Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pisces 2009 Forecast

This month you should keep in mind that there are many larger energies moving in the background of what I cover herein. These larger themes influence the monthly energies we all experience.

*Saturn in Virgo ~ Opposite ~ Uranus in Pisces ~ is moving individuals and the collective in to new territory and only bringing that which is healthy, balanced, stable and sustainable from the past. This energy forces you to break old patterns ... just remember to CREATE *NEW* ones too! Intent is key!

*Leo/Aquarius Eclipses ~ are still fresh in the air indicating the crossroads we all face with learning to love Self and serve the Community. The Eclipses generally shake things up to give you the opportunity to make adjustments or corrections in these areas of your life. This is sometimes creative, sometimes chaotic, most often, both. It is, however, the best time to discover how amazing it feels to be a part of something bigger than your personal drama, the perfect time to set aside ego, lighten up a bit and look around for who/what needs your energy? your contribution? your unique gift?

*Jupiter in Aquarius ~ is in the background all year stirring up the Aquarius section of our individual and collective lives. It is bringing *IDEALS* in to the light to be examined. How have your ideals shifted over the last 12 years? What ideals would you like to be experiencing for the next 12 years? It’s journey last year, through Capricorn, should’ve revealed what/how you want to contribute to society; this year, through Aquarius, you will learn where it is most needed; next year, through Pisces, you will infuse it with your Spirit; and when Jupiter hits Aries, you better be ready to *LIVE* your NEW Story!

*Pluto in Capricorn ~ is initiating a 16-year journey through the Capricorn section of our lives, purifying and distilling our society to reflect a more global Truth & Purpose, which serves and supports ALL LIFE. Ahh, there is much work to be done, yes, but just think how wonderful to have the power of Pluto assisting us.

There are likely more but these four popped in to my head right away.

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