Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mars/Jupiter in Aquarius

Developing Our Humanity & Consciousness

Astrology, like life, is never simply composed of ONE - anything. We are multi-dimensional beings, as is the planet we live on and the Universe to which we belong. So I should say that the 'highlight' of this article is Mars Conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius (happening Tues/February 17th) but as I am gathering my thoughts on this one thing, 10 other aspects of *now* jump in to my awareness as if to say to me, "Don't forget about me! Remind them about me too!"

Sun got together with Neptune in Aquarius on February 12th, dissolving any rough edges to your core being and then March 12th, Sun will align with Uranus in Pisces to help you remember how connected you are to the planet and every living thing. Venus and Mars are interacting, giving us opportunities to put our newly balanced masculine/feminine natures in to practice in real-time and with Jupiter right next to Mars, this EXPANDS the whole concept, along with Juno in this same mix, you are getting an extra boost of commitment to maintaining this balance. Your core being (Sun) is getting a similar opportunity to demonstrate any strides you've made in the purification/transformation department of your life (Pluto). As these energies contribute to the alchemical mix of the week, truly, anything is possible! And the highest possibility could be using the Mars/Jupiter combo to get out of your comfort zone and courageously initiate (Mars) a new aspect of your own personal story (Jupiter), something that will allow you to participate with a group of like-minded souls (Aquarius), pursuing a larger Truth which benefits the many.

So, back to my original point, Mars, the planet of energy, passion, action, our desire nature and warrior spirit ~ is ~ connecting with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, consciousness and Truth. They are connecting in Aquarius, which you would think would give these two the "detachment" that Aquarius so brilliantly teaches all of us and it WILL for those blessed souls well-anchored on their path and who consciously direct these energies. This is a beautiful opportunity to experiment (Aquarius) with a broader perspective of what you truly believe and what you can actually 'do' to live in harmony with your deepest faith and philosophy of life. These two getting together will prompt you to take action (Mars) on your personal Truth & Story (Jupiter). Or perhaps give you the courage (Mars) to at least FACE your personal Truth and Story (Jupiter) ... how are you both (you and your 'story') developing at this time? Tuning in to this energy is also activating Juno, connecting you to the healing and renewed commitment necessary to live your new Truth & Purpose in a way that genuinely serves the community (Aquarius) and in a way you which may not have been able to ... until now.

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Lourdes said...

Thank you Kelly. This has helped me to understand the Mars in Aquarius energy more clearly - expanded of course, by Jupiter! I have Mars in Aquarius natally, so my inner and outer experiences have been very interesting to say the least..and watching myself observe it all - in such a detached manner, has been surprising to my Sun-Leo, Moon-Cancer self...it's almost a little surreal and out of body, but I'm just accepting and going with the energies!

Leilah said...

Hi Kelly - this is a wonderful article - inspiring and also it clarifies the Mars/Jupiter thing, which I feel very attuned to (being an Aries). Passion and expansion... really looking at the truth of my being - this is happening - it's very validating to see that the choices I'm making are in alignment with the energies. I thank you and my guides and Higher Self for overlighting my path!
With love,