Friday, September 18, 2009

Sacred Rhythms ~ Ancient & Ever-New

How Divine is it that Virgo precedes Libra! Virgo is the lesson of *DISCERNMENT* ~ discerning what's relevant, useful, healthy, real ... or not. It prompts us every year to take inventory of ourselves and our lives. Theoretically, in preparation for moving in to Libra time when people and culture get involved or become the focus. The Leo New Moon (Aug 20th) set your new intentions for the authentic *YOU*, now a month later, Virgo New Moon (Sept 18th) asks you to perfect *YOU* before you interact or collaborate with others. With all the intensity of "now", plus the several rare planetary alignments, plus the usual activations and seasonal shifts, it can be very challenging to "tend to the details" the way Virgo would prefer. BREATHE. Instead of giving in to the overwhelmed feelings (Shadow Pisces), tune in to the fact that this is the *LAST* Virgo/Pisces Lunation that you will have the added juice of Saturn/Uranus contributing to your work of 'out with the old / in with the new' while mastering your Human/Physical Self and your Spiritual/Divine Self. (Also, keep in mind that both these major planets are moving in to the Aries/Libra dynamic next which will bring on a whole new set of lessons and activations.)

Everything is preparing you for the next thing. 2009 started with a Venus theme and ends with a Mars theme that will dominate 2010. This suggests that if you get your priorities renewed and realigned (Venus) this year, you will be in a much better position to determine your true and deepest desires (Mars) next year, which will position you to finally take some much-needed action steps toward building and creating a life that better reflects your Truth & Purpose. Right now, Mercury is Retrograde assisting with the *REVIEW* process, supporting everyone who turns within right now. It's time to gather a little more information, clarity and understanding before moving on whatever you are discovering about your Self these days. All is not what it seems, most likely. This may actually be a good thing because it leaves room for your conscious intent and Great Spirit to move things around before they are too solid to change.

Where we are now began with Winter Solstice 2008. ALL of December 2008 was Infinitely potent, and by the end of the month, we had Sun, Mercury, Mars (3 of the personal planets) and Jupiter (social planet) joining Pluto (collective planet) in Capricorn, the sign of responsibility, stability and integrity. *FALL* Equinox 2009 brings an opportunity to analyze, digest and assimilate the first full year of Pluto in Capricorn so strongly activating the Solstices and Equinoxes (4 times per year for the next 16 years) ... You are preparing for the coming new Solar year at Winter Solstice ~ December 2009. What have you learned about dancing so closely with Pluto, Lord of Transformation? What have you gained? What have you lost? Use this *FALL* Season to identify what is solid and useful and what is finally ready to be released back in to the Infinite Void of creation.

*FALL* Equinox 2009 also moves some of the personal planets along from Virgo in to Libra, reminding you this is also a time for *BALANCE* ~ of Dark/Light ~ of Feminine/Masculine ~ of Inner/Outer. Pluto being so intricately linked to the Sacred Seasons for the next 15+ years, gives you unprecedented support for the changes you are ready, willing and able to make. At the turn of each Season, there will be intense transformation added to the already potent mix. The Solstices are all about Initiation/Integration and the Equinoxes are all about Growth/Development. Depending on your own alchemical mix, there will be a certain degree of "out of the comfort zone" for everyone. Use it as *FUEL* to facilitate change within your own Being, your own life and your own community. (Resistance and procrastination will prolong the pain and delay your good.)

The issues being brought in to the Light at this time are ...

~ Harvest ~
Assess what you've produced/accomplished
in the last 6-months and 1-year
~ Evaluate & Rectify ~
Assess what worked and what did not work
~ Balance & Integrate ~
Assess what you need to do/have/be
more or less of - going forward
~ Pause for the Cause ~
Transition times are times to be still,
tune in and prepare for new season

Though this is profoundly personal, individual work, many of us share the desire and intention to live in a diverse, peaceful, thriving & dynamic community. How and when that (peaceful and thriving) community manifests, lies within each individual. We are strengthened, fortified and uplifted every time we remember we are NOT ALONE. A solid connection and sense of belonging are incredibly sacred gifts that we will share during this season of *HARVEST* ~ adding juice and power to our individual and collective intentions.

I hope you will join us for the next in a series of dynamic and powerful gatherings of the ever-expanding, truly Infinite Power Circle. Karmic Members are from all parts of the US, plus well over 50 other countries around the world. There are countless others organizing major group events around the globe throughout this month of power! That is a lot of potent energy to bring together, even for a few minutes! We are encouraging you to do *SUNRISE* Solo Meditation and then join me and Leilah for our annual celebration of *FALL* Equinox and the turn of the Sacred Seasons.

*FALL Equinox* 2009
w. Leilah of
TUES/Sept 22, 2009
@ 9:00pm - 10:00pm (US/EDT)
Click Here for Details & Registration

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