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CAPRICORN 2010: Handle Your *Business*

Happy New Year! Can you feel it? We are definitely in *new* territory now! Think of when you just move in to a new place: you are exhausted & excited ~ you are hopeful & anxious ~ resources are probably low (energy and funds) ... and now, you are faced with *un-packing* and setting up *new* sacred space. We have just moved in to a new realm of existence and we must get "set up". Walk with me here ... you just moved, and you did a tremendous amount of purging as you packed and prepared to *move* ... as you unload your "stuff" in this new space, you realize there is more to be cleared, things don't work or fit the space and you release attachment to things you've held near & dear for some time ~ you *lighten* up and purge a little more before starting anew. Bask in this feeling for a moment. Lightness. Space. Room to Breathe. Then turn to meet the challenges and tasks of creating a whole new structure to your *LIFE*. You've moved and you must get to know your surroundings as well as those you share it with (community). You will get a rhythm soon enough. Welcome to Capricorn! Welcome to 2010!!

Capricorn brings the energy to handle your "business" (be it personal or professional). It is the time when you are most acutely aware of things that may not be fun or exciting but are fundamentally necessary to support your life. Responsibility. That's the "traditional" vibe. How about we breathe new life in to that by adding some renewed dedication to finding / creating / accessing / activating the passion and energy ~ to create a *new* structure and foundation, as well as cultivate *new* responses ~ your ability to respond to Life has evolved over time. 2010 ushers you in to the *new* but with Mercury and Mars Retrograde at the turn of the year, (and Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, soon follows 1/13) you are further guided that a deep reflective review is underway and must run its course before implementing new your ideas and taking new actions that support your essential needs and deepest desires. Mercury rules your ideas, thoughts, perceptions and your voice, while Mars rules your passions, actions, deepest desires (and means of attaining them), as well as how you deal with conflict and confrontation. The sign lessons point you toward responsible thoughts, words and deeds (Mercury in Capricorn) and deep, authentic self-love, courage and innate creativity (Leo). These things are what you are currently supported to re-define.

Capricorn gives structure to Cancer's flow, you have a chance to (re)define (Saturn) and connect with authentic emotional (Cancer) and material (Capricorn) security. These energies require you to access that which nourishes you (Cancer) on the deepest level so that you are fortified to make your unique contribution to society (Capricorn). *HOW* you navigate this time will be the key to success and completion. If Capricorns would engage positive Cancer (the Empath) and *feel* their way, their decisions would be more heart-based and confident. Use this time of year, every year, to be your own Architect of Life, design a new structure, play with ideas of the tangible and how it can come to be through your own imagination and efforts ... then follow directions and do things in stages of *building*, take your time so you can correct mistakes as they happen rather than have to re-do anything major and focus on stabilizing your foundation in a way that supports your own evolution and dreams.

The following article has a Universal feel to it and is a valuable reminder for the current times.

2008 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
How We Meet Our Fundamental Needs
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After re-reading the above *Reflections*, I found re-reading the following article infinitely valuable in assessing how well I worked the energies throughout the year 2009. It also helped me see how the energies manifested in 3-D. Well worth it ~ reflect and then perhaps (in line with the Mercury Retro season) re-work your intentions for 2010 ~ tweak ~ clarify ~ visualize ~ prepare for future action.

2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
Going Back to Go Forward
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