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Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

The artist has a special task and duty -
the task of reminding men
of their humanity and
the promise of their creativity!

~ Louis Mumford, Historian/Philosopher ~

Venus rules art, and art is one undeniable demonstration of our kinship. Art transcends language and communicates something directly to your Soul that needs no translation. Kinship means, "a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character" - that applies to us as a human race and as a planet. From our households to our place in the solar system, we are all connected. However, Venus also rules sovereignty, and humans in general are simultaneously seeking a level of independence and a deep connection within, as well as within the context of our relationships, communities and countries. It is time to cultivate that sovereignty and kinship ourselves. A healthy Libra energy working in your life would facilitate balance ... balance and reciprocity in your relationships (personal and professional), balance in your approach to your health, and balance between the self vs. other dynamic.

As Venus preceded the Sun, passing through Libra, together they animate true kinship and remind us of our humanity and ability to attract all that we need, desire and deserve when it is done with unconditional love and contributes to the good of the whole. Twice a year (at least) we get to focus on the push-pull between individual needs and desires and the collective needs and desires. It is our obligation to exhaust every possibility to create win/win situations in all our interactions.

Because no man is an island, no one "does it/gets there" alone or all on their own, it is imperative that you live your life and set your goals in a way that, yes, absolutely serve your needs, but ALSO serve others in some way, shape or form. An example of something tangible, would be my R*Evolutions Datebook. I wanted a datebook that had all the info I think is relevant in one place, at a glance, and in words rather than symbols. Once I mentioned it to a few people, many agreed, that was something they would love to have as well. So now I have created something that serves my needs and others' needs as well, making it an automatic success.

An intangible example would be a common desire for a sense of belonging. Generally, that comes when one is surrounded with unconditional love and infinite beauty. I asked around, it seems others are looking for that same sense of belonging, a sense of community where everyone contributes joyfully to the success of the whole, where everyone is eager to support, uplift and exchange energy as well as resources with each other so that the whole group is exalted to a higher level of existence.

When you want anything in life, you have to broaden your scope and you have to BE what you want to ATTRACT. Libra wants peace, love, beauty, balance, justice and fairness. So you have to BE all that to bring it in to your 3D/realm of existence. You cannot "be" all that if you are drained from making sure everyone else is being or doing all of the above and you are not doing it for your Self. Libra energy tends to give and give and give, until they are empty without any reserves even, then their opposite, Aries anger kicks in, and they reveal the victim consciousness of the Libra energy. But that is not the highest expression of this energy. The highest expression comes when you INTEGRATE the Aries / Libra dynamic by accessing the courage to be an individual who considers all sides before making a move or decision and only does so when they have figured out the win/win possibilities.

The way of honoring (this energy)
is by making things beautiful.
Remembering that the opposite of
'aesthetic' is 'anesthetic'.
There is no solution to anything
unless Venus is involved -
unless beauty and love are present.
~ Caroline W Casey, Astrologer/Activist ~

SOLUTIONS are what we are trying to find and/or create. Venus and the Libra energy can help us in our quest. (Venus also rules Taurus, but that is where values and resources are concerned, among other things.) With Libra, it is more about the vital interrelatedness of all things, of cultivating reciprocal relationships and infusing everything you think, say and do with genuine beauty and boundless, unconditional love. Love and beauty cannot reside where all feeling and sensation have been numbed or disconnected from Source. We must commit to breathing new life back in to, first ourselves and our own households, then move out in to the community and cities across the world.

I believe that ...
imagination is stronger than knowledge,
myth is more potent than history,
dreams are more powerful than facts,
hope always triumphs over experience,
laughter is the cure for grief,
love is stronger than death.

~ Robert Fulghum, Author ~

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