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2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections: Going Back to Go Forward

2009 Capricorn ~ Reflections:
Going Back to Go Forward

[Reprint from Capricorn / January 2009]

Every single person has
capabilities, abilities and gifts.
Living a good life depends on
whether those capabilities can be used,
abilities expressed and gifts given.

Achievement Requires Responsibility
Security Requires Self-Trust

2010 ~ Happy New Year! I am so excited about this new year and all the opportunities indicated by the planetary alignments. In each coming year, we are being led to a new level ... of existence and consciousness. There is nothing to fear but apathy and indecision. I highly recommend taking some time to set some priorities and goals because we are in for fast-paced and magical times. The year initiates with Mercury and Mars Retrograde indicating that our ideas and actions are under review as we launch 2010. And before Mercury goes Direct, Saturn will join them (1/13) so your definition of reality will be revised over the next several months and Jupiter enters Pisces completing a 12-year journey through the zodiac. Consider the next 1-year process to be the *womb* of development of a *new* 12-year Truth/Story, personally and collectively. Because who you are and what you want has changed, your 3-D reality naturally follows so the overall theme this year is to re-structure on many levels ~ in preparation for future forward movement.

This time 1 year ago ... reflect on the "before and after" of 2009! Very poignant!

[Previously ~ 2009 (w. minor edits)]
There is what's called a "Mystical Rectangle", which is a huge *kiss* from the Universe, setting us on this new path and supporting the restructuring we all must do, in such a beautiful way. The Super / Full Moon in Cancer and Sun, still in Capricorn, criss-cross Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces, which is on-going for two years (2008-2010) so we will end up with *several kisses* over 2009 & 2010 (and beyond). The Sun/Moon dynamic is balancing and integrating your inner and outer / private and public selves so they can begin to "match" better (though you may still be at the delicate initiatory stages). The Saturn/Uranus dynamic is balancing and integrating your reality and your consciousness, your physical and spiritual, your body and mind, and the new foundation that will better support you living a more awakened, liberated life that reflects your current Truth & Purpose.

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2009: Initiation ~ Release ~ in Preparation For ... the Eternal *NOW*

With so many key and pivotal events this year, I will be doing the one *FREE* Tele-Class each month to cover the biggest aspects and cycles affecting the collective, while writing more articles on the other dynamic energies kicking this year, which are just as relevant but more on an individual level. This first quarter is vital. January thru April are preparing you for a magical and potently creative and healing time come May, June & July is when Jupiter can bring expanded consciousness in the realm of Light, love and the community, as well as Jupiter's signature luck, abundance and expansion. This quarter, make sure you release that which you do not want 'expanded' and made bigger.

Jupiter Enters Aquarius ~ is going to stir things up for sure! Jupiter expands anything it touches, and this year it will be shining its gigantic light on Aquarian issues: humanitarian issues, the community, unconventional solutions, radical theories, objective broad overviews, expanded visions, and individual contributions that make the collective *whole* work better. Keep in mind that it takes Jupiter 12 years to move throughout the zodiac, so this is our chance to expand our individual and collective realms to be more inclusive of all souls, honoring all belief systems as Truth in their own right, and detachment from moral judgments made about things we, perhaps, don't entirely understand.

Saturn Oppose Uranus (2 of 5) ~ This is a Collective Activation that will *ping* us 5 times over a 2-year period (2009-2010) and it made me think of the "5-Act Structure" of a theatrical performance. There are many breakdowns and descriptions of the 5-Act Structure ... here's the "Kelly version":

ACT 1 ~ Introduction to the players and establishment of points and possibilities, as well as the time & place
~ Astrologically: INITIATION
~ Nov 4, 2008
ACT 2 ~
Events accelerate, momentum builds, complications and complexities are revealed
~ Astrologically: TEST of what you've learned so far
~ Feb 5, 2009

ACT 3 ~ Climax of action, choices, critical mass & crossroads
~ Astrologically: INTEGRATION, assessment and compromise
~ Sept 15, 2009
ACT 4 ~
Descent, fear (false evidence appearing real), test of faith and reversal of fortunes
~ Astrologically: TEST of the quality of integration
~ Apr 16, 2010
ACT 5 ~
Resolution, transmutation and awakening to a new level of understanding
~ Astrologically: COMPLETION ... in preparation for initiation of a new kind
~ July 26, 2010 / Aries-Libra Axis

MARCH 2009
Venus Retrograde ~ is a blessing that comes approximately every year and a half. We are also amidst an 8-year Venus / Sun Cycle that only happens every 100-200 years, the last being 1882. This year you get to truly RE-Invent Your Self with Venus spending over 4-months in Aries, the sign that rules your Identity and the Infant on the Karmic Wheel. Definitely tune in to Venus through Pisces this year (JAN 3 - FEB 2), as that will feel most certainly like a cosmic womb preparing you to embark on a brand *NEW* leg of your personal, and our collective, journey.

Spring Equinox w. Leilah ~ The four (of eight) Sacred Seasons this year will bring a beautiful collaboration of Kelly's planetary dance and Leilah's celestial guided tour when we can *ALL* connect in the other realms, cultivating peace and harmony to bring back to the 3rd Dimension and share. We love when you are physically with us, and will be planning the events in Florida and Upstate New York. However, you can *ALWAYS* join us energetically and know we hold you in the Light and in every Circle with us.

And finally, as we approach the US inauguration of Barack Obama, to also encourage you to visualize this transition to include Capricorn's solid, responsible and cool energy, infused for about 60 hours prior to the election with potent Scorpio energy, shape-shifting us (individually and collectively) to own and honor Truth as Authority, rather than authority as truth. It is also good to acknowledge here that Ceres, Mercury and Saturn will be retrograde for inauguration suggesting the *PERFECT TIME* to re-vision your life and this country's administration (USA). Ceres in Virgo will assist in cultivating a healing that begins in each heart and expands to all living souls. Mercury in Aquarius will assist with re-thinking our collective definitions of family and community, leading us to a unique resolution that honors the Highest Good for all involved. And Saturn in Virgo, of course, will assist with healing the various systems and re-structuring all the major entities which support community life (government, health care, education etc). Whether you agree with Obama's politics or not, we must send him all the prayers, strength and good energy with rock-solid trust in the Universe to guide and direct his choices, knowing he is only the channel, the face on 'change' ~ he is NOT the Source.

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