Monday, June 15, 2009

June/July 2009 ~ Sacred Seasons of Change

~ Culmination ~
Summer Solstice 2009
~ Initiation ~
Cancer/Capricorn Eclipses 2009-2011

Last week's Sagittarius Full Moon (June 7th) gave you an opportunity to release that which is no longer *TRUTH* on a very personal level. This Last Quarter / Pisces Moon (June 15th) is the time to *CULTIVATE* what is working and prune what is not, in preparation for the upcoming initiation of the Cancer New / Super Moon (June 22nd). This week, we are preparing for *Summer Solstice*, the integration phase of whatever you seeded at *Winter Solstice*. There were some potent, once-in-a-lifetime alignments then and this is the *CULMINATION* of that work. The seeds you planted then, need your care and attention now, and there are several alignments supporting this entire process. Tune in to healing (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune in Aquarius), tend to the tedious, anchor your foundation (Saturn in Virgo) and strengthen your health in preparation for the blessings and challenges that lie ahead. The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces is a great time to do any type of "closure ritual", which can be as simple as a prayer or as elaborate as your imagination can conjure at this time.

The other delicious *INITIATION* happening in June, on/around Summer Solstice, is Venus and Mars getting together in Taurus, the sign deeply connected to Mother Earth, life, love, beauty and sustenance, are balancing, integrating and amplifying the masculine/feminine dynamics. This is a chance for you personally to integrate these two modes of getting things accomplished but also for the collective to move in to a new realm of expression in that regard too. Masculine and Feminine energies, Venus and Mars, are active principles within both men and women and this is an incredible opportunity for *ALL* to embrace a more balanced approach to getting things done in the 3-D. There is a time and place for the masculine approach, however, at the moment we need a healing that the feminine approach can bring in to any equation. There is plenty of preliminary healing work to do before we can really build, and that too is completely supported by the planetary cycles. This Solstice is a chance to fully integrate your Masculine and Feminine nature within so you can make new choices and behave in new ways so you are more effective out in the world.

I remind you here that there are 8 Sacred Solar Seasons each year, the main four are the Solstices and Equinoxes (the other four are the half-way mark between each of the major ones - all are powerful to work with). The Sun makes its way around this same Path every year, activating Cancer/Capricorn on the Solstices and Aries/Libra on the Equinoxes. Pluto is firmly planted in Capricorn, which will form strong alignments *4 times per year* activating all of us for the next *16 years*.

Pluto, planet of death, rebirth & transformation, is going to have a considerable influence (16 years) on both the Sacred Seasons (annually) *AND* Cancer/Capricorn Eclipse (9 and 18 year cycles). Pluto in Capricorn brings up, among many other things, the major shift in your responsibilities and contribution, personally and professionally. It is helping you build a more sound structure of your life and your life's work. Pluto's work with the Sun indicates these activations are primarily directed at your core, essential Self, your identity - who you are. On the Solstices, you will do INITIATION/INTEGRATION work, which will hit your personal chart wherever Cancer/Capricorn is located. On the Equinoxes, you will do GROWTH/DEVELOPMENT work, which will hit your chart wherever Aries/Libra is located. Be mindful of your perceptions of the changes taking place within and around you.

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New Moon is about *PLANTING SEEDS/INITIATION*, while the Full Moon is about *RIPENING/COMPLETION*. Lunar Cycles are 2-weeks / 1-month / 6-months / 1-year and you can tune in to any/all of them, which will help you find your *RHYTHM & FLOW*.

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