Thursday, December 22, 2011

*WINTER* Solstice 2011

*Energetic* Guidance & Support
for Navigating *NOW*
~ 12.22.2011 ~
*WINTER* Solstice 2011
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Our life is an apprenticeship to the Truth
that around every circle another can be drawn;
that there is no end in nature,
but every end is a beginning,
and under every deep
a lower deep opens.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Hi All ~ Happy Solstice! I have more to share before year's end, but wanted you to have the *Winter* Solstice energetic *support* to guide you through this weekend and in to the First Qtr of the year. There is a 37-min Audio that covers the *Winter* Solstice Overview, Chart and I-Ching Guidance. As you listen and *Initiate* your *NEW* Year, consider all the tremendous *support* we have from the current planetary movement, cycles and alignments. Solstice initiates our long-term goals, while within 48-hrs the Capricorn New Moon initiates our *personal* goals, the *NEW* Reality we'd like to fully experience in the coming year *2012*. You may want to reflect on the July 2011 Capricorn Full Moon *Release* work you did to clear a space for this New Reality to anchor. Capricorn energy is all about how you hold your own structures, maintain your own foundations and are responsible for your own contribution.

Now, consider Jupiter going Direct at Zero *Taurus* (12/25) right after the Capricorn New Moon (12/24). We've now (theoretically) completed the *Annual* Editing process Jupiter brings with its Retrograde. Taurus brings up what everything is *Worth* ~ what you're worth, what your investment in Self & Others is worth, where your values lie at this time and what your priorities are around your personal *comfort* and 3D existence are concerned. Jupiter is the larger *Story* but if you have any Taurus/Scorpio or Leo/Aquarius Activated in your chart, then it gets *personal* for you. For the rest of us, we need to consider the Houses ruled by those Signs to see where Jupiter is evolving our own personal stories.

The other thing that jumps out as relevant to mention is all of this Capricorn/Cancer Energy is a *Response* to the last energy (Sag/Gemini Eclipses etc) and *Preparation* for the next leg of the journey come Aquarius/Leo work. So Sag/Gemini got us all thinking in completely new ways, which is now catalyzing *Choices & Decisions* ... which will lead to what we are able to manifest in *Form* and stabilize so that it supports us going forward in to the next round of energetic *Work*.

The *Rhythm* goes something like this ...

Mutable Energy ~
~ Gemini/Sagittarius/Virgo/Pisces
~ Inspires the Ideas, Thoughts & Concepts

~ which catalyzes Direction
Cardinal Energy ~
~ Aries/Libra/Cancer/Capricorn
Inspires the Choices & Decisions

~ which catalyzes Action
Fixed Energy ~
~ Taurus/Scorpio/Leo/Aquarius
Inspires the Grounding & Consolidation

~ which catalyzes Stability

With all that in mind, note that Mercury will finish its extended stay in Sag by Jan 8th when it will move in to Capricorn. I suspect that will be when many of the *Ideas & Concepts* you've entertained and invested in over the last year will finally begin to take on a discernable *Form & Shape* that you can then build on. Jan 9th brings the Cancer Full Moon, which too will *Illuminate* which ideas will actually *Feed* you in some substantial way in the coming 6-months, most likely by revealing any *Famine* you've experienced over the last year. Now & Always, despite holiday *obligations* or any challenging *appearances*, the Universe continues to support our *Evolution* so tune in when/where you can and give a nod to the *Source* Energy which brings the *Blessings & Miracles* truly possible as we step in to this delicious & potent New Year! More Soon! I wish everyone a *Joyous* New Year!

PS - Click Here for Weekly Forecast to guide the remainder of the year. I'd like to point out the usefulness of co-creating with the Sun/Pluto *Annual* Activation (12/29) and all the Activations leading up to that one are your *Prep* Work.

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