Thursday, July 9, 2009

2009 Eclipses: 'Tis the Season of *LIGHT*

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.
Nature's peace will flow into you
as sunshine flows into trees.
The winds will blow their own freshness into you ...
while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
John Muir, Naturalist

Eclipses are all about *LIGHT* distribution. We always talk about "BEING the Light" ... "Embodying the Light" ... recently Caroline W. Casey used "Translating the Light" and I came across an eclipse picture, "Catching the Light" ... Tis the Season of Light! We have an unprecedented opportunity to tap in to this *Light* energy for deep soul work, fusion and strength and the calls have been a tremendous resource for all who participate, near and far.
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This two week period between the Capricorn Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse and the Cancer Super / New Moon / Solar Eclipse is your opportunity for a *CLEANSING* ... to *RELEASE* the true potential of the seeds you planted at the Capricorn *NEW* Moon December 27, 2008, clearing a space for your intentions to manifest. You can *CLEAR* blockages where your 'flow' is concerned; you can see the Divine Order in delays; you can release fear and over-sensitivity; and with all the releasing you do, keep in mind you are *CLEARING* that which is no longer necessary to the structure and foundation (Capricorn) of your life. Acknowledge any regrets, mourn any losses and say goodbye to the past, while acknowledging that your journey thus far has led you to here. Now, it is time to *BUILD* a life based on a reality of your own choosing and definition, a life you create with your *HEART* and your own two hands. I love Eckhart's question: "Can I BE the SPACE for This?" Can you "be the space" for ... Quality of Life. Present Moment. Laughter. Silence. Sunshine. Rain. Rhythm. How are you preparing the structure of your body, your life and your life's work to handle what you say you WANT? Are you READY? If so, BUILD! If not, continue to PREPARE until you are!

This is no small cycle, it is 9-10 years and 18-20 years long. 1990-1992 was Capricorn and 2000-2002 was Cancer, so our individual experience of this energy is going to be: some are at the point of CLOSING out the last 20 years and INITIATING the new 20 years (before we experience the current energy again). Note that *NOW* is the Capricorn cycle which is further intensified by Pluto's 16 year journey simultaneously. Some will be attuned to the Cancer cycle, the half-way point, and will get to their completion/initiation in 9-10 years (2018-2020) when we hit Cancer again. Be assured that we are *ALL* deeply processing *BOTH* on some level, probably wherever Cancer/Capricorn resides in your chart. I highly recommend the Divinations for this special Lunation and recent calls.

Every astrologer has their primary focus, and one of mine is: *CYCLES*. 6-Months of the year, we are reaching toward the life-giving Sun, while the Light lasts longer, facilitating blooming and blossoming within and without ... now we are shifting toward the next 6-Months of focusing on *ROOTS* ~ anchoring all that we've seeded this year and working behind the scenes, remembering that 'seeds germinate in the darkness' so Mother, in Her Infinite Wisdom, has encoded this *RHYTHM* within all living Beings. What will ground and sustain you during transition and the general storms of life on Earth? What is working - what is not? As you connect with what you've co-created this year, rather than allow the distraction of what DID NOT happen as you planned (or at all), focus on *PRESERVING* the best aspects of what you did create. In other words, work with what you have, *BUILD* on what is delicious and juicy and full of flava! and throw the rest either back in the cauldron for further cooking or out to the compost pile to be recycled altogether. It is time to find ALL the possibilities in the Here & Now in preparation for clearing and planting new seeds come Winter Solstice 2009.

We just passed Summer Solstice and move toward the mid-point to Fall Equinox, some call it Lammas, another Sacred Season and energetic shift that happens around August 1st or when the Sun hits 15° Leo (August 8th). With Pluto intensifying things and the Eclipses bringing sudden endings and new beginnings and Venus/Mars traveling together, tag-teaming the larger Cycles (Healing Trinity and Saturn/Uranus among them), it can feel overwhelming at times. However, that is not the best use of this energy. Right now, up to August 8th, you should be conscious of all that you have created and helped to grow. Then August 8th to Fall Equinox you should be assessing the results of your choices, thoughts, words and actions throughout the year and extending your current resources to sustain you when you close out the year, rest, replenish and initiate the new year at Winter Solstice. And how *PERFECT* is the cycle between Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice is Samhain (15° Scorpio / Nov 8th), All Saint's Day (Nov 1-2), Halloween (Oct 31) ~ a time we, in the Power Circle, devote to honoring the *ANCESTORS* ... so you get to process your year, and call on your Invisible Helpers for additional guidance and direction, then pull inward to hold your own counsel before planting the seeds of the *NEW*. Yummmmmm!

I am comforted by life's stability,
by earth's unchangeableness.
What has seemed new and frightening
assumes its place in the unfolding of knowledge.
It is good to know our universe.
What is new ... is only new to us.
Pearl S. Buck, Writer
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