Thursday, September 8, 2011

Virgo 2011 ~ Prepare & Clarify Prior to Choices & Decisions

VIRGO: Healing Requires Faith
PISCES: Unity Requires Order

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~ 8.30.2011 ~
Prepare & Clarify Prior to Choices & Decisions
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Hi All ~ The last time we connected was around August 8th when the current *Sacred* Season began. This Cross Quarter/*Gate of Power* starts mid-Leo (8/7) and goes all the way through Virgo (9/22), in preparation for Fall Equinox/Libra (9/23). It has been an incredible ride so far ... for all of us! I am deeply grateful for all of you in the Power Circle Community. Please check out the latest Weekly Audio (26-min) + *BONUS* Divinations Audio (46-min). I've also linked a couple of *Relevant Reflections* below to get you started on your Virgo-work. Regarding this week's Bonus Divinations, they were so *Spontaneous, Organic & Delicious* ~ that I had to *share*. They are to guide us late-August thru late-September (2011) and I hope you find them *useful & relevant*. I got the idea to do Divine Guidance for each ...


~ Cardinal ~


~ Fixed ~


~ Mutable ~


Many of us have all *3* activated in our charts and each Modality operates differently. The Guidance will serve as support for each set of Signs, also guiding you for those *Areas of Life* (Houses) being Activated this month specifically. This Guidance will prove most useful if you are really working this *Sacred* Season ~ the *Mid-Point* between *Summer* Solstice and *Fall* Equinox. Below, you will find *VIRGO* links that are useful & relevant for navigating *NOW*.

Infinite Gratitude & Blessings to All,

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