Monday, October 12, 2009

Balance & Purification ~ Leads to Renewed Truth & Purpose

Fall Equinox kicked off an on-going stream of activations and this week is pivotal. Pivotal as in ~ shifting you and your attention toward a new direction. It is going to be intense and rapid-fire, now thru the first week of November. This week initiates the Healing Trinity's renewed forward movement. Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have been Retrograde for the last several months. This has turned the healing focus *INWARD* and there has been a tremendous amount of permanent healing done on the Individual level, so that once all three planets are forward again, you are in a stronger position to contribute, and then the Healing focus will shift back toward the Collective. This potent combo is facilitating the necessary healing and fusion (for Earth and ALL Life) before we can fully function at this Higher Vibratory Frequency. We are in, and approaching even more, decidedly *NEW* territory. Properly navigating *NOW* is essential to your ultimate success with whatever your focus may be at this time.

This week ... October 11 - 17, 2009

Jupiter (your Truth/your Story) goes forward in Aquarius ~ how did your "editing" process go June-October? Jupiter expands your awareness, thus expanding your personal Truth as you learn ... and process what you are learning. In Aquarius, it will demand that you cultivate an authentic Self (Leo) so you can contribute your unique *piece* to humanity (Aquarius), and to the Universe. As it goes forward, so too will your personal Truth & Story evolve.

Ceres (what/how you nurture) moves in to Scorpio ~ the focus shifts from Libra, wanting to purify and nurture your relationships and environment ~ *SURFACE* issues ... to Scorpio, *BELOW* the surface issues. What seeds are germinating in YOUR darkness? Think Garden: What needs a pruning/clearing so it can thrive and grow better? Scorpio is the lesson of karma and the most potent, creative energy in the zodiac. Ruled by Pluto, it is your connection and experience of power and all the issues that go with having any amount of power, let alone the enormous amount afforded the average human. Be mindful that anytime ANY planet is in Scorpio, molecules are moving and forming with lightning speed ~ anything you *think* can (and often will) manifest sooner than later. Stay in the Light as much as possible, composting any negative energy so it can be fuel rather than poison.

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) moves in to Libra, where She is most 'at home'. Venus rules Taurus and Libra, expanding our concepts of kinship, sustenance and beauty. In Libra, we are restoring balance within the individual and cultivating cleaner connections with others. It is truly time to renew solid relationships and release toxic ones. This is a time to beautify your Self and your Sacred Space, work on your art, create and socialize in loving, happy circles with other creative, progressive souls.

Mars (what we deeply desire/what we are passionate about) moves in to Leo where it will initiate a 7-Month journey/process, including a Retrograde which only happens every 2 years. Mars in Leo connects you with your inner *FIRE* ... who are you? what do you want? what gets you fired up? what are you passionate about, willing to fight for and dedicated to protecting? This energy is going to make some people acutely uncomfortable and others will thrive and radiate Light like never before. Love becomes a verb at this time, and as you learn to love your Self, you are better able to give and receive love out in the world. Pay attention to events which occur now (Oct 16th) to Winter Solstice (Dec 21st) because this will be the material of Mars' Retrograde (Dec 20, 2009 - Mar 10, 2010). The beauty of a Retrograde is second chances, so pay attention, it will be decades before we get this specific opportunity again. We are defining what we want for ourselves and our Source, Mother Earth, and making love a *VERB* ~ for both.

All this is leading up to the Libra New Moon (Oct 18th). Aries Full Moon shined a bright light on that which is no longer part of your Identity, what you no longer want/desire in your life. As you begin to more fully express this "new you", the more your partnerships and relationships will also have to adjust. The Libra New Moon is an excellent time to set your intentions for restored Balance within your own Being, enabling healthier relationships. Keep in mind you will always attract your *Vibrational Match* ... how's your vibe these days? Inviting, welcoming ... or ... guarded and doubtful?

Major shifts are occurring in this short periods of time, not giving anyone very much time to process before another one occurs. Somehow, this is perfect, Divine Order. I also notice an ebb and flow with it. We are being pelted now (Sept/Oct) but after the first week of November, planetary movement is pretty minimal (though activations continue) but that will likely be a time when you can really digest and assimilate all the 'old' leaving, 'new' coming in and general transition of 2009. And whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, it is an excellent time to bask in *GRATITUDE* for all your lessons and all your blessings. Based on all you've learned and integrated, what will you create in the coming year?

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