Monday, September 27, 2010

Heart is Essential to ALL Life

Heart is Essential to ALL Life

Only connect!
Only connect the prose and the passion,
and both will be exalted, and
human love will be seen at its height.
Live in fragments no longer.
Only connect.
~ Edward M Forster, Writer ~

LIBRA: Balance Requires Loving Self & Others
ARIES: Independence Requires Responsibility

You can live without many organs, but NOT the HEART! That transcends your physicality and reminds you that NOTHING LIVES WITHOUT HEART! And the overall health of any living thing can be assessed by the strength and health of the heart. Venus, when it rules Libra, reminds us that love really does conquer all and not that mushy, passive stuff ~ I'm talking love the *verb* ~ strong, fierce, passionate love. Love of life; love for the planet; love for your work; love for your family; love you would fight and die for ... love you cannot live without!

Where there is LOVE,
there is LIFE.
~ Gandhi ~
  • How is your heart at this time?
  • Physically, the heart (which sustains your life force) is it healthy and strong at this time?
  • Meta-Physically, the heart of your life's work (which feeds and sustains you and your community) is that in proper working order?
  • This year has been pivotal in planting the seeds of your future. How are things growing in your personal garden?
  • Have you planted things that will grow, evolve and feed one another and, ultimately, feed you and others?
  • Have you planted things that will bear fruit and/or bring beauty in to your world?
  • Or perhaps you just realized you need a garden of your own and have been clearing a patch in your life where you will eventually plant the seeds of your future.

Wherever you are in your personal process, the planetary energies are supporting your evolution and reminding you that nothing you do will ever matter if there is no HEART involved.

Libra energy reminds you to connect with inner balance and cultivate community with love and compassion. While Venus, Libra's ruler, is currently traveling through Scorpio, reminding us that seeds germinate in the darkness and planting a garden or building a community can be funky yet necessary work. Venus in Libra will attune you to the beauty, peace and balance. But in Scorpio, she reminds you that beauty is not always pretty but can be fierce and powerful, deep and transformative, but above all, PURE & HONEST.

During 2010-2012, Saturn is moving through Libra, where it is considered *exalted*. This is a time to re-establish balance within the structure of your body, as well as the structure of your life. It's time to re-negotiate all relationships, partnerships and co-ops, to bring all agreements up to date. This only happens every 28-years, so this is definitely an opportunity to release all toxic interactions (and relationships) and blockages to balance in your life. Now, theoretically, when you change, everyone around you has to change - or go away. There is a path within that has been cleared and now you are better able to commune directly with your own heart, listening to its promptings and following it wherever it leads. If/when you're ready, you will be ready to invite love and abundance in, you have an opportunity to share the "new you" and create new and delicious new collaborations. Power Wishes should focus on magnetizing the people, community, love and abundance that will match your energy and level of consciousness.

Your task is not to seek for love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.

~ Rumi ~

Time to delve within your own heart as Venus, Libra's Ruler, asks:

  • Are your priorities in order?
  • What's it worth to you?
  • What is most important to you where love is concerned?
  • What is most important to you where your resources are concerned?
  • Are you worthy of love and abundance?
  • Are the people you are currently invested in worthy (those who get the lion's share of your personal resources of time, energy and often, money)?

Remember, whatever you invest those precious resources in ~ is telling the Universe that it is what you value the most and what's most important to you. Are the people you have closest to you an accurate reflection of who you are? So often, we block ourselves from love, literally and/or emotionally. Sometimes consciously, owning your fear of commitment, fear of loss or fear of betrayal; sometimes unconsciously, sabotaging things as soon as there is any kind of conflict, real investment or compromise required.

Love and money, Venus' domain, seem to be front and center for many at this time. This is time to focus on how you manifested the relationships you are experiencing now, how worthy of further investment they are and what you are really willing to sacrifice and compromise on.
Are your current relationships: reciprocal? balanced? nourishing? loving? beautiful?

And with Venus traveling through Scorpio, is it all worth it? where's the substance? where's the deeper connection(s)? Mars recently joined her in Scorpio, where lies, deceit and hypocrisy will not be tolerated provoking folks to ugly outbursts and confrontations, demanding truth. However, be sure if you are in that position (demanding truth from others) that you are prepared to accept the truth you receive.

There is nothing in a caterpillar
that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.
~ Buckminster Fuller ~

Inanna is the Goddess most closely associated with Venus as she expresses the Scorpio side her nature, which suggests that in order to return to the Light, you will have to sacrifice many aspects of your being which you've accumulated over time and which may be weighing you down and blocking love and abundance from fully manifesting in your life. She asks that you look within for a deeper perspective, face your fears and commit to listening to your own heart, acting with courage and integrity in all your associations with others ... and then that will be all you attract.

Libra time is our annual opportunity to focus on relationships, collaborations and what you're cultivating in the community. You will magnetize and bring in the people, places, resources and circumstances which MATCH *YOUR* ENERGY.

Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

Cultivating Kinship ~ Within & Without

The artist has a special task and duty -
the task of reminding men
of their humanity and
the promise of their creativity!

~ Louis Mumford, Historian/Philosopher ~

Venus rules art, and art is one undeniable demonstration of our kinship. Art transcends language and communicates something directly to your Soul that needs no translation. Kinship means, "a close connection marked by community of interests or similarity in nature or character" - that applies to us as a human race and as a planet. From our households to our place in the solar system, we are all connected. However, Venus also rules sovereignty, and humans in general are simultaneously seeking a level of independence and a deep connection within, as well as within the context of our relationships, communities and countries. It is time to cultivate that sovereignty and kinship ourselves. A healthy Libra energy working in your life would facilitate balance ... balance and reciprocity in your relationships (personal and professional), balance in your approach to your health, and balance between the self vs. other dynamic.

As Venus preceded the Sun, passing through Libra, together they animate true kinship and remind us of our humanity and ability to attract all that we need, desire and deserve when it is done with unconditional love and contributes to the good of the whole. Twice a year (at least) we get to focus on the push-pull between individual needs and desires and the collective needs and desires. It is our obligation to exhaust every possibility to create win/win situations in all our interactions.

Because no man is an island, no one "does it/gets there" alone or all on their own, it is imperative that you live your life and set your goals in a way that, yes, absolutely serve your needs, but ALSO serve others in some way, shape or form. An example of something tangible, would be my R*Evolutions Datebook. I wanted a datebook that had all the info I think is relevant in one place, at a glance, and in words rather than symbols. Once I mentioned it to a few people, many agreed, that was something they would love to have as well. So now I have created something that serves my needs and others' needs as well, making it an automatic success.

An intangible example would be a common desire for a sense of belonging. Generally, that comes when one is surrounded with unconditional love and infinite beauty. I asked around, it seems others are looking for that same sense of belonging, a sense of community where everyone contributes joyfully to the success of the whole, where everyone is eager to support, uplift and exchange energy as well as resources with each other so that the whole group is exalted to a higher level of existence.

When you want anything in life, you have to broaden your scope and you have to BE what you want to ATTRACT. Libra wants peace, love, beauty, balance, justice and fairness. So you have to BE all that to bring it in to your 3D/realm of existence. You cannot "be" all that if you are drained from making sure everyone else is being or doing all of the above and you are not doing it for your Self. Libra energy tends to give and give and give, until they are empty without any reserves even, then their opposite, Aries anger kicks in, and they reveal the victim consciousness of the Libra energy. But that is not the highest expression of this energy. The highest expression comes when you INTEGRATE the Aries / Libra dynamic by accessing the courage to be an individual who considers all sides before making a move or decision and only does so when they have figured out the win/win possibilities.

The way of honoring (this energy)
is by making things beautiful.
Remembering that the opposite of
'aesthetic' is 'anesthetic'.
There is no solution to anything
unless Venus is involved -
unless beauty and love are present.
~ Caroline W Casey, Astrologer/Activist ~

SOLUTIONS are what we are trying to find and/or create. Venus and the Libra energy can help us in our quest. (Venus also rules Taurus, but that is where values and resources are concerned, among other things.) With Libra, it is more about the vital interrelatedness of all things, of cultivating reciprocal relationships and infusing everything you think, say and do with genuine beauty and boundless, unconditional love. Love and beauty cannot reside where all feeling and sensation have been numbed or disconnected from Source. We must commit to breathing new life back in to, first ourselves and our own households, then move out in to the community and cities across the world.

I believe that ...
imagination is stronger than knowledge,
myth is more potent than history,
dreams are more powerful than facts,
hope always triumphs over experience,
laughter is the cure for grief,
love is stronger than death.

~ Robert Fulghum, Author ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

*FALL* Equinox 2010 Celebration

*Fall* Equinox ~ 2010
Special *FREE* Tele-Gathering
w. Shanta Gabriel
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
@ 9:00-10:00pm
(US/Eastern Time)
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3rd Annual *Fall* Equinox Gathering

With courage you will dare to take risks,
have the strength to be compassionate,
and the wisdom to be humble.
Courage is the foundation of integrity.

~ Keshavan Nair, Author & Speaker ~

~ The Annual Harvest ~

It is a time of ASSESSING, HARVESTING & COMPLETING the first half of the natural year, and planning & initiating the second half. What do you absolutely want DONE by the end of 2009? How can you go forward in to 2010 on more of a CLEAN SLATE?

This *Sacred* Season is About ...

~ Harvest ~
Assess what you've produced/accomplished in the last 6mo
~ Evaluate & Rectify ~
Assess what worked and what did not work
~ Balance & Integrate ~
Assess what you need to do/have/be more or less of going forward
~ Pause for the Cause ~
Transition times are times to be still, tune in and prepare for new season

We'd like to invite all of you to join me, Shanta and the Power Circle to follow up the powerful initiation we launched during Spring Equinox of March 2010.

This *Fall* Equinox is a time of BALANCE. It is time of balance between Light & Shadow and takes us from movement out in the world, to more inner, "work with what you've got" energy, using your resources and creations to BUILD ON, primarily behind the scenes in preparation for Spring Initiation.

One potent addition to the Equinoxes and Solstices is Pluto's 16-year journey through Capricorn, which will directly engage the Sun at each and every turn of the Wheel. There are several other activations and on-going themes, but Pluto's *Purification* and *Distillation* process is the longest and most transformative. A new beginning ~ fresh start ~ clean slate is available through the Jupiter/Uranus in Aries Activation ... and who better to assist with clearing the debris and releasing the non-essential to make *room* for your 'new beginning' ~ than Pluto, Lord of Purification & Transformation. Your essential nature (Sun) and the purest, deepest part of you (Pluto) connect in a rhythm every year, four times a year for 16 years (2008-2024). As it reshapes you from the inside out, so too will the collective shapeshift.

The 4 *ANNUAL* Activations ~ 2008-2024:
~ Initiation ~ Winter Solstice / Capricorn
~ First Test ~ Spring Equinox / Aries
~ Integration ~ Summer Solstice / Cancer
~ Final Test ~ Fall Equinox / Libra

Some astrologers consider Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares as "hard" and "negative", however, I do not ever subscribe to "blanket rules or assessments" when seasons and human beings are in the mix ~ *ANYTHING* IS POSSIBLE! These connections, which the planets make to each other, facilitate movement and necessary change. If you are ready, open and receptive, they ASSIST you in moving to the next level, creating tangible results and measurable progress. If you are not ready, narrow-minded and/or resistant to change, then yes, it is going to be more challenging ... but you'll be in new territory nonetheless.

The *Initiation* is *Winter* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto get together (conjunction) in Capricorn, increasing each other's power to purify you and your intentions for the coming new year. They advise, "First, you must rest, replenish, mature and gather strength (power)." *Spring* and *Fall* Equinox, when Sun/Pluto have to consciously work out their differences (square), and you are moved possibly out of your comfort zone, but in to new territory. *Summer* Solstice, when Sun/Pluto have to balance and integrate (opposition) all that you've initiated at Spring-time; it's a time of blossoming and expanding and you are moved to accommodate all that you've created in new, innovative ways.

You are *READY*!! Don't look back, practice presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living. I hope you'll join us for this celebration.

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