Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beginnings Are Delicate, Yet Vital

Beginnings Are Delicate, Yet Vital

Time period to be considered *now*
... October 14 ~ Nov 20, 2009

The following 4 entries started out as one article of "Highlights" and quickly became individual "Details" and still requires even more in-depth exploration (and explanation). I will be writing follow up articles to most of what follows as their combined influence stretches far and wide. However, this initial period is most important for setting the tone and attracting all that you need, desire and deserve in order to best navigate this time. The more consciously we all move through this period of time, the better positioned we'll be to build/expand in the future. Take in whatever you can, work on what intuitively jumps out as *vital* for you personally, and come back to visit the rest periodically over the next year.

Large individual and collective patterns are unfolding at this time. Control is an illusion. I looked up the origins of the word "control" and found: contra (against) roll (wheel turning). Only humans oppose Nature, all other lifeforms just Adapt. Another take on the word "control" was "to check, verify, regulate". Now, as a supposedly "evolved" species, perhaps we could use our intelligence, awareness, technology and Infinite ingenious gifts we possess, naturally I might add, to work *WITH Life* ~ with Mother Earth ~ with Nature ~ with Cycles. We cannot control or predict EVERYTHING, but there are loose guidelines upon which we can depend for certain periods of time and at regular intervals. The following is a snapshot of *now* to get you started. The last Sacred Season of the Solar year and the Forecast is coming the first week of November ~ stay tuned!

Venus in Libra ~ Oct 14 - Nov 7, 2009

Mars in Leo ~ Oct 16, 2009 - June 7, 2010
*Plus* FREE Tele-Class ~ 12.16.2009

Saturn in Libra ~ Oct 29, 2009 - Oct 6, 2012
*Plus* FREE Tele-Class ~ 11.19.2009

Healing Trinity ~ Forward Motion ~ Oct/Nov 2009
*Plus* FREE Tele-Class ~ 11.5.2009

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Healing Trinity ~ 2009-2010

~ Healing Trinity ~
Forward Motion ~ Universal Order Prevails

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Healing Trinity 2009
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~ Jupiter in Aquarius ~
Jan 5, 2009 - Jan 17, 2010

Jupiter Retrograde ~ June 15, 2009
Jupiter Direct ~ Oct 12, 2009

Jupiter (your Truth/your Story) goes forward in Aquarius ~ how did your "editing" process go June-October 2009? Jupiter expands your awareness, thus expanding your personal Truth, as you learn ... and process what you are experiencing. In Aquarius, it will demand that you cultivate an authentic Self (Leo) so you can contribute your unique *piece* to humanity (Aquarius), and to the Universe. As it goes forward, so too will your personal Truth & Story evolve.

~ Chiron in Aquarius ~
Feb 21, 2005 - Apr 20, 2010

Chiron Retrograde ~ May 30, 2009
Chiron Direct ~ Oct 30, 2009

During this Scorpio time of year, Chiron's mythology becomes interesting, as he was known for consciously choosing death, and in this case, his journey through Aquarius suggests that community along with individuals' special gifts & healing abilities ~ have all been undergoing a major healing and transformation. Allowing the ego-based, separatist thinking to die so that a rebirth of communal living and the honoring of all living things can re-emerge. This is micro-to-macro, yes on a collective level we are definitely going through this, but on an individual level as well.

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~ Neptune in Aquarius ~
Jan 28, 1998 - Feb 3, 2012

Neptune Retrograde ~ May 28, 2009
Neptune Direct ~ Nov 4, 2009

"If Uranus is a shout and
Pluto grabs you by the collar,
Neptune starts as a mere whisper.
Although Uranus and Pluto expose you
to aspects of the unconscious,
Neptune IS the unconscious."
~ Laurie Baum ~ Astrologer & Author of ...
Astrological Secrets for the New Millennium

Neptune is dissolving the "old" vision, the "old" form ~ of your life and the life of the planet. It is dissolving boundaries between you and everything ~ all is ONE and you can feel this on a visceral level now more than ever (even if we all periodically struggle to articulate it). This process through Aquarius is preparing all of us for a 14-year Piscean process, closing out 165-year Cycle for Neptune. This is 'back to the womb' ~ this is a major *Completion* for the collective. 1998 - 2012, the Aquarius lesson of "detachment" has been working on the collective consciousness. The Leo/Aquarius dynamic is all about having the courage to love and be your authentic Self, grounded, centered and ecstatically dedicated to sharing that Light with the community. As the old definitions of "life" dissolve, we are being prepared to (in my humble opinion) express God in human form ~ Spirit made manifest. Neptune in Pisces is going to dissolve any concept of us being separate ~ from ANYTHING! We are NEVER separate from each other, nor our planet. During Neptune's journey through Pisces, we are being prepared for re-birth in Aries (a major *Initiation*) ~ before we can BE brand new Beings, we must RE-Connect with our innate intuition, our natural compassion and our own divinity. Keeping in mind, always, with the Virgo/Pisces axis, it is "Service" ~ not 'servant' ~ leading by example, teaching people to be self-sufficient is much more loving ~ and Virgo would say 'more useful' ~ than wearing your Self out in the process of taking care of others perfectly capable of taking care of themselves. (It is a completely different matter for those who are truly in need.)

Use the Healing Trinity's combined potency to tap true Source energy. All wounds can be healed, scars can fade and a stronger foundation can (and will) naturally emerge. Jupiter helps you express a New Truth/New Story. Chiron helps you self-heal and share your process with others so they too can benefit from your healing process. Neptune reconnects you to Source ~ God ~ Great Spirit ~ Unity of the Highest Order. Fusion. Strength. Flexibility. Endurance. Awareness. Wholeness is a choice, maintaining it is a commitment. You are worth the effort. Take some time to reflect and set intentions for healing. Even if you cannot articulate things specifically, open to healing, open to wholeness, open to balance, open to support and protection, open to preserving your life. Just be Open, Receptive and Willing.

It has been said many times, "We live in interesting times." It may be challenging to "multi-task" with all these simultaneous activations, and you don't want to scatter what little energy you may have to devote to your Self, so be sure to take some "Intentional Solitude" to reflect on which of these activations will *SUPPORT* you while prepare to take on other activations whenever you can. It would be better to strengthen one aspect of your Being, than to half-step on ALL. Choose one thing to focus on and watch for better results!

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Saturn in Libra ~ 2009-2012

~ Saturn in Libra ~
Oct 29, 2009 - Oct 6, 2012

Saturn Retrograde in Libra ~ Jan 13, 2010
Saturn Direct in Virgo ~ May 30, 2010
*Final pass through Virgo ~ Apr 7 - July 20, 2010

Initiating Collaborations
Renewing Relationships

First things first, Saturn takes 28-30 years to travel through all 12 signs, spending 2-3 years in each sign. Saturn is also known as the Great Teacher, Father Time or Lord of Karma ~ its whole purpose is to teach important lessons, determine healthy limits and remind you that YOU are responsible for all of it ~ who you are as well as what you create in the world. As Saturn moves through the sky, and thus through each sign, it will activate Saturn lessons for the collective. During the 20th Century, Saturn moved through Virgo: 1919-1921 ... 1948-1951 ... 1978-1980 ... and now, the 21st Century brings the first one to a close, 2007-2010. You can reflect on the history of those times to assess the collective lessons and repetitive patterns (there are many).

Your Saturn placement (sign/house) indicates your personal definition of reality, relationship with your 3-D / physical reality and the lesson you must master in order to build a solid foundation upon which your life can grow and expand. To that end, most people usually have to first learn what it feels like to be confined / limited by outer reality in order to determine what they are willing to truly be responsible for, how well they can build their own structures and how they will ultimately cultivate the inner authority to define their own reality. For example, Saturn in Aries requires the individual be as independent as possible, while somehow also maintaining balance (Libra) in their dealings with other people, relationships and society. Often, these people have to "learn the Saturn lesson" of standing up for themselves, defining their terms and being responsible for all aspects of their lives, which gets tested depending on how and when they attach their definition of reality to other outer forms, entities, people or structures.

As it is, the current Saturn lesson is that of Virgo: the lesson of discernment, knowing who, when and how much to Trust ... a strong connection to your inner knowing (intuition) in order to create an integrated Spirit (Pisces) having this human experience (Virgo). This lesson presents many possibilities, exposes all the "little things" wrong with your personal structure, which is also affecting the collective structure and gives you repeated opportunities for 2-3 years to assess (Virgo) your life's structure and create a plan to improve it so that it will last another 30 years. Consider also, that Virgo is the last of the "Personal Lessons" we go through before we venture "Above the Horizon" ~ "In to the World" culture of Libra. For now, the focus should be healing (Virgo) your own (personal and collective) structures (Saturn) so that the structure of your new (or re-newed) relationships (Libra) can receive a much needed infusion of Saturnine Strength and Fortification.

While Saturn is in Libra, the people and communities that you engage with over this next 3 years will reflect the (Virgo) healing self-work you already have under your belt, while also revealing what needs to be balanced (Libra) when working or playing with other life forms. This is a magical time for those who have truly cleared much karmic debris and positioned themselves well for contributing to the collective and interacting with other Beings on a much Higher vibratory level. For those who have avoided the self-healing work of strengthening their own structures by pouring their own precious resources of time and energy down the drain of failing structures in the world, families or communities, are being put on notice. Libra is a cool Air sign, Saturn is the planet of "Cool", demanding that "cooler heads must prevail", balance maintained and all must be fortified to sustain the structure you've been working on, that includes your life as well as the outer structures which support and protect life for all.*A more in-depth article on Saturn in Libra is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

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~ *Saturn Squares Pluto ~
1st (of 3) ~ Nov 15, 2009 ~ Saturn & Pluto Direct
2nd (of 3) ~ Jan 31, 2010 ~ Saturn Retrograde/Pluto Direct
3rd (of 3) ~ Aug 21, 2010 ~ Pluto Retrograde/Saturn Direct

Responsibility Squares-Off with Power

Another very important, and rare, alignment is the Saturn/Pluto dynamic, bringing the Ultimate Transformative Power to the Primary Structure of 3-D / Physical Reality for all life forms on Earth. Mother feels the stirrings deep within her belly, and eventually, each one of us will feel the reverberations too. On a personal level, this is tremendous power to direct on your own behalf. You can tap in to this potent alignment and *Synchronize* your Being/Body with our Source/Mother's Being/Body. Square position is a mixed blessing. In the Power Circle, we look at all Squares as necessary for growth and evolution. This is a challenging position, no doubt, but it also generates the much needed energy and resources to move you (out of your comfort zone) in to new territory. Essentially, Responsibility (Saturn) and Balance (Libra) ~ are Squaring off at ~ Power (Pluto) and Worldly Structures (Capricorn rules society, government, education, health care, institutions and corporations). It is time for change and the Square ensures a definitive new direction, for better or worse. Your intentions, as well as conscious efforts, can contribute to the ultimate outcome. Do not ever under-estimate the power of your own Heart and ability to focus and co-create your reality.

Individually, you will have to prioritize the most fundamental elements of your life (food, shelter, health care and education) and then begin, inch-by-inch, taking back your personal authority to govern your own life. It is time for many to remember that "Education & Exercise are the PUREST forms of Self-Love". It will be up to how invested you are in your own evolution. You can "settle" for what is available or you can "supplement" what is available but your own health and education should not be solely dependent on any outer entity. Culture, school, community are all "guides" but ultimately, what you learn in life is truly YOUR CHOICE. Maintaining a healthy body is YOUR responsibility. Advertisers and corporations are not sitting at your table determining what or how much you spend or consume. Again, they may present options, but you ultimately choose what makes your life more expansive or more limited. Most have a preference, but the key now is balance and integration. Consolidating and Expanding.

Collectively, the fundamentals of sustaining collective life on this planet must also shift. That means the systems (Virgo) which support and protect all life must get an "upgrade" of sorts. Theoretically, this "upgraded system" (based on what was revealed by both these planets' recent travels (Saturn in Virgo and Pluto through Sag) will help support the global community (Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn). "New and Different" would actually be living in balance, peace and harmony with each other ~ THAT would be "new and different" ~ compared to the war and oppression people seem to always have to experience before remembering we are ALL ONE.

This 3-part Activation will peak around the dates above, but the influence stretches the entire 3 years Saturn remains in Libra. In fact, when you look at what "lessons" Saturn is bringing ~ during the 16 year period of Pluto in Capricorn ~ an even more broad (and potent) story is revealed. The years 2007 - 2026, Saturn will traverse Virgo through Pisces. On a collective level, from the structure of our physical form and daily life (Virgo) ... to the structure of our ultimate Oneness and spirituality (Pisces) ~ Saturn is going to infuse an old reality with new lessons and new definitions, more reflective of "here and now". 2017-2020, Saturn will be in Capricorn, in the exact space as Pluto for almost 3 years, transforming life as never before, just prior to the USA's Pluto Return in 2022.

This will be an unprecedented time in our collective history, in the USA's history, and entire generations of individuals with Saturn in one of those 6 signs. Perhaps, we will gather our collective ingenuity, strength and inner-responsibility to create societal structures that are practical, realistic and effective when Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn. This will lay the groundwork for Saturn in Aquarius, creating renewed structures which will ultimately benefit all life on the planet, as a unified whole. The USA's Pluto Return is a collective RE-BIRTH on a grand scale. America can be born anew in the Aquarian Age, with the balance of Leo/Aquarius energy, supporting all life, large and small. Try to direct your focus toward the Light (however minute and far away it may seem from our limited individual perspective) and allow your heart to lead you through the dark patches.
*A more in-depth article on working with this particular alignment is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

Mars Retrograde in LEO ~ 2009-2010

~ Mars in Leo ~
Oct 16, 2009 - June 7, 2010

Mars Retrograde ~ Dec 20, 2009
Mars Direct ~ Mar 10, 2010
Will You Do Self-Love or Self-Sabotage?

Mars (what you deeply desire/what you are passionate about) is in Leo (creativity, Heart, courage, Light, Love) where it has initiated a 7+ month journey/process, including a Retrograde which only happens every 2 years. This is a Double-Fire combo, making it extremely potent, and as with any amount of Power, much responsibility and conscious thought is necessary to make it effective, rather than destructive. Using this Double Fire energy for creativity and purification is highly recommended. This combo represents who you are, what you want and what you truly value. This much Fire (power) must be directed with care and never left "unattended". If you are not paying attention and allow this fiery energy to blaze out of control, you will destroy rather than create; you will burn out your valuable energy rather than light your Path. If you already struggle with volatile emotions and roaring reactions, this is going to be an ultimate test for you. Be very mindful, there is no disguising this energy and it will make you a target for cooler, strategic minds to use your own energies against you.

In late 2007-early 2008, we experienced the last Mars Retrograde through Cancer. It is my opinion that *IF* you did the cleansing/clearing work of Mars in Cancer then, you will be better positioned to maximize the potential of Mars in Leo this Retrograde (review) Cycle. Remember, everything leads to the next thing. In Cancer, we got very clear about our definitions of emotional and material security, we released the past and healed very deep, personal wounds of childhood (some past lives and ancestral wounds as well for those willing to delve that deep). Mars always asks the question, "What do you really WANT?" Do you want to walk around with your heart on your sleeve, immediately revealing your deepest wounds from childhood and reliving family dramas, all in an effort for others to "understand" you better? Most would say, "no". Well, Mars in Leo will have NONE of the Cancer weepy-ness, mired in the past, afraid to make any moves or constantly moving sideways and backward, rather than directly forward.

This energy demands action, my recommendation is to temper that fiery energy with a worthy cause: YOU!! Everything you "want" ~ everything you "love" ~ everything you've "attracted" in to your life is a reflection of your deepest belief about what you are WORTH. Mars in Leo is going to test the work you did when it last Retrograded through Cancer. What's the point of clearing past pain if you cannot then turn and shine your brilliant, loving Light through the courageous act of true, authentic *SELF-LOVE*? Love, as I've said, needs to become a *VERB* (action word) over the next 7+ months. Loving Self enough to feed it properly, maintain it at a basic or higher level, educate your Self, share your Self with others who appreciate all that you ARE and reflect back to you brilliant variations of YOU!

For naturally fiery natures, you may want to consciously direct this passionate and potent energy in to a cause or dear project. For those of you who are NOT naturally fiery, this energy lends strength and courage to step in to your authentic Self and create necessary energy to facilitate change. Either way, all should be tuned in for the upcoming Review (Dec 20 - Mar 10) when action in the world will slow ever-so slightly, nudging you to turn Mars activity toward internal concerns. "DO" You ... rather than "do" in the world. A brief 3-month cycle to review how you are really "loving self" ~ how passionate you are about certain issues which affect all life ~ how you support or suppress your own innate creativity ~ and ultimately, how well you keep your ego in check. Mars in Leo makes it mandatory to allow your Higher Self to lead, because if ego gets involved not only will you fail, but you will fail in front a large audience.
*A more in-depth article on Mars in Leo is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

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Mars Retrograde ~ 2009-2010
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Mars/Jupiter in Aquarius ~ February 17, 2009
Developing Our Humanity & Consciousness
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Venus in Libra ~ Oct/Nov 2009

~ Venus in Libra ~
Oct 14 - Nov 7, 2009
Cultivating Connections Within & Without

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being, in preparation for *CREATING* during Scorpio time. This is an opportunity to clear the past, release whatever is no longer important to you (or your relationships) and prepare to go deeper. It will make the deep dive in to the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating) if you align your priorities where your own Being and your primary relationships are concerned *NOW*, with Venus' assistance. This is very "personal", as with all the personal planets, you get more/less tag-teamed by each one as they traverse the zodiac activating lessons and clarity before moving on to the next one. Paying attention and co-creating with the energies available will produce tangible results that you can actually build on.

When Venus is in Libra, it is time to assess your priorities with balance and a cool head (Air sign) and with respect to how you, your life and your choices affect those closest to you. The better you do this process, the more productive Scorpio time will be. Once Venus moves in to Scorpio, it will be time to root-out any self-deceptions and bad habits which no longer support who you've become over the last year. Releasing deeper issues, clearing a space to plant *NEW* seeds of potential for the upcoming year. Remember, Libra is the lesson of "balance and reciprocity" which must be considered before taking on the Scorpio lesson of "karma and creation", otherwise you only create more "karma and creation" to clean up. Venus will always remind you that you ARE what you cultivate, as well as what you attract! BE the space for that which you most value in life and your energy spent on YOU will always yield a proper return.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Balance & Purification ~ Leads to Renewed Truth & Purpose

Fall Equinox kicked off an on-going stream of activations and this week is pivotal. Pivotal as in ~ shifting you and your attention toward a new direction. It is going to be intense and rapid-fire, now thru the first week of November. This week initiates the Healing Trinity's renewed forward movement. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been Retrograde for the last several months. This has turned the healing focus *INWARD* and there has been a tremendous amount of permanent healing done on the Individual level, so that once all three planets are forward again, you are in a stronger position to contribute, and then the Healing focus will shift back toward the Collective. This potent combo is facilitating the necessary healing and fusion (for Earth and ALL Life) before we can fully function at this Higher Vibratory Frequency. We are in, and approaching even more, decidedly *NEW* territory. Properly navigating *NOW* is essential to your ultimate success with whatever your focus may be at this time.

This week ... October 11 - 17, 2009

Jupiter (your Truth/your Story) goes forward in Aquarius ~ how did your "editing" process go June-October? Jupiter expands your awareness, thus expanding your personal Truth as you learn ... and process what you are learning. In Aquarius, it will demand that you cultivate an authentic Self (Leo) so you can contribute your unique *piece* to humanity (Aquarius), and to the Universe. As it goes forward, so too will your personal Truth & Story evolve.

Ceres (what/how you nurture) moves in to Scorpio ~ the focus shifts from Libra, wanting to purify and nurture your relationships and environment ~ *SURFACE* issues ... to Scorpio, *BELOW* the surface issues. What seeds are germinating in YOUR darkness? Think Garden: What needs a pruning/clearing so it can thrive and grow better? Scorpio is the lesson of karma and the most potent, creative energy in the zodiac. Ruled by Pluto, it is your connection and experience of power and all the issues that go with having any amount of power, let alone the enormous amount afforded the average human. Be mindful that anytime ANY planet is in Scorpio, molecules are moving and forming with lightning speed ~ anything you *think* can (and often will) manifest sooner than later. Stay in the Light as much as possible, composting any negative energy so it can be fuel rather than poison.

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) moves in to Libra, where She is most 'at home'. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, expanding our concepts of kinship, sustenance and beauty. In Libra, we are restoring balance within the individual and cultivating cleaner connections with others. It is truly time to renew solid relationships and release toxic ones. This is a time to beautify your Self and your Sacred Space, work on your art, create and socialize in loving, happy circles with other creative, progressive souls.

Mars (what we deeply desire/what we are passionate about) moves in to Leo where it will initiate a 7-Month journey/process, including a Retrograde which only happens every 2 years. Mars in Leo connects you with your inner *FIRE* ... who are you? what do you want? what gets you fired up? what are you passionate about, willing to fight for and dedicated to protecting? This energy is going to make some people acutely uncomfortable and others will thrive and radiate Light like never before. Love becomes a verb at this time, and as you learn to love your Self, you are better able to give and receive love out in the world. Pay attention to events which occur now (Oct 16th) to Winter Solstice (Dec 21st) because this will be the material of Mars' Retrograde (Dec 20, 2009 - Mar 10, 2010). The beauty of a Retrograde is second chances, so pay attention, it will be decades before we get this specific opportunity again. We are defining what we want for ourselves and our Source, Mother Earth, and making love a *VERB* ~ for both.

All this is leading up to the Libra New Moon (Oct 18th). Aries Full Moon shined a bright light on that which is no longer part of your Identity, what you no longer want/desire in your life. As you begin to more fully express this "new you", the more your partnerships and relationships will also have to adjust. The Libra New Moon is an excellent time to set your intentions for restored Balance within your own Being, enabling healthier relationships. Keep in mind you will always attract your *Vibrational Match* ... how's your vibe these days? Inviting, welcoming ... or ... guarded and doubtful?

Major shifts are occurring in this short periods of time, not giving anyone very much time to process before another one occurs. Somehow, this is perfect, Divine Order. I also notice an ebb and flow with it. We are being pelted now (Sept/Oct) but after the first week of November, planetary movement is pretty minimal (though activations continue) but that will likely be a time when you can really digest and assimilate all the 'old' leaving, 'new' coming in and general transition of 2009. And whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it is an excellent time to bask in *GRATITUDE* for all your lessons and all your blessings. Based on all you've learned and integrated, what will you create in the coming year?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

*3* High Moons ~ *6* Months Later

The *3* High Moons refer to the Lunations which usher in the Spring Festivals each year as life is renewed. They are the following: Aries New/Libra Full Moon, Taurus New/Scorpio Full Moon and Gemini New/Sagittarius Full Moon. There are many cultures and belief systems that refer to these Full Moons in particular which *AWAKEN* the life force energy (Aries/Libra), the Christ nature of unconditional love and acceptance, then the Buddha nature of compassion and forgiveness (Taurus/Scorpio), and finally, wisdom and understanding comes (Gemini/Sagittarius) every year, activating every lifeform's genetic code on a cellular level reminding them of the annual opportunity to seed and renew *LIFE*.

StarPriestess.com's Allison Rae describes the Festivals we celebrate during Spring Equinox ~ Sacred Season every year. She says, "This is the first of the three great spring lunar festivals. Arriving just after the Equinox point, this Full Moon represents balance, culmination and renewal. The Festival of Easter or Festival of the Christ (Libra/Aries) celebrates the advent of Christ Consciousness on Earth and relates to the resurrection and ascension of the soul. Wesak Festival or Festival of the Buddha (Scorpio/Taurus) celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of the Buddha and serves as a focal point for the seeding of spiritual enlightenment on Earth. During the Full Moon Festival of Humanity (Sagittarius/Gemini), the energies received through the previous two lunar gateways are disseminated into the Earth grid through the hearts of planetary servers."

I've been working directly with these potent energies, consciously and consistently for about 10 years now and the last 5 of them, I've taken note of how productive and fulfilling the polar opposite time of the year is, Fall Equinox and the *3* Lunations of that Sacred Season. Nothing short of *MIRACULOUS*!! What seeds did you plant during the Spring 2009? Now, 6-months later, how are the seeds of whatever you planted (within or around you) sprouting? Can you tell what is working, what needs more time to develop and what is not growing at all? I have found that working *BOTH* Seasons, mindful of what you are trying to create, manifests the vision much faster. It is a time of year when many diverse cultures around the globe gather to honor nature, cycles, seasons and the bountiful gifts of Great Spirit and Mother Earth ~ reflecting our Humanity ~ reflecting our Divinity. "When two or more gather" ~ as you focus on peace and prosperity, you can *KNOW* that there are essentially millions of other souls around the world focusing on that at the very same moment you are.

For More on the Festivals & World Invocation Day

This current Sacred Season is another opportunity to clear space and energy for future growth and evolution. If you are not feeling connected to the back-end work that may be necessary from seeds you planted at Spring, then consider this a good time to *CLEAR* "in preparation for" the Upcoming Spring season when you will, again initiate something. Focusing at this time, infused with the Healing Trinity's intense beam of Light energy giving you one last gigantic dose of Love, Light and Support before one-by-one (Jupiter, Chiron & Neptune) returning to forward movement and you will know without a doubt, what has healed within and around you. It's not to say that there are not ALWAYS opportunities, energies and activations which facilitate *HEALING*, it is just that this particular combination is uniquely suited to healing both the *Individual* as well as the *Collective* ~ which also complements the current Aries/Libra work. You have a chance to contribute to your own healing, and the work you do there is an automatic contribution to the elevation of the collective health.

This Aries Full Moon is the first *PORTAL* to open the Season and it is in *Mutual Reception* with Mars in Cancer adding major juice to the mix. This Lunar cycle is completely supporting connecting you to your innate power to nourish and protect what you create and what you are passionately dedicated to. You are also deeply supported in releasing anything you no longer "desire" (Mars) or that no longer "feels" (Moon) right/good for you, the "new" you (Aries) that you are *NOW* ... who also now requires new nourishment and support (Cancer) to thrive and blossom. This combo is also a pretty *POTENT* expression of the Divine Feminine (Moon/Cancer) and the Divine Masculine (Mars/Aries) energies within all of us. This brings together both elements necessary to *CREATE* and is an excellent time to balance these within you, anchor with a partner or set intentions to *INVITE* your Divine partner in. Working mojo with these energies will assist you ultimately, in Radiating Truth, Strength & Beauty!

The Monthly Forecast covers the current Sacred Season (6-week cycle) we're in now, for further reflection.