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Saturn in Libra ~ 2009-2012

~ Saturn in Libra ~
Oct 29, 2009 - Oct 6, 2012

Saturn Retrograde in Libra ~ Jan 13, 2010
Saturn Direct in Virgo ~ May 30, 2010
*Final pass through Virgo ~ Apr 7 - July 20, 2010

Initiating Collaborations
Renewing Relationships

First things first, Saturn takes 28-30 years to travel through all 12 signs, spending 2-3 years in each sign. Saturn is also known as the Great Teacher, Father Time or Lord of Karma ~ its whole purpose is to teach important lessons, determine healthy limits and remind you that YOU are responsible for all of it ~ who you are as well as what you create in the world. As Saturn moves through the sky, and thus through each sign, it will activate Saturn lessons for the collective. During the 20th Century, Saturn moved through Virgo: 1919-1921 ... 1948-1951 ... 1978-1980 ... and now, the 21st Century brings the first one to a close, 2007-2010. You can reflect on the history of those times to assess the collective lessons and repetitive patterns (there are many).

Your Saturn placement (sign/house) indicates your personal definition of reality, relationship with your 3-D / physical reality and the lesson you must master in order to build a solid foundation upon which your life can grow and expand. To that end, most people usually have to first learn what it feels like to be confined / limited by outer reality in order to determine what they are willing to truly be responsible for, how well they can build their own structures and how they will ultimately cultivate the inner authority to define their own reality. For example, Saturn in Aries requires the individual be as independent as possible, while somehow also maintaining balance (Libra) in their dealings with other people, relationships and society. Often, these people have to "learn the Saturn lesson" of standing up for themselves, defining their terms and being responsible for all aspects of their lives, which gets tested depending on how and when they attach their definition of reality to other outer forms, entities, people or structures.

As it is, the current Saturn lesson is that of Virgo: the lesson of discernment, knowing who, when and how much to Trust ... a strong connection to your inner knowing (intuition) in order to create an integrated Spirit (Pisces) having this human experience (Virgo). This lesson presents many possibilities, exposes all the "little things" wrong with your personal structure, which is also affecting the collective structure and gives you repeated opportunities for 2-3 years to assess (Virgo) your life's structure and create a plan to improve it so that it will last another 30 years. Consider also, that Virgo is the last of the "Personal Lessons" we go through before we venture "Above the Horizon" ~ "In to the World" culture of Libra. For now, the focus should be healing (Virgo) your own (personal and collective) structures (Saturn) so that the structure of your new (or re-newed) relationships (Libra) can receive a much needed infusion of Saturnine Strength and Fortification.

While Saturn is in Libra, the people and communities that you engage with over this next 3 years will reflect the (Virgo) healing self-work you already have under your belt, while also revealing what needs to be balanced (Libra) when working or playing with other life forms. This is a magical time for those who have truly cleared much karmic debris and positioned themselves well for contributing to the collective and interacting with other Beings on a much Higher vibratory level. For those who have avoided the self-healing work of strengthening their own structures by pouring their own precious resources of time and energy down the drain of failing structures in the world, families or communities, are being put on notice. Libra is a cool Air sign, Saturn is the planet of "Cool", demanding that "cooler heads must prevail", balance maintained and all must be fortified to sustain the structure you've been working on, that includes your life as well as the outer structures which support and protect life for all.*A more in-depth article on Saturn in Libra is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

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~ *Saturn Squares Pluto ~
1st (of 3) ~ Nov 15, 2009 ~ Saturn & Pluto Direct
2nd (of 3) ~ Jan 31, 2010 ~ Saturn Retrograde/Pluto Direct
3rd (of 3) ~ Aug 21, 2010 ~ Pluto Retrograde/Saturn Direct

Responsibility Squares-Off with Power

Another very important, and rare, alignment is the Saturn/Pluto dynamic, bringing the Ultimate Transformative Power to the Primary Structure of 3-D / Physical Reality for all life forms on Earth. Mother feels the stirrings deep within her belly, and eventually, each one of us will feel the reverberations too. On a personal level, this is tremendous power to direct on your own behalf. You can tap in to this potent alignment and *Synchronize* your Being/Body with our Source/Mother's Being/Body. Square position is a mixed blessing. In the Power Circle, we look at all Squares as necessary for growth and evolution. This is a challenging position, no doubt, but it also generates the much needed energy and resources to move you (out of your comfort zone) in to new territory. Essentially, Responsibility (Saturn) and Balance (Libra) ~ are Squaring off at ~ Power (Pluto) and Worldly Structures (Capricorn rules society, government, education, health care, institutions and corporations). It is time for change and the Square ensures a definitive new direction, for better or worse. Your intentions, as well as conscious efforts, can contribute to the ultimate outcome. Do not ever under-estimate the power of your own Heart and ability to focus and co-create your reality.

Individually, you will have to prioritize the most fundamental elements of your life (food, shelter, health care and education) and then begin, inch-by-inch, taking back your personal authority to govern your own life. It is time for many to remember that "Education & Exercise are the PUREST forms of Self-Love". It will be up to how invested you are in your own evolution. You can "settle" for what is available or you can "supplement" what is available but your own health and education should not be solely dependent on any outer entity. Culture, school, community are all "guides" but ultimately, what you learn in life is truly YOUR CHOICE. Maintaining a healthy body is YOUR responsibility. Advertisers and corporations are not sitting at your table determining what or how much you spend or consume. Again, they may present options, but you ultimately choose what makes your life more expansive or more limited. Most have a preference, but the key now is balance and integration. Consolidating and Expanding.

Collectively, the fundamentals of sustaining collective life on this planet must also shift. That means the systems (Virgo) which support and protect all life must get an "upgrade" of sorts. Theoretically, this "upgraded system" (based on what was revealed by both these planets' recent travels (Saturn in Virgo and Pluto through Sag) will help support the global community (Saturn in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn). "New and Different" would actually be living in balance, peace and harmony with each other ~ THAT would be "new and different" ~ compared to the war and oppression people seem to always have to experience before remembering we are ALL ONE.

This 3-part Activation will peak around the dates above, but the influence stretches the entire 3 years Saturn remains in Libra. In fact, when you look at what "lessons" Saturn is bringing ~ during the 16 year period of Pluto in Capricorn ~ an even more broad (and potent) story is revealed. The years 2007 - 2026, Saturn will traverse Virgo through Pisces. On a collective level, from the structure of our physical form and daily life (Virgo) ... to the structure of our ultimate Oneness and spirituality (Pisces) ~ Saturn is going to infuse an old reality with new lessons and new definitions, more reflective of "here and now". 2017-2020, Saturn will be in Capricorn, in the exact space as Pluto for almost 3 years, transforming life as never before, just prior to the USA's Pluto Return in 2022.

This will be an unprecedented time in our collective history, in the USA's history, and entire generations of individuals with Saturn in one of those 6 signs. Perhaps, we will gather our collective ingenuity, strength and inner-responsibility to create societal structures that are practical, realistic and effective when Saturn joins Pluto in Capricorn. This will lay the groundwork for Saturn in Aquarius, creating renewed structures which will ultimately benefit all life on the planet, as a unified whole. The USA's Pluto Return is a collective RE-BIRTH on a grand scale. America can be born anew in the Aquarian Age, with the balance of Leo/Aquarius energy, supporting all life, large and small. Try to direct your focus toward the Light (however minute and far away it may seem from our limited individual perspective) and allow your heart to lead you through the dark patches.
*A more in-depth article on working with this particular alignment is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

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Mary said...

This was very informative and designed well for the inquisitive reader. As a Virgo, I can tell you that I am healing and my lessons were difficult and challenging from childhood issues. I am ready to move on and have always felt better with a balanced perspective on life. My daughter is a Libra and I'm sure she will be going through her own life lessons with her daughter in the next couple of years. Thank you for an insightful explanation of the stars and how it relates to our lives.