Monday, March 16, 2009

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~ New Beginnings ~ Initiation ~ ReBirth ~

Every year we initiate a new annual cycle when the Sun enters Aries, the Infant on the Karmic Wheel, Spring Equinox honors the Light and initiates forward movement and whatever Planetary Alignments of the time assist, by contributing to the energetic mix, their power and lessons. This year, there are many assistants to your *process* of unfoldment, but the *stars* of this initiation are: Pluto, Venus and Mars. (Bigger themes still apply, like the Saturn/Uranus, but herein I am referring to the current ANNUAL cycle.)

Pluto in Capricorn, purifying and transforming what you are truly responsible for, which is ultimately your contribution. Venus Retrograde in Aries at the beginning of 2009, rebirthing your identity to reflect your new values and priorities ... so that by the end of the year, when Mars Retrogrades in Leo, you are prepared to put in to action this newfound Self-Love with the full knowledge and understanding that, until you deeply and truly love yourself, you will not be able to fully understand or embrace the concept of loving others and therefore, will still "feel" isolated, separated and left out. Remember the other Mars/Leo lesson is managing your ego drives. When your ego drives are imbalanced, you may feel SEPARATE from your Source ~ separate from your eternal truth ~ and constantly chasing something just out of reach because you've forgotten it is WITHIN YOU. (Our canine relatives would tell you that is 'chasing your tail', which looks pretty silly and gets you nowhere.)

SO ... A new beginning ~ fresh start ~ clean slate ... and who better to assist with clearing the debris and releasing the non-essential to make *room* for your 'new beginning' ~ than Pluto, Lord of Purification & Transformation. Your essential nature (Sun) and the purest, deepest part of you (Pluto) connect in a rhythm every year, four times a year for the next 16 years that Pluto is in Capricorn. As it reshapes you from the inside out, so too will the collective shapeshift.

The four connections are:
~ Initiation ~ Winter Solstice/Capricorn
~ First Test ~ Spring Equinox/Aries
~ Integration ~ Summer Solstice/Cancer
~ Final Test ~ Fall Equinox/Libra

Some astrologers consider Conjunctions, Oppositions and Squares as "hard" and "negative", however, I do not ever subscribe to "blanket rules or assessments" when seasons and human beings are in the mix ~ *ANYTHING* IS POSSIBLE! These connections, which the planets make to each other, facilitate movement and necessary change. If you are ready, open and receptive, they ASSIST you in moving to the next level, creating tangible results and measurable progress. If you are not ready, narrow-minded and/or resistant to change, then yes, it is going to be more challenging ... but you'll be in new territory nonetheless. Perhaps facing these crossroads and choices will make you more amenable to the current shifts within the very essence of your Being. Most of you know by now, I am ALL ABOUT THE CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION with the available energies. It's my job to tell you what those energies are, it's your job to direct them in your own life and community.

The *Initiation is Winter Solstice, when Sun/Pluto get together, increase each other's power to purify you and your intentions for the coming new year. They advise, "First, you must rest, replenish, mature and gather strength (power)." *Spring and *Fall Equinox, when Sun/Pluto have to consciously work out their differences, and you are moved to a new level of understanding by choice or by force, it's up to you and your consciousness to decide. Both Equinoxes bring the push to the next level in their individual ways. *Spring Equinox is about initiation, new beginnings, getting things moving in a forward direction. *Fall Equinox is about assessment of the harvest, how productive and effective you have been throughout the year. Both require decisions and are dynamic in nature, facilitating actual change. *Summer Solstice, when Sun/Pluto have to balance and integrate all that you've initiated at Spring-time; it's a time of blossoming and expanding and you are moved to accommodate all that you've created in new, innovative ways.

The whole year is about rhythm! And just imagine if you start off on a GOOD FOOT! You have excellent support from Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation), as your lower will and Higher will are in alignment and you have the energy to apply much of what you've learned lately into anchoring your new Being. This energy will give you the determination to succeed despite the tough choices you have to make about the essence of who you are (Sun) and what is most important and valuable to you (Venus). You are *READY*!! Don't look back, practice presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Pisces/Virgo Lunar Cycle

PISCES: Unity Requires Order
VIRGO: Healing Requires Faith

As I reflect on Pisces energy, the first thing that comes is a reflection on this time last year. Feb 2008 ~ what was going on for you at that time? That was the *SPLIT* ~ purgatory ~ transition ~ turning point ~ crossroads ~ in between time ~ what I now refer to as *The SWEET SPOT*. 2008, the entire year, could be considered the "transitional year" for many. It *COMPLETED* a cycle which began in 1989-1990. That cycle had to do with, among many other things, your integration of the Pisces/Virgo lessons and energies: trusting your intuition, the illusion of control and human/spirit or physical/spiritual integration. Also in 2008, Aquarius/Leo *INITIATED* its 18.5 year cycle when you have the opportunity to BE the Light that you are, within the context of how that Light contributes to the community to which you belong. Your Beingness has to serve in some way, which will automatically nourish you as well.

I happened to catch a glimpse of the Virgo Full Moon chart for 3.10.2009 when I was doing this article and I noticed that the *Mystical Rectangle* from 1.10.2009 (Cancer Full/Super Moon) has turned from a delicious and loving kiss, to a passionate embrace, igniting sparks of creativity now and change to come.

The *KISS* ~ now *PASSIONATE EMBRACE* is between Moon/Saturn and Sun/Uranus. Every Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are opposite each other activating your monthly cycle of balancing your inner and outer Being. Right now, 2008-2010, Saturn and Uranus are opposite each other anchoring a 40+ year collective cycle, radically shifting our fundamental structures of life. Moon/Saturn in Virgo in the 10th House. Your inner nature (Moon) is anchoring (Saturn) the new system (Virgo).

The past (Moon) and the structure of your being (Saturn) are being healed (Virgo) so you can now contribute more to society (10th House).

You're learning that the strength and integrity of your inner (Moon) foundation (Saturn), determines your effectiveness (Virgo) in the world (10th House).

You're learning to be responsible (Saturn) for your own feelings (Moon) and your own healing (Virgo) and then your contribution to society (10th House) is that much more of a service and benefit to all.


Sun/Uranus in Pisces in the 4th House. Your essential Self (Sun), your dream and your definition of 'home' and sacred space are all radically shifting (Uranus).

The present moment (Sun) brings the liberation (Uranus) from the illusion (Pisces) of separateness and renews the energy in your 4th House: sacred space, emotional security, home, property, parents (esp. mother) or the aspect of you that nurtures and supports, understanding, dealing with and expressing emotions.

You're learning that the Base (4th House) of who you are (Sun) is changing (Uranus), and has an opportunity to integrate the lesson of Pisces: completion, sensitivity, intuition, trust, surrender and the womb of development (prior to rebirth in Aries).

Keep in mind, the Sun's journey through Pisces is annual, while Uranus will only spend about 7 years in Pisces, taking 84 years to return. So embrace the shifts going on within and around you as you are in a collective womb, that when rebirth occurs, you will be forever changed within and moved to a new space out in the world. That is so 4th/10th House domain.

*NOTE: We have tremendous access to some incredible balance and integration of our Masculine/Feminine energies. Several planets and signs are in *Mutual Reception* ~ allowing for a natural flow and expression of these energies.

Pisces, being the most elusive of all the signs, challenged me to come up with yet more useful guidance for this time. I reviewed the last couple of newsletters, they were quite succinct; I reviewed all the energy for the month as I posted it, yep, covered everything; and all the major additional planetary action, I covered in the Monthly Forecast. So what's left?

Aaahhhhhh ... SURRENDER ... to any subtleties I've missed. I sit, at first with a chuckle, "Kelly, speechless? No way!" Then I 'shush' the inner dialogue and INVITE a feeling, ASK Great Spirit to guide me, ALLOW Truth to come to the surface and reveal yet another perspective ... something useful and relevant to ALL.

Ultimately, it is this message I'd like to convey. When you feel resistant, surrender and invite peace. Do the Heart Meditation often. It is in those peaceful, centered moments that vital pieces to who you are and what you're doing and where you're heading ~ come to the surface of your conscious mind. Then of course, free will and choice remain yours. Virgo/Pisces energy facilitates *HEALING* ~ *FUSING* Body and Soul ~ preparing you for your *NEW IDENTITY* (Aries) and *NEW COLLABORATIONS* (Libra). You, represented by the Sun in Pisces, have completed quite a journey in one year and are progressing toward Spring Equinox 2009. Collectively, represented by Uranus in Pisces, we are completing an 84-year cycle in history.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pisces 2009 Forecast

This month you should keep in mind that there are many larger energies moving in the background of what I cover herein. These larger themes influence the monthly energies we all experience.

*Saturn in Virgo ~ Opposite ~ Uranus in Pisces ~ is moving individuals and the collective in to new territory and only bringing that which is healthy, balanced, stable and sustainable from the past. This energy forces you to break old patterns ... just remember to CREATE *NEW* ones too! Intent is key!

*Leo/Aquarius Eclipses ~ are still fresh in the air indicating the crossroads we all face with learning to love Self and serve the Community. The Eclipses generally shake things up to give you the opportunity to make adjustments or corrections in these areas of your life. This is sometimes creative, sometimes chaotic, most often, both. It is, however, the best time to discover how amazing it feels to be a part of something bigger than your personal drama, the perfect time to set aside ego, lighten up a bit and look around for who/what needs your energy? your contribution? your unique gift?

*Jupiter in Aquarius ~ is in the background all year stirring up the Aquarius section of our individual and collective lives. It is bringing *IDEALS* in to the light to be examined. How have your ideals shifted over the last 12 years? What ideals would you like to be experiencing for the next 12 years? It’s journey last year, through Capricorn, should’ve revealed what/how you want to contribute to society; this year, through Aquarius, you will learn where it is most needed; next year, through Pisces, you will infuse it with your Spirit; and when Jupiter hits Aries, you better be ready to *LIVE* your NEW Story!

*Pluto in Capricorn ~ is initiating a 16-year journey through the Capricorn section of our lives, purifying and distilling our society to reflect a more global Truth & Purpose, which serves and supports ALL LIFE. Ahh, there is much work to be done, yes, but just think how wonderful to have the power of Pluto assisting us.

There are likely more but these four popped in to my head right away.

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