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FEB 2010 ~ Candlemas / Cross Quarter

FEB 2010 ~ Candlemas / Cross Quarter
+ *FREE* Tele-Gathering to Celebrate!

~ Feb 1st each year, is the second of *8* Sacred Seasons ~ *INVITING* a renewal of the Light. The light is returning, the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter. This is the season you commit to the process of nurturing the intentions you set for the new year at Winter Solstice. In order to create anew, sacrifices and changes must be made. This time of year coincides with Lent, when many cultures give up something cherished in an effort to cleanse and clear a space for renewed growth, within your Being and your environment. This season will culminate on Aug 1st with the Cross Quarter/Lammas, so what would you like to create by then? What are you willing to give up to further your goals? What relationships are you willing to commit to and cultivate?

Cross Quarters are considered the *Gates of Power* ~ the in between ~ the mid-point between the Solstices and Equinoxes. This is the *Sweet Spot* ~ between seed and new life, where Infinite Potential lies. Use this time to turn within and hold your own counsel. Define freedom. Define liberation. Define community.

The Houses being activated by this Sacred Season
are the areas of your life where you are:
Acknowledging a Turning Point
Using the Sacred Season to Rest, Replenish & Ruminate
Broadening Your Vision
New beginning / clean slate
Your definition of freedom
Your unique contribution to the community
Healing of all self-love issues
Trying new and innovative ways for living (in the new era/new energy)
New hopes and dreams
Time of change
Complete rebirth/new life/new look
Fiery Creativity; new projects or old projects being renewed
Independence and Leadership

The House Being Activated for the
11th House of: helpful people, friends, community, detachment, expanded thinking, hopes and wishes
*Note ~ 11th House
is related to Uranus and Aquarius, increasing intensity for many related issues.

Join us for a *FREE* Tele-Gathering
Celebrating the Sacred Season
Cross Qtr/Candlemas ~ 2010

w. Kelly M Beard
Shanta Gabriel
Thursday, February 4, 2010
@ 9:00pm-10:00pm
(US/Eastern Time)
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