Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aries/Taurus 2009 ~ Powerful Week(s) of Change + *FREE* Tele-Class

  • Venus Retrograde in Aries
  • Venus Direct in Pisces
  • Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn
  • Mercury Retrograde ~ Gemini/Taurus
  • Sun/New Moon in Taurus ~ Full Moon in Scorpio
  • Saturn Direct in Virgo

Venus Retrograde in Aries
Venus goes DIRECT this week! (Yay!) Anyone feeling this "turning point" energy? Venus' Retrograde this year has been truly intense and, though we're not totally out of the woods just yet, the intensity should be lifting a bit. Retrogrades are Divine Order ~ they actually present you with an opportunity to review what you are co-creating with the current energies. It is always a perfect time to tune in to see how things are working, how things are moving in the direction of your choosing and make adjustments as needed. Don't be upset when it is time to pull back and review, embrace it, you will be much more productive when it goes forward again.

Venus Direct in Pisces
The key to your ultimate transformation with Venus this week is going to have to do with what you are WILLING TO SACRIFICE for your greater good or the good of all involved or to live a life that reflects your personal, core values. Last week and next week, Venus basically pauses on the final degree or two of Pisces asking you to connect to that which you are sincerely ready to release or complete in your life, whatever is no longer a true reflection of what is important to you. Venus rules what we cultivate, our values and priorities, and those have shifted dramatically in the last 8 years for each of us. How did your *REVIEW* go for the last 6-weeks? Are you ready to integrate the *new* YOU?

Going forward, through Venus' Shadow Period, crossing over the same territory for a third and final pass, you will get to see first-hand what you've created and how you changed and begin to test your new values and the validity of your choices. Honor all of it! The whole Retrograde Process is about "introduction" (to the energy and lessons) ~ "review" (whatever comes to the surface during that time) ~ and "integration" (of new reality, truth and purpose). You've moved to a new level of existence and now you must figure out how to nurture and sustain it. (Bringing us to the next energy of Taurus/Scorpio, which will further anchor your changes.)

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn
But first things first, the other reason it is so intense is Pluto just went Retrograde for the next several months provoking a deep delving for all. This too is a blessing, however it appears in your life/reality. We know how Pluto is moving the collective along, but as an individual, you should tune in to this energy for a final purge and purification of anything you've neglected, suppressed or allowed to fester and grow toxic in the dark corners of your Being, your Heart or your Mind, for far too long. I know, heavy duty, but you can handle it, one thing at a time, do the best you can and invite your Invisible helpers to assist. Again, choosing to work consciously with the energy will make its journey through whatever part of your chart easier to take and more productive in the end. Pluto is just introducing you to how you must "grow up" over the next 16 years. It's time to pull in and assess how you handle personal and professional responsibility (Capricorn) and if you have heeded the signs to move in to *heart-centered* work, by any means necessary (then Pluto's power is a delicious help). If you have coasted on the backs of others, ignored your own truths and essentially avoided reality on any or many levels, then this will be a tough (but necessary) review and adjustment period. We are going to discuss Pluto's energy in-depth on the *FREE* Tele-Class THIS Thursday, April 16th @ 8:45pm edt. *ALL* are Welcome! If you cannot make it but still want to receive the audio/activations, please Email Kelly your request along with your Birth date / time / place.
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Mercury Retrograde ~ Gemini/Taurus
More food for thought this week ... is that we are entering the Shadow Period for the upcoming Mercury Retrograde when it will briefly initiate Gemini (ideas, thoughts, concepts and communication) before it spends most of its 3+ week Retrograde Period moving back through Taurus, showing you where your ideas need to be grounded and practical ~ as well as ~ sensual, pleasurable and nourishing on a soul level. It will give you the opportunity to get very creative, with additional support by the solar/lunar energies of the month, Taurus/Scorpio, blending the visible and invisible powers to co-create on a whole new level.

Sun/New Moon in Taurus ~ Full Moon in Scorpio
This begs the question, does anyone remember ONLY ONE YEAR AGO ... The Taurus New Moon, flanked by two potent Scorpio Full Moons? We planted some major seeds at that time, how did the year unfold for *YOU*? Deep reflections. Taurus ~ The Garden. Scorpio ~ The Compost. Together ~ The Power of Life / The Necessity of Death. If you missed (and want) those audios/activations, please Email Kelly your request along with your Birth date / time / place.

Saturn Direct in Virgo
And the final biggie (at the moment) to prepare for is Saturn going Direct May 16th. You have been actively re-structuring over the last several months, re-working systems to be more effective, healing aspects of your 3-D world/life and reviewing what elements of your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, psychic and karmic reality can be strengthened going forward, or released altogether. How has the basic structure of your life and life's work *HEALED* over the last couple of years while Saturn as it teaches Virgo's lesson of trust and discernment ~ simple and effective ~ for long-term productivity?

*ALL* of this is just PREPARATION FOR ... (upcoming energies). As things move along, major and minor cycles are overlapping, knowledge and setting clear intentions will help you to be prepared and ready for anything. The Eclipses kicked off the year, indicating course corrections from last year's work, Venus' Retrograde slowed you down to review your values and priorities, Pluto Retrograde is slowing you down to distill (purify) all that has been revealed from the deepest part of your Being, then Mercury will Retrograde to review your thinking and ideas, then Saturn will go Direct and move your reality along in tangible, measurable ways ... it continues ... but I only want to plant the seeds of THIS TIME so you are better positioned when the magical and healing combined energies of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune arrive thereafter. You have to see how it is all connected, related and weaving the many aspects of your life into something miraculous! One thing is leading to the next thing, to the next thing, assisting you on every level to create a more rich and authentic life, freeing you up to serve in new, vital and unique ways. Stay tuned!

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