Thursday, January 8, 2009

2009: Initiation ~ Release ~ in Preparation For ... the Eternal *NOW*

Retrogrades ... Initiating the new year is Saturn and Mercury both Retrograding, indicating that your ideas and concepts of "structure" ~ the structure of your mind, body, spirit, life and life's work ~ ALL need some serious attention. Some of you just need a strategic tweak here and there, others need to completely change their minds and their "structures" will follow.

Mystical Assistance ... We are so beautifully supported by what's called a Mystic Rectangle, which looks like a giant *X* in the sky ... so consider this a *kiss* from the Universe! Are we getting personal? Damn skippy(!) we are!! The Sun and Moon are opposite each other and Saturn and Uranus are opposite each other in this formation, so I want to remind you that, while every day reveals more about the collective shifts, we are going to use this brilliant Super Moon and Full Moon in Cancer to explore those energies on a more individual and very personal level.

This Capricorn season is VITAL where your intentions, and certainly your actions, are concerned. You are not going to be able to literally address ALL that is tickling your consciousness on one level or another, but you CAN set some serious intentions, while also INVITING the Invisible Help (ancestors, guides, angels and benevolent energies / entities) to assist with blockages, blind spots & filling in the blanks.
(*More Details to come on this Mystical Rectangle aspect, stay tuned.)

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  • Release & Restoration
  • Magical Moon Ritual
Current Cancer energy and 10th House issues:
home, family, sacred space, your base/foundation,
where you replenish, contain and nurture
your being and your dreams.
10th HOUSE:
career, contribution to society,responsibilities,
inner authority, andwhat you are known for, your reputation.

*NOTE: The work continues for three days AFTER the full moon so please know that whenever you read this is Divine Time and Order and your energy and prayers are received in the Eternal *NOW* as part of our Power Circle which is part of the Infinite Circle of Life, now and always. Join us energetically all weekend and beyond!