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April-May 2009 ~ Planting Seeds for One & All

I am working on the Taurus Update and will notify you when the website is completely updated. This is a potent mix of Aries, Taurus and Gemini ~ speaking DIRECTLY to the energy of the "Re-Birth" of *NOW*. The First, Second and Third Houses of the zodiacal wheel cover all aspects of your *INITIATION* in to this new existence. I had to list everything together just to get a snapshot. Now, add to the mix that you are 6 months (later) from the CREATIONS of Scorpio time (Oct/Nov 2008) ~ preparing for the pruning of all that you've created since then, with the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon (May 9, 2009). And you are completing One Year since Taurus time (Apr/May 2008) ~ what did you CULTIVATE from May 2008 to May 2009?

Now, April-May 2009, we create or improve our GARDEN of life, where we experience beauty and receive nutrient. What seeds will you plant this season? How will they reflect the major evolution you've undergone in light of Venus' 8 Year Cycle, Re-Birthing your IDENTITY? Who are you now? (vs. last May?) You must clarify your intentions to maximize the benefits of the current planetary energy and alignments. You are so very supported, and being prepared for what's to come, so you must strengthen and fortify wherever and however you can and then show GRATITUDE for that process (and all it entails). Taurus reminds us of how powerful gratitude and generosity can be when given sincerely and from the heart.

A *PERFECT* addition to our work (and motivation to focus over the next 2-3wks) is The Rebirth Celebration Global Meditation being held May 9-11, 2009. I regularly check Carl Johan Calleman's website for new posts, however, this one was just posted last week and forwarded to me (Thank You!! Diana of Wise Awakening). It was such a powerful affirmation of all the work we do in the Power Circle and I invite you to check out my thoughts on the astrology contributing to this magical time. And I highly encourage you to SAVOR the article from Carl, covering the energy of now and Joseph R. Giove of shares his vision for The Rebirth Celebration Global Meditation. Your HEART will guide you, now and always.

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Naturally, as the astrologer, I had to see what other energies and entities were going to be relevant and active during this time. Whew! hang on ... and away we go!!

Most of you know that my primary thrust is understanding and co-creating with the cycles, micro to macro. For my new people, it is in this context I go on. We are gathering for a tele-class Tues / April 21st AND Tues / May 5th @ 8:45pm edt to go over the Taurus New Moon & Scorpio Full Moon (respectively) energy and much of this will be covered in detail so I encourage you to join us. The core group which is growing and evolving individually and collectively, is also deeply dedicated to this conscious work so if you feel called to join us, I am more than happy to honor the Early Bird $20 or 2-for-$35 and you can receive both Taurus New Moon and Scorpio Full Moon Audios + Activations. If money is an issue, *Love Offerings* are equally welcome and deeply appreciated!
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In closing, I recommend the article for more detailed planetary influences and I remind you that we are now well within the 'orb of influence' of the New Moon / Dark of the Moon, where all seeds germinate (in the darkness), asking for water (your life force) ~ nutrient (your tangible offering) ~ fresh air (your clarity) ~ warmth of the sun (fiery conviction) in order to blossom, expand and pollinate other potentials. Power Wishes are especially powerful during this time of year, and for those who are not on the manifesting side of the energies, you are on the release and purifying side of this energy. It is ALL GOOD!! Go with it, embody whatever energy is trying to express through you! If the ritual of meditating and writing things down is not your thing, that's okay too, just SET AN INTENTION of who you are creating (within your own Being) and what you are creating (in the world).

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