Sunday, January 24, 2010

AQUARIUS 2010 ~ Freedom & Liberation for ALL Life!

Inner Peace & Love is the Way to
Freedom & Liberation for ALL Life!

AQUARIUS: Freedom Requires Responsibility
LEO: Love Requires Authenticity

Aquarius has to integrate the self-love lesson of Leo, in order to make its unique contribution to the community and reminds you to think outside the box (Aquarius/Uranus) & follow your heart (Leo/Sun) for the betterment of all. One month past the Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses (course corrections) of Dec/Jan, what crossroads can you identify? What correlations can you make to the Aug 2008 Leo/Aquarius Eclipses? This Lunation will activate those Eclipses again this month. What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal/professional) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your essential nature (Leo/Sun) so you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way? We re-volve EVERY year ... this year we E-VOLVE!

A huge cycle in history just completed in 2008 (Pluto/Galactic Center/Sagittarius), and 2009 brought in considerable closure for those who go willingly and voluntarily (to the next level) and own a *NEW* Truth/Story. The way is a bit more harrowing for those who insist on holding on (fixed nature types) to that which has crumbled and dis-integrated because it has served its purpose, completed and is no longer necessary. It is time for you to further define truth and happiness for yourself. It can no longer follow the formula of generations past. You have direct access to this potent Uranian energy and you can now connect directly to a UNIQUE VISION OF LIFE, COMMUNITY AND THE PLANET.

The recent surge of Capricorn/Saturn energy has brought to the surface the need for a reality check but we're going to take that to a Higher level now, and rework our definition of reality and security. It is time to operate strictly from the HEART ... chase a PURPOSE, not a job! What is your purpose? How do you serve and contribute? If you've been stuck in "survival mode", for whatever reason, now is the time for a paradigm shift in to *Self-Preservation* ~ breaking chains of "obligation" in favor of being joyfully *responsible* for all you create. Life is too short and certainly hard enough on its own but when you are focused on a purpose, something bigger than you, you're in the FLOW, participating, co-creating a much richer experience for your Self and those lives you touch along the way (of which there are many).

There is just one life for each of us:

If you have been getting in-sync with your personal cycles and the current energy, harmonizing with nature more often, and vibrating at a new (and Higher) frequency, catching glimpses of your new reality, you are on the right track. Part of your covenant with the Universe, to be here at this time, is to usher in this new era. Your consciousness IS your contribution, how you use your energy at this time is setting the tone for generations to come. When you step out of "survival mode" even for a second, your perspective shifts and you see that you are participating at the dawn of a new age.

The beginning is the most delicate stage of evolution. You are likewise beginning anew (on one or many levels in your life). Choices made now are crucial to your long-term plan. Aquarius time is the perfect time to broaden the scope of your vision. Keep the 12 year cycle you just began in mind, what is the NEW STORY you want to tell (of your life)? If hindsight is 20/20, then what would you do differently NOW/TODAY to align your life and daily routine with your deepest heart's desire? For example, I've been using the moving metaphor lately because we have been "moving" in to a brand new, and long-term cycle.

It takes courage to grow up and
become who you truly are.

~ Say you had to move next month, what amenities would you look for that you did not think of when choosing the place you currently reside in?
~ In relationships, what would you choose differently if you were to start over at this time?
~ In career choices, how different would your career path be if you chose something you love and are passionate about versus what paid the most or had the most prestige, or worse, what someone else wanted you to do?

This is the time to apply these standard questions to the current *Time* and situation. How have you truly *moved* ... in consciousness and in reality? This is a prime opportunity to set new intentions for living your Truth & Purpose. The issues, people and circumstances that are leaving your life at this time are moving out in Divine Time. That is creating a vacuum for you to start fresh, with a clean slate. Choose wisely, be prepared to work hard but take time to recognize every blessing along the way. When you work from the heart, with passion and purpose, the angels pave the way!

The future has a way of ...
arriving UN-announced!

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cathy said...

Great post. I certainly feel all of these energies very intensely. Its very scary to let go of what you are used to and embrace a bigger vision of the world. Redefining yourself means you have let go of knowing who you are. I wish I had a clear idea of my purpose, its still so fuzzy. Its hard for me to release without knowing where I'm going. I have a lot of cardinal planets, but they make a nice big t-square. Lots of ideas and impulses no consensus.