Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Venus in Libra ~ Oct/Nov 2009

~ Venus in Libra ~
Oct 14 - Nov 7, 2009
Cultivating Connections Within & Without

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being, in preparation for *CREATING* during Scorpio time. This is an opportunity to clear the past, release whatever is no longer important to you (or your relationships) and prepare to go deeper. It will make the deep dive in to the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating) if you align your priorities where your own Being and your primary relationships are concerned *NOW*, with Venus' assistance. This is very "personal", as with all the personal planets, you get more/less tag-teamed by each one as they traverse the zodiac activating lessons and clarity before moving on to the next one. Paying attention and co-creating with the energies available will produce tangible results that you can actually build on.

When Venus is in Libra, it is time to assess your priorities with balance and a cool head (Air sign) and with respect to how you, your life and your choices affect those closest to you. The better you do this process, the more productive Scorpio time will be. Once Venus moves in to Scorpio, it will be time to root-out any self-deceptions and bad habits which no longer support who you've become over the last year. Releasing deeper issues, clearing a space to plant *NEW* seeds of potential for the upcoming year. Remember, Libra is the lesson of "balance and reciprocity" which must be considered before taking on the Scorpio lesson of "karma and creation", otherwise you only create more "karma and creation" to clean up. Venus will always remind you that you ARE what you cultivate, as well as what you attract! BE the space for that which you most value in life and your energy spent on YOU will always yield a proper return.

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