Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SAGITTARIUS: Infinite Possibilities!

Expansion Requires Conscientiousness
Information Requires Wisdom

This month is the ONLY 20-day period of the entire year 2009 when ALL the planets are moving in forward motion, which means NO HOLDING BACK! Dec 1 - 20, with special attention to this week of the Sag New Moon (12/16) which completely supports planting the seeds of your *NEW* Truth / *NEW* Story. This is a small window of opportunity to hold your own counsel, tune in to the cosmos and your Higher Self and come up with a new and improved vision for your life. I suggest you use the holiday season to give your Self the GIFT of *TIME* to reflect and plan. You are standing on this side of a bridge, about to crossover to completely new, and as yet, unknown territory which deserves more than a fleeting thought.

Sagittarius requires us to take a moment to make meaning out of all the information we have gathered over the last 6-months - 12-years. Last month, the Scorpio energy brought some very real, deeply buried issues to the surface and further revealed what is truly ending, complete and finished, in your life. This time period in history is the reason for this "end-of-an-era-energy". We really are ending some HUGE cycles, personally and globally, and beginning completely NEW ones. There is no more postponing, putting on the back-burner, avoiding, burying, or sweeping under the rug - really, there is no more rug - no more cover! Not to totally negate free will and choice, you must remember that you can run but you can't hide (from Self) so you can "choose" to postpone ... or face things once and for all and move freely, LIGHTER, to the next level. It is time to subjugate your ego to that of higher, Divine Will.

If you find that things are dis-integrating in your life, keep in mind that some things have to "break" to realign, to heal correctly and re-integrate stronger. Many people are experiencing career change, relationships ending, income streams shifting, health issues popping up (or getting worse), please know that it truly is Divine Order. You are changing, growing, evolving, and when YOU change - everyone (and everything) else around you must shift too (or go away, even temporarily). These are "growing pains" or "labor pains" you are feeling and while they may seem unbearable in the moment, it is not a permanent condition. You are in the VOID - between the old and the new - where you have to focus - you have to breathe - and be present, keeping in mind the most optimistic possible outcome because if you give in to the fear, you only create more pain and more challenges.

Sagittarius time is the time in between the end (of the old) and the beginning (of the new), in between the invisible (Scorpio) and the visible (Capricorn) energies, where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to believe in your Self and the Universe (faith). (Later this month we move in to Capricorn where we begin to make the vision tangible and the physical work begins.) Sag asks everyone to reconsider their definition of Truth, Faith and Purpose. We are being presented with a tremendous OPPORTUNITY (Jupiter) the whole month of December. One month is scant time to free your mind of limitations, detach from appearances and focus ONLY on the Highest possible outcomes you can imagine (to any issue / problem / goal / objective). There are some powerful planetary shifts which are opening gateways to energy allowing us to readily connect to the Infinite Source of all creation. Take advantage of this time!!

We don't know where we're going ...
but we're on our way!

When I heard the above quote, I thought it perfectly illustrates where we are individually as well as collectively! Ready or not, the door to the past is closing and the door to the future is beckoning as you move in to the new energy ... and somehow in the void and through all the chaos, opportunity continues to blossom between the cracks in the structures which are crumbling around us.

Deep in the core of my being I feel that we are being moved in to position ~ in to a position where we can fulfill our individual and collective potential. Everyone is at different stages of this evolution ... some of you are going through some kind of purging of the old/past, some of you are just stepping in to your *new* self and learning how to walk and talk all over again, and some great souls are way ahead of most and you already have a foundation upon which you can now expand more fully in to your authentic truth and purpose. It is ALL Divine no matter what stage you are in. And there are no shortcuts to the next level. You have to get okay with where you are and what you've got before you can truly transcend it.

Of all the years, I strongly encourage everyone this year to take time out this season to reflect on who you are, where you are and what you deeply desire for your life, and further, your community and planet.

Rather than continuing to spend your precious resources on trying to save what is dying or revive what is dead, rather than using the old methods to save an old paradigm - old truth - old structure, you are better served and your resources better spent on creating a *NEW* paradigm ~ *NEW* truth ~ and *NEW* structure that can and will accommodate the *NEW* ENERGY! (The old paradigms & structures cannot sustain the new energy & activations.)

I have said for some time now, that we need to find a "new way to do the same old things" - eat / pay bills / work / contribute to society in some way. However, as each year ticks by ~ deeper layers of the truth of this are revealed. The "new way" is likely to feel very foreign initially ... that is because it IS! Get okay with it ~ get present to the adventure of it and savor each day as the tasty dessert with a surprise in the middle. (Hopefully you are getting what you "ordered"! *wink*)

If you are accessing your new rhythm and trying to find "your (new) way", it is said to court the Goddess of Wisdom (Pallas Athene) rather than the Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi). While both powerful and useful in their own right, ultimately, wisdom allows you to create whatever you can imagine and the Goddess of Wealth will then, court YOU!

Creating from the soul *IS* the foundation of the "new" way as the old methods no longer work. Sharing your unique gift with the community and serving a purpose is guaranteed to succeed. So I guess it comes down to is: "what can you contribute"? and "what is your definition of success?" and is that 'definition' congruent with your words, thoughts and deeds?

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