Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Beginnings Are Delicate, Yet Vital

Beginnings Are Delicate, Yet Vital

Time period to be considered *now*
... October 14 ~ Nov 20, 2009

The following 4 entries started out as one article of "Highlights" and quickly became individual "Details" and still requires even more in-depth exploration (and explanation). I will be writing follow up articles to most of what follows as their combined influence stretches far and wide. However, this initial period is most important for setting the tone and attracting all that you need, desire and deserve in order to best navigate this time. The more consciously we all move through this period of time, the better positioned we'll be to build/expand in the future. Take in whatever you can, work on what intuitively jumps out as *vital* for you personally, and come back to visit the rest periodically over the next year.

Large individual and collective patterns are unfolding at this time. Control is an illusion. I looked up the origins of the word "control" and found: contra (against) roll (wheel turning). Only humans oppose Nature, all other lifeforms just Adapt. Another take on the word "control" was "to check, verify, regulate". Now, as a supposedly "evolved" species, perhaps we could use our intelligence, awareness, technology and Infinite ingenious gifts we possess, naturally I might add, to work *WITH Life* ~ with Mother Earth ~ with Nature ~ with Cycles. We cannot control or predict EVERYTHING, but there are loose guidelines upon which we can depend for certain periods of time and at regular intervals. The following is a snapshot of *now* to get you started. The last Sacred Season of the Solar year and the Forecast is coming the first week of November ~ stay tuned!

Venus in Libra ~ Oct 14 - Nov 7, 2009

Mars in Leo ~ Oct 16, 2009 - June 7, 2010
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Saturn in Libra ~ Oct 29, 2009 - Oct 6, 2012
*Plus* FREE Tele-Class ~ 11.19.2009

Healing Trinity ~ Forward Motion ~ Oct/Nov 2009
*Plus* FREE Tele-Class ~ 11.5.2009

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