Friday, February 6, 2009

Aquarius 2009 Forecast ~ Major Alignments ~ Continuing the Shifts

Aquarius time expands your consciousness every year, but this year it has help from Jupiter (which only comes every 12 years) so make sure you take some time along the way to tap in to this potent energy. Some months we have more activations of varying importance, and while this month the quantity may be less, the quality is greater. The Sun enters Aquarius every year but Neptune is in Aquarius only from 1998 to 2011, leaving you only 2+ years to work this energy in to your core, essential nature (Sun). Neptune takes about 165 years to make its way through the zodiac, so we are closing a very large cycle over the next several years and the better you integrate this energy as an individual, the further along the collective will be in its conscious awareness and evolution. This is an important lesson the Universe has been trying to teach over the last several years: detachment, diversity and change where the family and community are concerned ... boundaries are an illusion and we are all connected so we better start acting like it by strengthening and fortifying SELF so that the service to the COMMUNITY is more substantial.

I remind you here that you are being prepared each and every day by the circumstances in which you find your Self and the choices you make along the way. Values and priorities are all-important ~ where is your current focus? How do you honor your own nature and serve your family / community and those people and entities which support your very existence? 2009 is helping you build strength and learn certain lessons you will want to have mastered (or at least gotten comfortable with) by the time 2010 arrives. Then 2010 is going to prepare you for 2011 ... and 2011 brings even more major changes leading up to and beyond 2012. You can only take things one day at a time, but Aquarius energy encourages you to be aware that everything you do as an individual affects those near and far, so be mindful of the baggage you carry in to this new era and the initiations you undertake.

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