Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Intense Energies & Radical Shifts This Summer

We have some potent alignments in June and July with a slight breather in August as we prepare for major changes coming this Fall and Winter 2009. June allows you to release anything no longer Truth for you with the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 7th) and initiates one of two New Moons in Cancer which will allow you to set completely new intentions where your definition of home and family are concerned. Many of us consider our friends to be our family, while others have been blessed to incarnate in to families which yield beautiful and lifelong friendships. Cancer rules Sacred Space, home base, what nurtures and protects you and with two New Moons we can set completely new intentions for how we would like to live at this time and going forward for this new 9 & 18 year cycle.

At this time (June 2009), we are completing a cycle initiated in December 2008 when we hit many major crossroads. Winter Solstice 2008 initiated the new Solar year when we released 2008 and set intentions for 2009 with the Capricorn New Moon. Now we are approaching Summer Solstice 2009 which will reveal what has blossomed beautifully and what needs pruning this Capricorn Full Moon (July 7th). Adding to the potency are Eclipses which always signify major crossroads and radical shifts which will complete their journey through the Leo/Aquarius axis this year and, simultaneously, begin a new cycle with Cancer/Capricorn. This indicates that our new cycle will illuminate choices and changes primarily around home and work.

Pluto's journey through Capricorn is going to amplify the power of this lunation 100-fold. Tapping in to the Healing Trinity (Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune) will help you process these major shifts if you can maintain some objectivity. One of the Cancer New Moons is also a Solar Eclipse (July 21st) and both Cancer New Moons are also Super Moons (June 22nd & July 21st), which is when the Moon is closer to the Earth so the magnetic pull is that much stronger. This may make you more emotional than usual due to the overwhelming choices and changes you've had to process just in the last 6 months alone. And a certain amount of honoring what you've completed and released is fine, however, do no linger, do not mourn. This is a new beginning that deserves to be celebrated! The only way you can create a new sense of home and/or heart-centered work is going to be if you can release whatever is no longer relevant or serving your needs in the here and now, get back to basics and follow your *HEART*.

Summer Solstice (June 20-21) is the integration and culmination of the intentions you set at Winter Solstice (Dec 20-21). What intentions did you set? How are they going? What has manifested? What has not? December 2008 was a very powerful time of major endings, clearing a space for what is coming in to view *NOW*. You are completely supported for healing old wounds and freeing up space & energy within your Being to do great things. And like all cycles, one is preparing you to the next. 2009 is preparing your for 2010 and beyond. There are many major cycles going on at this time, rather than feeling overwhelmed by them all and allowing them to 'blow your circuits' (making you completely ineffective) ~ instead, consult your *HEART* and ask your Being which of these cycles are you MOST ready to contribute to and CHOOSE ONE to focus on.

*Here are links to the articles from December that will give you a frame of reference if you have not read them and a useful reminder if you did. Another thing I'd like to mention is that almost *ALL* of the audios from 2008 are still quite relevant and extremely useful in understanding what is going on *NOW* which will enable you to make better decisions in the moment. I highly recommend any/all of them.

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**PERSONAL NOTE: I posted an extended Monthly Forecast on that covers the energies through mid-July. We are still in Gemini time so that all is current. I am working on many improvements on the website and am grateful for your patience during this process. I will post here on the Lunar Reflections Blog as often as possible but ask that if you are looking for something on my website that you cannot find, please feel free to Email Kelly (me) directly. For now, my only plans to take a break will be for MY birthday July 1st (June 28 - July 4) but otherwise all Tele-Classes will be held as planned and you can/should check the Calendar prior to confirm dates as they may change though it is not likely.

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