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Mars Retrograde in LEO ~ 2009-2010

~ Mars in Leo ~
Oct 16, 2009 - June 7, 2010

Mars Retrograde ~ Dec 20, 2009
Mars Direct ~ Mar 10, 2010
Will You Do Self-Love or Self-Sabotage?

Mars (what you deeply desire/what you are passionate about) is in Leo (creativity, Heart, courage, Light, Love) where it has initiated a 7+ month journey/process, including a Retrograde which only happens every 2 years. This is a Double-Fire combo, making it extremely potent, and as with any amount of Power, much responsibility and conscious thought is necessary to make it effective, rather than destructive. Using this Double Fire energy for creativity and purification is highly recommended. This combo represents who you are, what you want and what you truly value. This much Fire (power) must be directed with care and never left "unattended". If you are not paying attention and allow this fiery energy to blaze out of control, you will destroy rather than create; you will burn out your valuable energy rather than light your Path. If you already struggle with volatile emotions and roaring reactions, this is going to be an ultimate test for you. Be very mindful, there is no disguising this energy and it will make you a target for cooler, strategic minds to use your own energies against you.

In late 2007-early 2008, we experienced the last Mars Retrograde through Cancer. It is my opinion that *IF* you did the cleansing/clearing work of Mars in Cancer then, you will be better positioned to maximize the potential of Mars in Leo this Retrograde (review) Cycle. Remember, everything leads to the next thing. In Cancer, we got very clear about our definitions of emotional and material security, we released the past and healed very deep, personal wounds of childhood (some past lives and ancestral wounds as well for those willing to delve that deep). Mars always asks the question, "What do you really WANT?" Do you want to walk around with your heart on your sleeve, immediately revealing your deepest wounds from childhood and reliving family dramas, all in an effort for others to "understand" you better? Most would say, "no". Well, Mars in Leo will have NONE of the Cancer weepy-ness, mired in the past, afraid to make any moves or constantly moving sideways and backward, rather than directly forward.

This energy demands action, my recommendation is to temper that fiery energy with a worthy cause: YOU!! Everything you "want" ~ everything you "love" ~ everything you've "attracted" in to your life is a reflection of your deepest belief about what you are WORTH. Mars in Leo is going to test the work you did when it last Retrograded through Cancer. What's the point of clearing past pain if you cannot then turn and shine your brilliant, loving Light through the courageous act of true, authentic *SELF-LOVE*? Love, as I've said, needs to become a *VERB* (action word) over the next 7+ months. Loving Self enough to feed it properly, maintain it at a basic or higher level, educate your Self, share your Self with others who appreciate all that you ARE and reflect back to you brilliant variations of YOU!

For naturally fiery natures, you may want to consciously direct this passionate and potent energy in to a cause or dear project. For those of you who are NOT naturally fiery, this energy lends strength and courage to step in to your authentic Self and create necessary energy to facilitate change. Either way, all should be tuned in for the upcoming Review (Dec 20 - Mar 10) when action in the world will slow ever-so slightly, nudging you to turn Mars activity toward internal concerns. "DO" You ... rather than "do" in the world. A brief 3-month cycle to review how you are really "loving self" ~ how passionate you are about certain issues which affect all life ~ how you support or suppress your own innate creativity ~ and ultimately, how well you keep your ego in check. Mars in Leo makes it mandatory to allow your Higher Self to lead, because if ego gets involved not only will you fail, but you will fail in front a large audience.
*A more in-depth article on Mars in Leo is coming soon ~ stay tuned!

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