and EXPECT things to happen FOR you!

This energy comes on the heels of Scorpio's excavation of Soul. Some heavy truths were revealed, for better or worse. Now, Sag gives you the opportunity to make meaning out of the information coming to the surface. Whatever has come to the surface in your life at this time (in the last 6mo-2yr) - ask your Self is it TRUTH for you (here and now today)? It turns out that many things, especially as we enter this new energy / new frequency, are simply no longer true. It does not totally invalidate them, or negate their value, it is just that what WAS true in the past is no longer true in the present, nor will it be of any use in the future.

· What did you learn on your journey thru the dark night of the soul?
· What do you want your Truth to be?
· How can all that struggle and sacrifice bring you closer to your ideal?
· What can be improved upon at this juncture?

Scorpio dug it all up, now Sag gives you an opportunity to tell a *NEW* story. This is the time you can dream big, expand your mind releasing all (perceived) limitations and see what comes up. It is time to question many long-held truths and beliefs which will not serve you on this next leg of your journey. One month is scant time, indulge yourself at this time and allow your Self ONE MONTH to consciously practice connecting with the Highest ideals for your life, environment and community. Really stretch!! It is so true, until you can actually picture it - VIVIDLY - in your mind's eye / your imagination - you will have a hard time manifesting it - whatever it is. And when you add feeling/emotion to the *thoughts*, and it will manifest even quicker. Practice *feeling* your desires as if you've attained them. What would it feel like to have your deepest heart's desire come in to being? Practice. Familiarize your Self with the feeling that you're exploring. Allow your Self the creative visualization time. (Next month, Capricorn will help you ground it and form a strategy for making the vision tangible, for now, just dream as big as possible!)

When working with this energy (and that includes Sagittarius, Jupiter and 9th House issues), you want to think outside the box - think BIG!! It's hard for most people to think big because their inner dialogue is usually, "I don't have the time or the money or the whatever-it-may-be". Release that JUST for today (just for an hour) and imagine that you have ALL THE MONEY AND TIME IN THE WORLD - EVERYTHING ~ is provided and taken care of ... now what would you do with your time, energy and resources? THAT'S Sagittarius energy - it's fiery, passionate, enthusiastic, go-for-it energy. So for this month, even if it's only on paper, THINK BIG!!

One of the things that will help you in connecting to this energy also is being in nature. When you cannot get to a place in nature, then put on an ocean or rain CD (or any soothing nature sounds). If not, then use your imagination and take time to go to a place that gives you peace and meditate there until you feel completely peaceful and then start writing things down that you'd like to do, be or have. The Sag energy is about being so enthusiastic about a philosophy that you become it and express it and you actually become a larger presence because of your enthusiasm for it, expanding your own and others' horizons. It's time to walk-the-walk and actually LIVE YOUR TRUTH ... in action, word and deed.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

SCORPIO 2010 ~ Embrace the Unknown & Expect Miracles

Embrace the Unknown & Expect Miracles
Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.
Only through experience of trial and suffering
can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared,
ambition inspired, and success achieved.
- Helen Keller -

*SCORPIO* time reminds us to ... "be ever-mindful of the cues the Universe is giving you."

Now that we are entering Scorpio time, in addition to several very rare planetary alignments, more than ever we are being called to believe in that which we cannot see. The "cues from the Universe" are increasing with the current Scorpio energy of karma and creation.

If you tune in, which is simply the act of being still and quiet, you will receive guidance you may not have ever realized was available to you. This is the time of year when the veil is thinnest between the visible and invisible worlds. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity is the personification of this principle. All seeds germinate in the darkness - under the surface (Scorpio) before they break through that real or perceived top layer of "soil" to manifest and blossom in the physical realm (Taurus) of your current reality. This is the time of year when you have ready access to ancestral (and astral) help. I have said for some time now, that due to the unprecedented planetary shifts, we can no longer rely on "human help" as we may like to, or have historically done. Invisible help is much more readily available and even more effective. This month, call on your angels, ancestors and guides as they are waiting only for your invitation. They cannot help if you do not ask or invite their assistance.

You will encounter more endings this month as your Path is cleared for the new energy to more fully exist in your daily reality. (Your old reality cannot support nor sustain this powerful new energy coming in.)

·You may notice things that used to work, no longer work for you
·You may notice people leaving your Path (for a myriad of reasons) who may or may not ever return
·You may notice you are being forced to face and actually deal with some very dark, repressed parts of your Soul
·You may notice your new Path solidifying as the old Path dissolves behind you
·You may notice initial fear, which will force you to surrender to the process (which is unfolding whether you think you are ready or not)

You will find that if you do NOT surrender, your Path will be that much more challenging and dark. Do not for one moment allow this blanket of darkness hold you hostage, that is not the point of this energy. The point of this energy is to allow the natural process of creation to occur. You can plant the seeds, you can nurture the seeds, but you cannot force or hasten them to grow. Everything develops in due course (and in Divine Time and Order). But always remember that if you do not plant the seeds and if you do not nurture them, then you can GUARANTEE they will not grow. So on faith, you must do your part in the co-creation of this reality, you must be consistent, patient and above all you must plant these seeds with an unwavering KNOWING that they will explode in to reality one day very soon.

This is the time of year you are reminded of your innate power to create your life, on every level. Your thoughts, words, and deeds will manifest with lightning speed and it is your CHOICE whether to surrender to the darkness or to the Light. In every moment, we choose how we are going to respond to whatever person, energy or circumstance is before us. It requires a tremendous amount of personal responsibility to face both the blessings and the challenges of your chosen path. And that is what time it is - time to inhale back your own authority to make decisions for your own life; to assume total responsibility for the choices you have made thus far; to own the responsibility of shifting your personal direction (if need be); as well as assuming total responsibility for faithfully staying the course which resonates most deeply within YOUR Soul.

So often we humans are gifted at holding on to all the negative people and circumstances. This is an opportunity for you to acknowledge ALL THE BLESSINGS you have attracted, manifested and created from your positive thoughts, words and deeds. It is a powerful affirmation to recognize and honor that goal which you set some time ago and now are clearly amidst its manifestation. YOU DID THAT!! You brought it in to existence. That is a powerful gift you can give your Self that will create more momentum than you can imagine for further creating all that you need, desire and deserve. So as you are "clearing karmic debris" in order to plant more seeds of wonder, recognize the little blossoms which you have carefully cultivated and brought in to being. Honor the blessings you have attracted in to your life and environment, for they are many. And putting your thoughts on these blessings, focusing with powerful feeling & intention, will attract even more to come in to focus for you, broadening your vision.

This Scorpio time, more than any recent year, is about taking that GIANT STEP FORWARD ... in to the unknown! We are wrapping up another Venus Cycle, 2004 & 2012, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone (it only happens every 140+ years), redefining our values and resources individually, socially and collectively. We are on the back-side of this cycle, where do you want to end up come 2012? You are the one who determines what the next leg of this journey is going to be like for yourself. This is your "clean slate" - your chance to really co-create your reality anew. Just do the work - seeds germinate in the darkness and sometimes you cannot actually, physically see the growth (and progress) but that does not mean it is not happening. You must still tend to your creation faithfully and when it does begin to sprout, nurture it to full development. It is your responsibility to nurture and protect what you create. Everyone is at different stages of this ... some of us are still gathering compost - really digging deep and clearing karmic debris; some of us have cleared our karmic debris and have started building; and yet others are directing their energy to sustain what they've created and which is thriving.

How much have you already cleared?
How much have you already created?
What is the next step in your current evolution?

This year, Venus (values/priorities) is Retrograding through Scorpio/Libra, indicating that we all need to review how we direct our power within relationships, what our motivations are for relating with others and what we are willing to commit to. The last time Venus Retrograded through Scorpio was 2002, which is worth reflecting on what *transformations* occurred since then, as well as any gifts suppressed since then. This month, we have a chance to plant the seeds of our heart's desire, especially with both Mars and Venus together throughout Libra and Scorpio, recalibrating Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine within and around us. This suggests to me that before we can truly CREATE (Scorpio) the relationships we deserve and express the truth of who we are, we need a review of what's most vital and important (Venus). Once you get things organized in your own mind and heart: who you are, what you have to offer, your own self-worth, your authentic voice ~ only then, can you create (Scorpio) and/or attract in (Venus) the passionate, reciprocal and balanced interactions you need, desire and deserve, both personally and professionally.

Remember that everything and everyone in your life is a reflection of you and you attracted it in, for better or worse. Do not focus on the negative, as much as acknowledge where you were not clear in your intention so you did not attract what you wanted. And yes, adjust accordingly, but focus primarily on the positive things, people and events you have attracted in for they will fortify you to deal with the rest. As humans, we are prone to holding on to and remembering the negative (pain is a heckuva motivator) but the truth is if you are not using that information to IMPROVE on your circumstance, then it is simply a distraction delaying truth and your good. It’s a new day, and it is time for you to connect to all the strength you can muster, all the good you are capable of, all the truth you can handle (and even some you don’t think you can), all the courage you possess and all the wisdom you have acquired thus far to navigate these choppy waters. You can do it, but you have to "be ever-mindful of the cues the Universe is giving you".

Monday, September 27, 2010

Heart is Essential to ALL Life

Heart is Essential to ALL Life

Only connect!
Only connect the prose and the passion,
and both will be exalted, and
human love will be seen at its height.
Live in fragments no longer.
Only connect.
~ Edward M Forster, Writer ~

LIBRA: Balance Requires Loving Self & Others
ARIES: Independence Requires Responsibility

You can live without many organs, but NOT the HEART! That transcends your physicality and reminds you that NOTHING LIVES WITHOUT HEART! And the overall health of any living thing can be assessed by the strength and health of the heart. Venus, when it rules Libra, reminds us that love really does conquer all and not that mushy, passive stuff ~ I'm talking love the *verb* ~ strong, fierce, passionate love. Love of life; love for the planet; love for your work; love for your family; love you would fight and die for ... love you cannot live without!

Where there is LOVE,
there is LIFE.
~ Gandhi ~
  • How is your heart at this time?
  • Physically, the heart (which sustains your life force) is it healthy and strong at this time?
  • Meta-Physically, the heart of your life's work (which feeds and sustains you and your community) is that in proper working order?
  • This year has been pivotal in planting the seeds of your future. How are things growing in your personal garden?
  • Have you planted things that will grow, evolve and feed one another and, ultimately, feed you and others?
  • Have you planted things that will bear fruit and/or bring beauty in to your world?
  • Or perhaps you just realized you need a garden of your own and have been clearing a patch in your life where you will eventually plant the seeds of your future.

Wherever you are in your personal process, the planetary energies are supporting your evolution and reminding you that nothing you do will ever matter if there is no HEART involved.

Libra energy reminds you to connect with inner balance and cultivate community with love and compassion. While Venus, Libra's ruler, is currently traveling through Scorpio, reminding us that seeds germinate in the darkness and planting a garden or building a community can be funky yet necessary work. Venus in Libra will attune you to the beauty, peace and balance. But in Scorpio, she reminds you that beauty is not always pretty but can be fierce and powerful, deep and transformative, but above all, PURE & HONEST.

During 2010-2012, Saturn is moving through Libra, where it is considered *exalted*. This is a time to re-establish balance within the structure of your body, as well as the structure of your life. It's time to re-negotiate all relationships, partnerships and co-ops, to bring all agreements up to date. This only happens every 28-years, so this is definitely an opportunity to release all toxic interactions (and relationships) and blockages to balance in your life. Now, theoretically, when you change, everyone around you has to change - or go away. There is a path within that has been cleared and now you are better able to commune directly with your own heart, listening to its promptings and following it wherever it leads. If/when you're ready, you will be ready to invite love and abundance in, you have an opportunity to share the "new you" and create new and delicious new collaborations. Power Wishes should focus on magnetizing the people, community, love and abundance that will match your energy and level of consciousness.

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.

~ Rumi ~

Time to delve within your own heart as Venus, Libra's Ruler, asks:

  • Are your priorities in order?
  • What's it worth to you?
  • What is most important to you where love is concerned?
  • What is most important to you where your resources are concerned?
  • Are you worthy of love and abundance?
  • Are the people you are currently invested in worthy (those who get the lion's share of your personal resources of time, energy and often, money)?

Remember, whatever you invest those precious resources in ~ is telling the Universe that it is what you value the most and what's most important to you. Are the people you have closest to you an accurate reflection of who you are? So often, we block ourselves from love, literally and/or emotionally. Sometimes consciously, owning your fear of commitment, fear of loss or fear of betrayal; sometimes unconsciously, sabotaging things as soon as there is any kind of conflict, real investment or compromise required.

Love and money, Venus' domain, seem to be front and center for many at this time. This is time to focus on how you manifested the relationships you are experiencing now, how worthy of further investment they are and what you are really willing to sacrifice and compromise on.
Are your current relationships: reciprocal? balanced? nourishing? loving? beautiful?

And with Venus traveling through Scorpio, is it all worth it? where's the substance? where's the deeper connection(s)? Mars recently joined her in Scorpio, where lies, deceit and hypocrisy will not be tolerated provoking folks to ugly outbursts and confrontations, demanding truth. However, be sure if you are in that position (demanding truth from others) that you are prepared to accept the truth you receive.

There is nothing in a caterpillar
that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller ~

Inanna is the Goddess most closely associated with Venus as she expresses the Scorpio side her nature, which suggests that in order to return to the Light, you will have to sacrifice many aspects of your being which you've accumulated over time and which may be weighing you down and blocking love and abundance from fully manifesting in your life. She asks that you look within for a deeper perspective, face your fears and commit to listening to your own heart, acting with courage and integrity in all your associations with others ... and then that will be all you attract.

Libra time is our annual opportunity to focus on relationships, collaborations and what you're cultivating in the community. You will magnetize and bring in the people, places, resources and circumstances which MATCH *YOUR* ENERGY.

Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

The artist has a special task and duty -
the task of reminding men
of their humanity and
the promise of their creativity!

~ Louis Mumford, Historian/Philosopher ~

Venus rules art, and art is one undeniable demonstration of our kinship. Art transcends language and communicates something directly to your Soul that needs no translation. Kinship means, "a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character" - that applies to us as a human race and as a planet. From our households to our place in the solar system, we are all connected. However, Venus also rules sovereignty, and humans in general are simultaneously seeking a level of independence and a deep connection within, as well as within the context of our relationships, communities and countries. It is time to cultivate that sovereignty and kinship ourselves. A healthy Libra energy working in your life would facilitate balance ... balance and reciprocity in your relationships (personal and professional), balance in your approach to your health, and balance between the self vs. other dynamic.

As Venus preceded the Sun, passing through Libra, together they animate true kinship and remind us of our humanity and ability to attract all that we need, desire and deserve when it is done with unconditional love and contributes to the good of the whole. Twice a year (at least) we get to focus on the push-pull between individual needs and desires and the collective needs and desires. It is our obligation to exhaust every possibility to create win/win situations in all our interactions.

Because no man is an island, no one "does it/gets there" alone or all on their own, it is imperative that you live your life and set your goals in a way that, yes, absolutely serve your needs, but ALSO serve others in some way, shape or form. An example of something tangible, would be my R*Evolutions Datebook. I wanted a datebook that had all the info I think is relevant in one place, at a glance, and in words rather than symbols. Once I mentioned it to a few people, many agreed, that was something they would love to have as well. So now I have created something that serves my needs and others' needs as well, making it an automatic success.

An intangible example would be a common desire for a sense of belonging. Generally, that comes when one is surrounded with unconditional love and infinite beauty. I asked around, it seems others are looking for that same sense of belonging, a sense of community where everyone contributes joyfully to the success of the whole, where everyone is eager to support, uplift and exchange energy as well as resources with each other so that the whole group is exalted to a higher level of existence.

When you want anything in life, you have to broaden your scope and you have to BE what you want to ATTRACT. Libra wants peace, love, beauty, balance, justice and fairness. So you have to BE all that to bring it in to your 3D/realm of existence. You cannot "be" all that if you are drained from making sure everyone else is being or doing all of the above and you are not doing it for your Self. Libra energy tends to give and give and give, until they are empty without any reserves even, then their opposite, Aries anger kicks in, and they reveal the victim consciousness of the Libra energy. But that is not the highest expression of this energy. The highest expression comes when you INTEGRATE the Aries / Libra dynamic by accessing the courage to be an individual who considers all sides before making a move or decision and only does so when they have figured out the win/win possibilities.

The way of honoring (this energy)
is by making things beautiful.
Remembering that the opposite of
'aesthetic' is 'anesthetic'.
There is no solution to anything
unless Venus is involved -
unless beauty and love are present.
~ Caroline W Casey, Astrologer/Activist ~

SOLUTIONS are what we are trying to find and/or create. Venus and the Libra energy can help us in our quest. (Venus also rules Taurus, but that is where values and resources are concerned, among other things.) With Libra, it is more about the vital interrelatedness of all things, of cultivating reciprocal relationships and infusing everything you think, say and do with genuine beauty and boundless, unconditional love. Love and beauty cannot reside where all feeling and sensation have been numbed or disconnected from Source. We must commit to breathing new life back in to, first ourselves and our own households, then move out in to the community and cities across the world.

I believe that ...
imagination is stronger than knowledge,
myth is more potent than history,
dreams are more powerful than facts,
hope always triumphs over experience,
laughter is the cure for grief,
love is stronger than death.

~ Robert Fulghum, Author ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

*FALL* Equinox 2010 Celebration

*Fall* Equinox ~ 2010
Special *FREE* Tele-Gathering
w. Shanta Gabriel
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
@ 9:00-10:00pm
(US/Eastern Time)
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3rd Annual *Fall* Equinox Gathering

With courage you will dare to take risks,
have the strength to be compassionate,
and the wisdom to be humble.
Courage is the foundation of integrity.

~ Keshavan Nair, Author & Speaker ~

~ The Annual Harvest ~

It is a time of ASSESSING, HARVESTING & COMPLETING the first half of the natural year, and planning & initiating the second half. What do you absolutely want DONE by the end of 2009? How can you go forward in to 2010 on more of a CLEAN SLATE?

This *Sacred* Season is About ...

~ Harvest ~
Assess what you've produced/accomplished in the last 6mo
~ Evaluate & Rectify ~
Assess what worked and what did not work
~ Balance & Integrate ~
Assess what you need to do/have/be more or less of going forward
~ Pause for the Cause ~
Transition times are times to be still, tune in and prepare for new season

We'd like to invite all of you to join me, Shanta and the Power Circle to follow up the powerful initiation we launched during Spring Equinox of March 2010.

This *Fall* Equinox is a time of BALANCE. It is time of balance between Light & Shadow and takes us from movement out in the world, to more inner, "work with what you've got" energy, using your resources and creations to BUILD ON, primarily behind the scenes in preparation for Spring Initiation.

One potent addition to the Equinoxes and Solstices is Pluto's 16-year journey through Capricorn, which will directly engage the Sun at each and every turn of the Wheel. There are several other activations and on-going themes, but Pluto's *Purification* and *Distillation* process is the longest and most transformative. A new beginning ~ fresh start ~ clean slate is available through the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries Activation ... and who better to assist with clearing the debris and releasing the non-essential to make *room* for your 'new beginning' ~ than Pluto, Lord of Purification & Transformation. Your essential nature (Sun) and the purest, deepest part of you (Pluto) connect in a rhythm every year, four times a year for 16 years (2008-2024). As it reshapes you from the inside out, so too will the collective shapeshift.

The 4 *ANNUAL* Activations ~ 2008-2024:
~ Initiation ~ Winter Solstice / Capricorn
~ First Test ~ Spring Equinox / Aries
~ Integration ~ Summer Solstice / Cancer
~ Final Test ~ Fall Equinox / Libra

Some astrologers consider Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares as "hard" and "negative", however, I do not ever subscribe to "blanket rules or assessments" when seasons and human beings are in the mix ~ *ANYTHING* IS POSSIBLE! These connections, which the planets make to each other, facilitate movement and necessary change. If you are ready, open and receptive, they ASSIST you in moving to the next level, creating tangible results and measurable progress. If you are not ready, narrow-minded and/or resistant to change, then yes, it is going to be more challenging ... but you'll be in new territory nonetheless.

The *Initiation* is *Winter* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto get together (conjunction) in Capricorn, increasing each other's power to purify you and your intentions for the coming new year. They advise, "First, you must rest, replenish, mature and gather strength (power)." *Spring* and *Fall* Equinox, when Sun/Pluto have to consciously work out their differences (square), and you are moved possibly out of your comfort zone, but in to new territory. *Summer* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto have to balance and integrate (opposition) all that you've initiated at Spring-time; it's a time of blossoming and expanding and you are moved to accommodate all that you've created in new, innovative ways.

You are *READY*!! Don't look back, practice presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living. I hope you'll join us for this celebration.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breakdown Precedes the Breakthrough

The world is not to be put in order;
the world IS Order incarnate.
It is for us to harmonize with this order!

This month we get several opportunities to connect to a deep and powerful healing, for ourselves and our planet. We can heal our past, present and future by grounding our intent at this time. This month, we do a lot of sorting and sifting, organizing and clearing that which no longer serves. The first rule of the Universe is ORDER. This is the time to get your life - mind, body and spirit - in ORDER. Consider it a renovation of sorts ... renovating the "old you" - to rebuild a better, stronger, more efficient & effective "new you". The "new you" has all the old reliable and sturdy parts, but now we are "upgrading" other parts and then integrating the two. And above all, remember this is an energy affecting EVERYONE in one way or another, and we are all at different stages in the process of "renovating" our lives, whether physical, financial, mental, spiritual, emotional or all of the above. (Mutual respect for each other's process and a little compassion go a long way.)

The reason people renovate places instead of bulldozing them to the ground, is because they have inherent value which they seek to preserve. It is time for you to FIND the value within YOU and PRESERVE IT by any means necessary. In order to do that, you have to inspect and assess what's damaged and what's still solid and useful (about your self and your circumstance). Once you have assessed what goes and what stays, that's when it gets messy and uncomfortable, because then you have to actually start pulling the place apart.

Your effort to improve will inevitably make others uncomfortable too. Be ready for that. As you change, everything around you changes ... or goes away. What I have discovered is ~ those people and circumstances which leave during these periods of cleansing and healing, sometimes are only gone temporarily and eventually reintegrate back in to your life, accepting you for who you are and forging new, stronger bonds. While other people and circumstances that leave your life at this time, leave permanently and that is ultimately for the greater good - to have them gone SOONER than later, be grateful - not sad.

This month, you have access to discerning what is relevant and useful in the present moment.

Nothing is worth more than THIS DAY.
You cannot re-live yesterday.
Tomorrow is still beyond your reach.

  • What are you doing in the present moment to really take your life and circumstance to the next level?
  • And what are you doing in the present moment which no longer serves your Highest good, nor does it express the Truth of who you ARE (TODAY)?
  • What are you doing DAILY to make your dreams, visions and aspirations happen?
  • Are you stuck in survival mode? (a distraction)
  • Are you helping other grown folks when you don't have your own life in order? (a distraction)
  • Are you attracting chaos & crises? (a distraction)
  • What do you do to honor your word to your SELF? (We always make more effort to keep our word to others.)
  • What are you doing this day that feeds your soul?
  • What are you doing to express who you are TODAY?
  • Do YOU believe you are the same person from a year - 5 - 10 years ago?
If you know that you ARE a different person, then the sooner YOU acknowledge and honor that "new you", the sooner the rest of the world will too.

This month is your chance to:
  • Release guilt and embrace the value of each experience's lesson while forgiving your Self and others for any transgressions as well.
  • Release criticism and embrace compassion and patience with the process (as you would expect for yourself as you grow and learn).
  • Release the need to have everything "perfect" before expressing it and embrace trusting your Self to know how to respond in any given situation.
  • Release all petty distractions and embrace your inner authority to direct your own energy (consciously).
This is the energy of the "realistic dreamer". So take advantage of the energy which supports you in opening the channels, allowing the flow of energy between you and the Universe, facilitating the healing. As you are healed and once you clear the debris of the past, doing the work (realistic) then attracting the "dream" is effortless.

Healing & Unity ... Within FIRST!

We must not, in trying to think about
how we can make a big difference,
ignore the small daily differences
we CAN make which,
over time, add up to big differences
that we often cannot foresee.

VIRGO: Healing Requires Faith
PISCES: Unity Requires Order

This season is so important, and taking advantage of every possible form of support and good energy, (planetary or otherwise) is vital to making a smooth transition to the next leg of this particular journey. This energy will feed you in a way that fuels your process, making you more effective in your preparation for tangible results. However, if you are not ready, it may also frustrate you by pointing out every crack in your personal system, scattering your energy to the point that you don't know where to even begin because there are too many tasks at hand. BREATHE! and remember you can always CHOOSE to express this energy in a different way in any given moment.

True to Virgo form, yes, a light is shining on all that is still YET to do before 2010 ends and 2011 begins. Hence all these goodies ~ I want you as healthy and prepared as you possibly can be at this pivotal time in our history. Virgo energy is here to assist you in: sorting and sifting, organizing and planning, healing and replenishing ... your being ~ your life ~ your environment ~ your community ~ and most of all, your many and varied personal and professional SYSTEMS for living ... it is time!

Honor your core being by using the current energy to genuinely dig deep, and find the SEED of who you are becoming. What will it take to bring that seed to LIFE? You have been stripped of all the non-essential (one way or another), and all that is left, is that seed of promise within ... this seed will lie dormant until the right season, perfect conditions and Divine Order collide to support this particular life. (You can help that along if you wish, with your thoughts, intentions, words and deeds.)

At the moment of commitment
the Universe conspires to

All the various activations (transits and planetary line-ups) throughout this year (and last year) are directing you. (How well do you take direction?) The Sign energies bring the lessons and the Houses they travel through activate those areas of your life which need attention at this time. What you do, don't do and intend to do for the last quarter of this year will determine where you end up (blossoming) come Spring 2011. Fall and Winter in our hemisphere is your chance to PROCESS the past, heal and REPLENISH on many levels, and ORGANIZE/SET UP your future.

This is the time of the year when focusing on the 'little things' is not considered a distraction, sabotage or delaying your good. This is actually your chance to PAUSE (for the cause). It is time to catch up EVERYTHING and get organized for the second half of the natural year (Spring to Spring calendar year makes each Fall the half-way mark of the year.) How is this year unfolding for you so far? What do you want to be? be doing? be giving? be sharing? come Spring 2011? For wherever you are on your Path to the next level, taking advantage of the planetary support this month and getting these things DONE ~ is made even more pertinent as Mercury Retrogrades through Virgo (8/20 - 9/12), extending the period and supporting your *process*. As that happens, you'll be forced to do a major review, replenish your energy stores and re-work your plan.

The irony of commitment is that
it is deeply liberating ...
in work, in play, in love.
Be Committed!

Virgo is the time to purify, heal and work on your Self ~ in preparation for Libra time. Libra represents relationships, collaborations and what we cultivate in the community. You will magnetize and bring in the people, places, resources and circumstances which MATCH *YOUR* ENERGY. Virgo is here to PERFECT YOU! Once you get a plan for your Self, clear your debris and get ready for sharing your energies with others come Libra time. Mercury Retrograde is actually assisting you in this process as it will help change your thinking on something critical you may have forgotten or overlooked.

This time is about YOU and your life and where it is heading. Is it moving in a direction of YOUR choosing and design? Also, in addition to organizing your life, this is your heads-up to back up your computers, get maintenance done on your vehicles (bikes or cars), and generally prepare yourself for as best you can so that if/when delays or confusion arises, you can breathe through it. The more you prepare now, the smoother the remainder of the year will go. Whatever you do not get done, simply keep moving and do what you can, because we are still amidst the Summer Retrogrades which always tend to bring delays, do-overs and/or miscommunications where both humans and machines are concerned.

The ability to simplify means
to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak.

Trust me, Order is the FIRST Law of the Universe, whatever 'order' you can create in your world will only make your world that much more interesting to live in. Order is usually simpler than we humans make it out to be, so simplify any/everything you can and get your priorities straight. If you tip-toe ahead a bit, dream a little, think of where you want to be come Spring 2011 (6 months) and Fall 2011 (1 year)? Then work backwards from THAT VISION and map out your steps, create a schedule, draw up a blueprint ... one that allows for re-visions as you go.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

LEO 2010 ~ Attracting All That You Need, Desire & Deserve

~ LEO 2010 ~
Attracting All That You Need, Desire & Deserve

The heights great men reached and kept,
were not obtained by sudden flight ...
But they, while their companions slept,
were toiling upward in the night.

Winner's Blueprint for Achievement:
BELIEVE while others are doubting.
PLAN while others are playing.
STUDY while others are sleeping.
DECIDE while others are delaying.
PREPARE while others are daydreaming.
BEGIN while others are procrastinating.
WORK while others are wishing.
SAVE while others are wasting.
LISTEN while others are talking.
SMILE while others are frowning.
COMMEND while others are criticizing.
PERSIST while others are quitting.

This month is ALL ABOUT YOU ... the NEW you!! Release all that is no longer "truth" for you - on all levels. Begin the process of integrating these amazing new aspects you've recently discovered about your Self and HONOR who you have worked so hard to become!!

As you integrate on this new level, your ego may struggle against the shift. Ego wants to lead but unfortunately it finds fulfillment in the fleeting, whereas Spirit only seeks peace. The key is to allow Spirit to lead your healthy, empowered ego. These inner urges (the ego) should be handled with strength and firmness, yet NOT repressed and broken or we lose power and potency to survive and make our way in life. Do you see animals in nature allowing other animals to distract them from their prey (goal)? No, you don't. Iron-will and great courage are necessary to manifest the Spiritual vision within you as well as out in the world. You must CHANNEL any anger/rage, which immobilizes you - in to outrage, which empowers you and motivates you to action. There will always be some sort of challenge from your environment and there may be an inner war of the two distinct identities you have cultivated over the years (as humans are innately dual on many levels), but it needn't be a "war" as much as a compromise.

As you allow both Spirit & ego to co-exist, assigning them both tasks best suited to their skills (and nature), you will discover your authentic Self. Sometimes we don't allow the authenticity that would enable us to create fulfilling lives. Be authentic - by any means necessary. You can and will survive all the humiliations and defeats and ultimately emerge stronger! Children are the manifestation of a certain conflict (men/women) being handled creatively (coming together in harmony). Stress and strife are just as necessary as peace and tranquility. Accept all of it as part of living on the earth plane. No matter how spiritually committed or selflessly loving we attempt to become, our natures don't die. Practice honoring your true nature.

Do not shy away from your intuition just because you want to avoid conflict. Follow your feeling all the way and then consciously decide how to proceed. If you back off, chastising your Self for some natural impulse (to have things a certain way), you stop any possibility for peaceful resolution within. You usually only get one opportunity to respond to life's challenges (the first time) with any integrity. Any chance for resolution after your initial reaction, disintegrates as time goes on. Honor the vital force within (your nature) and it won't destroy you. Dishonor it and it will eat you alive.

You can have peace, by your own definition. Sometimes you have to lose something precious to you (sometimes it is a part of ourselves that must go) in order to redefine your true values. When you go through that kind of loss, it can make you question all your beliefs and any faith in your Self to make decisions for your Self. That's okay - that is part of it. All that you need, desire and deserve is ALWAYS PROVIDED!! whether you can see it at the time or not.

Remember, you get back from life what you put in to life - so have you been giving half-way or full-out!!? It is said that those who are not generous when times are lean, will not likely be generous even when things improve. You must keep the flow going - give and you will receive. What are you putting out in the Universe? This is the primary use for Leo energy in all of us, it is the part of us that attracts people and circumstances to us. Whatever you are putting out - is what you will attract in to your life. It may have been really difficult lately and you may be feeling like you have paid double for your transgressions, but a new cycle is beginning and you always have a choice as to how you spend your time and energy from now on. Generosity is a key element to living a rich, authentic and fulfilling life! Be generous with WHO YOU ARE - not necessarily what you "have". When you go forward, openly and honestly, you give others permission to do the same and authenticity and choice start to dominate or lead, more than fear and settling. PRACTICE BEING THE *NEW* YOU!

~ *Summer* Retrogrades ~ 2010 ~

We are extended some grace this summer (with all these Retrogrades) to work behind the scenes, do not squander this time on people or circumstances which no longer "fit" the vision you hold for your life. If you allow yourself to get caught up in the storm (of now), you will find when things move forward that you are not in a position to take full advantage of the opportunities coming this fall. This summer is about completion and closure on all old projects and past inclinations. You are moving rapidly toward the "new you" and you can no longer "wing it" (the old way) because you are in completely new territory, where new rules apply.


At this moment, there are 3 planets going forward Saturn (foundation) / Mars (desire) / Mercury (communication) who are helping you define what you want to manifest and bring in, while 5 are Retrograde helping you do major "behind-the-scenes" work.

Take advantage of this time to:
Re-View ~
your life (from a Higher vantage point)
Re-Assess ~ your plan (what needs tweaking?)
Re-Consider ~ your options (you have more than you think)
Re-Evaluate ~ your philosophies, beliefs and what you hold to be true (in the present moment)
Re-Connect ~ with your intuition (open the channels)
Re-Form ~ your being (from the inside out)
Re-Write ~ your personal story (of the upcoming 12 yrs)
Re-New ~ your sense of Self (at this Higher level of consciousness)

Use this time to re-search your life for any major cracks in your foundation - any instability - any blockages - any festering wounds - any excess baggage - now is your opportunity to RELEASE IT ALL ... PERMANENTLY!!

Join us for a ...
Special *FREE* Tele-Class
*Summer* Retrogrades ~ 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010
@ 9:00-10:00pm
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eclipses ~ Rhythm, Patterns & Cycles ~ Oh My!

~ Eclipses: 2009-2011 ~
Rhythm, Patterns & Cycles ~ Oh My!

We have Eclipses every year so there is ALWAYS energy for change available. The Signs that these Eclipses fall in express the theme, energy and lesson(s) of that *change*. I did a little tracking and found that like 2009 and 2011, there are other years which bring 6 Eclipses, rather than the usual 4 (and sometimes 5). And on very rare occasions, years which bring 7 Eclipses in one calendar year. It happens, apparently, at least once in a decade. Because Eclipses represent pattern-breaking and permanent change, endings and new beginnings, you can see that these years always accompany intense shifts affecting individuals, as well as the Collective.

In all these years, the *intense* shifts come on the following *3* axes consistently:

These energies and lessons lead us to conceive a new Truth/Story for ourselves and our world (Gemini/Sag); create, contain, nurture, protect and be responsible for it in 3-D (Cancer/Capricorn); and be authentic, lead by example and share our individual and collective brilliance with the global family ~ which includes ALL LIFE (Leo/Aquarius) on this planet. There are *overlap* years (with the Signs), but always, the entire set of Cancer/Capricorn is at the *Center*. Do any of the following years stand out to you, either personally or historically?
Year/Number of Eclipses

*Chart notes only the years which have 6 or more Eclipses within one calendar year.

Now, also reflecting on the above patterns, I notice that we've had quite a stretch of so-called *peace* with the big Eclipse years falling each decade. But notice when we get the big Eclipse cycles back-to-back in a 4 year period. That clearly "ups-the-ante" for what and how we co-create with these energies and shifts (of both reality and consciousness). And we're just talking the last century (100 years). But let's bring it back to human size, *NOW* ~ 2009-2011 ~ we are in the most intense period we have experienced since 1944-1946. What can we learn from that period (1944-1946) regarding our *fundamentals* (Cancer/Capricorn)? how we perceive (Gemini) and conceive (Sag) our Truth/Story? and how we can better embody, express & share (Leo) that Truth in ways which improve, inspire and uplift all life (Aquarius)?

*NOTE* ~ it's interesting to notice that we got such an influx of energy during the 1900's and during the 2000's, we experience only half of that same influx. Also worth noting, for almost the entire 200 years, the Eclipses fall in the above Signs. It is not until 2096 do things move along and activate Taurus/Scorpio for the first time. So I am sure, over centuries of time, we eventually make our way throughout the entire zodiac.

With astrology, planets, cycles etc. we do not predict actual events but notice the patterns, the repetition, the choices and the reverberating consequences of those choices during times of intense transition on Earth or within ourselves or society. There are some amazing scientists, as well as astrologers, deeply focused on human and Earthly evolution, digging, searching for the patterns so that we can learn from our past choices. I won't even call them mistakes, but choices, which led in this direction or that and the subsequent results. Be the *Research Scientist* in your own life and dig for the patterns. It will help you make the choices and decisions that need to be made at this time (2010).

During this particular period in history (2009-2011), we have a unique opportunity to co-create with extremely potent energy, the potency further increased by Pluto (purification/transformation) and the North Node (current life path) in Capricorn. This means, if we take responsibility (Capricorn) for what we create (Cancer) then we can live on a stable, functioning *Right Path* (Capricorn North Node) and release the past karma, hunger, neediness and dependency (Cancer South Node) of the old Path. We can create a better structure (Capricorn) that encourages all to be responsible for their actions and contributions to the world, while releasing the past consciousness of sucking Mother dry (Cancer), believing She can continue to produce & provide nourishment with no down-time to replenish. Let's take our cue from Mother, and replenish ourselves on a regular basis, monthly, annually, seasonally and in to the decades and centuries of time as well. We can set intentions for the larger cycles and we can actively co-create with the days, months and years that we have during each lifetime.

Cancer/Capricorn energy illuminates the lesson that: whatever is going on, on the inside, reflects in the outer structure. The health and vitality of the inside, determines the strength and integrity of the protective outside. Both are needed, both are useful and both are inter-dependent. Capricorn is responsible for the family it creates with Cancer. Cancer is responsible for containing and nourishing the life-force energy of Capricorn's work so the structure is sound from the inside-out. They are the *ultimate* Divine Mother/Father archetypes or principles. It is time to redefine our terms where business and family are both concerned. It is time to *HEAL* that primal and eternal connection to the Sacred Mother and the Sacred Father. It is time to remember that *BOTH* are necessary for emotional and material security. It is time to realize that we do not have to choose one, to the exclusion of the other, but can redefine *BALANCE* and shift co-dependence to inter-dependence and be more productive and happy. It's the beautiful quality and rightful purpose of being conscious, thinking Beings. Humans have a certain awareness that enables us to navigate our world, just as other lifeforms do. It's our responsibility to maintain and strengthen the connection on a consistent basis.

If all that sounds too "big" for you to focus on, then pull within. Use this energy to *HEAL* YOUR connection to your biological or adopted Mothers and Fathers. That will vibrate out to the ethers and affect the globe automatically. If we cannot define healthy, responsible, loving parents, then we cannot be them either (whether birthing human families or the creations of your heart). It's a cycle, one which can be worked with over and over again until the patterns you want broken can officially break and the patterns you want anchored can actually take root. But either way, you're still back to your own "conceptions/perceptions" (Gemini/Sag) ~ you're own ability to be responsible for what you create in the world (Cancer/Capricorn) and how much love and courage, rather than ego and self-righteousness (Leo/Aquarius), you imbue your thoughts, words and deeds with as you move through your own personal life. You ARE the "gift" ~ you ARE the "contribution" ~ manage YOU! and you will be intuitively led to your Truth & Purpose (Internally), as well as the love and recognition that goes with living integrity and being whole (Externally). Every time I get overwhelmed (or talk to those with the same feelings), I breathe and pull back in to my own body and ask to be guided by my gut feelings (Cancer) as to the right and tangible (Capricorn) actions I can take ~ in the *Present* Moment. One step at a time. Knowing that each step will lead me to the ultimate goal, if I stay connected to my feelings and intuition (Cancer) and if I stay focused and committed (Capricorn).

Remember that Eclipses ultimately have to do with the interaction between our Earthly reality, the Sun which brings Source Energy and facilitates life, and the Moon which controls the tides of our life-giving waters. Ultimately, life on Earth is determined by Light (Sun) and Water (Moon). Sun/Moon/Earth makes this very personal for humans (Individual), but notice the decades of influence on society (Social) and centuries of influence on the planet (Collective). It's been about 60 years (think: Second Saturn Return) since we've had an opportunity like this one to drastically change our personal and collective reality. With Eclipses, we get a Galactic Reset Button ~ there is an "interruption of flow" ~ flow of Light ~ flow of Electro/Magnetic energy between our hearts and our Mother Earth. This is an opportunity to "break to re-align" ~ between micro and macro worlds, internal and external realms of life.

Use this time and energy to pull back, as the Retrogrades completely support you in your review process this Summer & Fall. Set your intentions for Home & Work / Emotional & Material Security / Balanced Feminine & Masculine (within and without) / Inner & Outer Harmony ~ for your Self, your Community, your Planet, your Universe. Renew your definitions and then renew your commitment to living a happy, healthy, loving, balanced, fulfilling life *NOW* ~ THIS Lifetime! Change is endless and ongoing, don't fight it or try to block or delay it, work with it consciously. When you have this kind of unprecedented support for radically changing how you do Family & Work, why not at least set the intention? This is what is best supported at this time, so if you're ready to change, it can and will happen during this 2-4 year period. Look for the dust to settle over 6-months to 3-years on these specific changes, and results of your choices to trickle in over the next 6-months / 1-year / 3-6-9-years.

Relevant Reflection:
Here are *3* articles from Summer 2009 that get more in to specifics and provide even more background on the energies we are currently experiencing. And hindsight becomes infinitely valuable when reading them from the perspective of one year later ... with one year to go. The *half-way* mark is crucial to determining how and where you will end up. IN-Joy!!

June/July 2009 ~ Sacred Seasons of Change
This article is a great reminder about the general *theme* of Summer Solstice plus the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses. Last year there was different planetary support and now you have hindsight to gauge your Path for the entire year. Now during the Summer of 2010 we have Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus all in new territory moving things along with intensity and precision.

2009 Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses
This article gives the dates of the LAST Eclipse series from early 1990's and 2000's and will help with reflecting on the actual cycle and the energy and issues it brings to the surface.

2009 Eclipses: 'Tis the Season of *LIGHT*
This article covers more on the Eclipse Cycles, as well as the planetary support of last summer. This will help you see the progress you've made over the last year, as well as what choices/consequences you've faced. Hopefully, the reflection will help you work with this Summer's energy so you can set the tone for one more year of this particular (personal) work.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Solstice 2010 Celebration

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*Summer* Solstice ~ 2010 Celebration
Sunday, June 20, 2010

@ 9:00-10:00pm
(US/Eastern Time)
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*Summer* Solstice ~ 2010
w. Shanta Gabriel

Sacred Marriage of ...
Mother Earth & Father Sky
We are the "Spirit Children"
of this Sacred Union!
The Longest Day: (Excerpt from Molly Hall of "The bright glowing orb we call The Sun is celebrated in many traditions at the Summer Solstice. There are fire dances, bonfires, and in the olden days, the ancients rolled fire wheels down the hills. There's also a long tradition of ritual bathing, dipping in the cleansing waters. Fire and Water are celebrated at the Summer Solstice, along with the Earth as Mother Goddess, at her most abundant. It's a celebration of the Earth, the Feminine and the living natural world."

3rd Annual ~ *Summer* Solstice Celebration

With courage you will dare to take risks,
have the strength to be compassionate,
and the wisdom to be humble.
Courage is the foundation of integrity.
~ Keshavan Nair, Author & Speaker ~

~ Integration ~ Culmination ~

We have extended far and reached the Maximum Light as of *Summer* Solstice ~ this is the *Culmination* of the seeds planted at *Winter* Solstice and brings the Mid-Point of the Annual Solar Cycle ~ Balance & Integration. What intentions did you set? How are they going? What has manifested? What has not? December 2009 was a very powerful time of major reviews, endings and creating a space for what is coming in to perspective and/or manifestation *NOW*. You are completely supported for healing old wounds and freeing up space & energy within your Being to do great things. And like all cycles, one is preparing you to the next. 2010 is a response to 2009 and is simultaneously preparing your for 2011 (and beyond).

This *Sacred* Season is About ...

Assessing & Integrating the Past 6 Months
Initiating Half-Way Mark of the Year
Honoring & Giving Gratitude for the Light
Acknowledging a Turning Point
Using the Sacred Season to Process & Digest
Review Your Choices & Decisions
Tend to Sacred Space & Inner Nourishment (Mental, Physical & Spiritual)
Anchor Sacred Work & Do Behind-the-Scenes Integration
Renewing Your Commitment
Owning Your Power & Inner Authority
Being More Consistently Responsible & Self-Sufficient
Balancing Your Inner Feelings w. Your Outer Actions

One potent addition to the Equinoxes and Solstices is Pluto's 16-year journey through Capricorn, which will directly engage the Sun at each and every turn of the Wheel. There are several other activations and on-going themes, but Pluto's *Purification* and *Distillation* process is the longest and most transformative. A new beginning ~ fresh start ~ clean slate is available through the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries Activation ... and who better to assist with clearing the debris and releasing the non-essential to make *room* for your 'new beginning' ~ than Pluto, Lord of Purification & Transformation. Your essential nature (Sun) and the purest, deepest part of you (Pluto) connect in a rhythm every year, four times a year for 16 years (2008-2024). As it reshapes you from the inside out, so too will the collective shapeshift.

The 4 *ANNUAL* Activations ~ 2008-2024:
~ Initiation ~ Winter Solstice / Capricorn
~ First Test ~ Spring Equinox / Aries
~ Integration ~ Summer Solstice / Cancer
~ Final Test ~ Fall Equinox / Libra

Some astrologers consider Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares as "hard" and "negative", however, I do not ever subscribe to "blanket rules or assessments" when seasons and human beings are in the mix ~ *ANYTHING* IS POSSIBLE! These connections, which the planets make to each other, facilitate movement and necessary change. If you are ready, open and receptive, they ASSIST you in moving to the next level, creating tangible results and measurable progress. If you are not ready, narrow-minded and/or resistant to change, then yes, it is going to be more challenging ... but you'll be in new territory nonetheless.

The *Initiation* is *Winter* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto get together (conjunction) in Capricorn, increasing each other's power to purify you and your intentions for the coming new year. They advise, "First, you must rest, replenish, mature and gather strength (power)." *Spring* and *Fall* Equinox, when Sun/Pluto have to consciously work out their differences (square), and you are moved possibly out of your comfort zone, but in to new territory. *Summer* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto have to balance and integrate (opposition) all that you've initiated at Spring-time; it's a time of blossoming and expanding and you are moved to accommodate all that you've created in new, innovative ways.

You are *READY*!! Don't look back, practice presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living. I hope you'll join us for this celebration.

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Cancer 2010 ~ Assimilate the New & Eliminate the Old

~ CANCER 2010 ~
Assimilate the New & Eliminate the Old
Which May Mean ...
Sideways, Backwards ... THEN Forward!

It was courage, faith, endurance
and a dogged determination
to surmount all obstacles
which built this bridge.

*Cancer* time, this year (2010) and next (2011), will bring us face-to-face with some major choices and decisions (Eclipses) which will likely require some form of *Assimilation* and *Elimination*. Cancer's gift is *Processing* all that passes through your *system*, taking in the nutrient (that makes the system work) and any excess or toxins that cannot be "assimilated" must be "eliminated". If you do not eliminate them, then blockages (and some form of dis-ease or discomfort) will occur. Quality nourishment (or what you take in to your *system*) is vital and *if* you have held on to anything that has not been put to proper use, then you may be particularly toxic (within or without), and you will have to Cleanse and Heal FIRST, before your can rebuild or fortify your structure (Capricorn).

Digestion, Assimilation & Elimination are truly Cancer's domain and one or all may require periodic "time outs" to process all that has come through your *system* over the last 6-months -to- 1-year (Sun/Moon) ~and~ 10-years ~ 20-years (Eclipses and because of these Eclipses, 2009-2011 Summers bring much more clearing than the usual annual process). Keep in mind that, on one or many levels, you have released the past, you've cleared space and created new *flow* that must also be properly directed ~ this is a 2-way process (in/out). Your Higher Self does this naturally, but ego/personality has preferences and can cause problems along the way. Your Soul has been very busy working on your behalf, positioning you for greatness, stripping the weakness and letting you know the areas of your life which have been in a famine (for however long, for whatever reason). *Cancer* time beckons, "come out of the storm (of life), dry off by a warm fire (your heart), replenish your Self with light-filled food and quality rest!" You are no good to your team, in fact you are a danger and liability to your team, if you are not centered, balanced, properly fortified and fully rested. When you ARE, then you can be alert and focused, strong and productive.

In more practical terms, *Cancer* is the time to restore your energy, replenish your physical and spiritual nutrients, stabilize your foundation, clear your physical body and personal space of the past, any debris and clutter and assess your inner and outer productivity with special attention to strengthening and fortifying yourself so you can CREATE come the next cycle (Leo time). If you work the *Cancer* energy to its fullest potential, you would stabilize within, clearing the channel to open the floodgates (allow flow), access your own deep well/reservoir of energy and resources (use what you've got), and ignite the fire of creativity (be heart-centered and passionate about what you are doing) so you can fulfill your potential and, ultimately, be of *Service* to your Self, your family, your community and the planet.

*Cancer*, being ruled by the Moon, is serious about letting you know that the natural cycles work best when you HONOR THEM, rather than resist! When you fight Nature (or any natural process), you will receive your due lesson unless or until you surrender and realize that (in general) "mom and dad" (Cancer/Capricorn) are right more than they are wrong. You have to give the deep emotions (which are being stirred at this time) a structure and purpose or you'll drown in them. With every penetrating realization, allow it to pass through your consciousness with the last thought being of the Light ... then, get the lesson and the blessing! from whatever memory, experience, choice, decision, and of course, feeling that comes up at this time ... and CLAIM your Truth, Infinite Light and the Highest possible outcome.

Keep in mind that whatever you're feeling can be useful. Trust that *feelings* are one of the major ways of communicating within, your moods are inner *messengers* bringing information in to your conscious mind. Often, we are bombarded by outer messages, very few of which are true or worthy, but simply there to DISTRACT you and/or DISCONNECT you from Source altogether. Your heart - your gut - your core - DEEP WITHIN your being, buried under layers and years of trying to work from the outside-IN ... is your *Inner Compass* just waiting for you to excavate and reconnect with it so it can serve Its true purpose of guiding you on your Path. Working from the outside-IN is not how it works, you HAVE to work from the inside-OUT. Yes, it is a glorious day for those of us who feel "backwards" in the 3-D world (I know I am not alone ;-)) I get the distinct impression we were just 'before our time' and NOW the Universe is READY! We must return to heart-centered, empathic, intuitive, receptive, Divine Feminine way of LIVING ... which is to create ~ contain ~ nurture ~ and protect ... and we're back to *Cancer* energy and lessons.

Remember, 'how you start is how you finish' and *Cancer* Initiates this quarter of the year ~ *Summer* Solstice -to- *Fall* Equinox ~ for there is deep value (and potency) in this (extended) moment in time. Cancer/Leo/Virgo prepares us for upcoming Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius which will complete the annual cycle. Despite 3-D obligations, clocks, calendars, families, bosses etc all competing for your time and attention, I urge you to put on your 'invisibility cloak' and MAKE TIME for several periodic TIME OUTS (or one long one). Take some time to soak in the Light (before it recedes), bask, and while you're doing that, reflect on all that you've created with your energy and efforts over the course of the last 6-months -to- 1-year.

  • How well did your efforts PRODUCE?
  • How well did your investments (of all resources: time, energy & money) PROVIDE?
  • What is the QUALITY of your return thus far?
  • Are there areas of your life BLOSSOMING with overflow, bounty and beauty (and multiplying like crazy)?
  • Are there still other areas of your life WILTING, dying on the vine, not being nourished properly or receiving enough Light?
  • What do you WANT to do?
  • What does your HEART say to do?
  • What 'FEELS' right at the moment?
  • What should you NOT attempt to continue to grow (in your life)?
  • What should you pay some special attention to because you KNOW it will bear fruit if you would just give it some quality, direct and focused energy and attention?
This time, like all times,
is a very good one
if we but know what to do with it.

I'd also like to remind you that 2009-2011 also brings in Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses around the Solstice times, making it even more imperative that you make any decisions regarding 'course correction' at this time. With the Summer Retrogrades, you will have a unique opportunity (in this potent year of change) to regroup this *Cancer* season. *Summer* Solstice and the Sun moving in to Cancer *Initiates* the second half of the year every year and activates a deeply transformative *Integration* process with Pluto in Capricorn. Use this time, at least initially, to gather courage, cultivate integrity, tweak your plan and prepare for the delicious (and fun) creativity you will have access to next month.