Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sun Mars & Pluto Launch 2yr Cycle Transforming Who You Are & What You Want

Part of the energy this month, with ALL planets FORWARD, is Sun (who you are) and Mars (what you want) mixing it up with Pluto the Lord of Transformation. Yes, I know we all know 'shift happens' but now there are going to be periods where if feels very "personal" and this is one of them.

Use this month to consciously co-create with these powerful energies. Sun is your essential being, core Self and Mars is your desire nature, what you deeply want, what motivates you to action, what you are passionate about and together with Pluto is adding juice and power to whatever you do so keep it in the LIGHT! And remember Pluto is also known as the PURIFIER - and its purpose is not to hurt or harm you but to strip you on the non-essential and release you from that which you may not release on your own. It is neither good nor bad ... it is just time.

You can use the Super Moon / Full Moon in Gemini to RELEASE ideas and concepts which no longer serve (in general, full moons are for releasing and new moons are for bringing in). This is a PERFECT month to come up with NEW IDEAS of what you want and who you are and consciously participate in your own evolution! Access that Mars/Sun courage and surrender to that which is already leaving (or left) your being/your life (Pluto) and just BE for a bit in the space in between.

Trust me, once you surrender and are still and quiet, Spirit will lead you toward your next step. Pace yourself, this is a two year process with a Mars Retrograde in Leo coming to help you with actively loving your Self more and clearing any blockages to letting your true, pure LIGHT SHINE! You can do this work ANYTIME you are conscious and directing your energy, but think of working with the planets when all is supported as a way to get you to your goal FASTER adding more MAGIC to the mix!

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