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*PISCES* 2012 ~ Student *Tools*, Offerings & Reminders!

*PISCES* 2012 ~ Student *Tools*, Offerings & Reminders!
PISCES: Healing Requires Faith
VIRGO: Unity Require Order

*PISCES* time is so precious! It is where your whole year comes together and asks you to *Create* a Greater *Vision* from the *Raw Materials* of your experience and where you *Surrender* any attachment to the Past or the Future and BE *Present* ~ Go With the *Flow* (at least try ;-)) *Mutable* Energy: PISCES/Initiation ~ VIRGO/Integration ~ GEMINI-SAG/Growth ~ is the *Idea/Ideal* Realm ~ it's where you *Learn & Process* Life and where you discover exactly if/how what you *Believe* supports you, which activates the evolution of your Personal *Truth* ... something becoming more and more *FLUID* for all of us as Neptune & Chiron settle in for 8-14 Years in *Pisces*. This too will shape your Individual experiences, especially those of you with these Signs strongly placed in your chart.

Any time I feel the Neptunian *Fog* rolling in, I take a time-out and turn on my *Receiver* - think of it as *SONAR*, a device used to Navigate *Under Water*. With *7* Planets in *PISCES* this month, we may need *Assistance* clarifying our direction. I have been finding *Diamonds* when I *Open & Surrender* to receive Spirit's Guidance these days and when I block *Flow* (on any level/in any way) I see only a lump of coal that will require more energy than I have to convert. I have found soothing *balm* in Nature which always replenishes me! ("Break to Re-Align") I am then better able to *Give My Flow a Structure* and convert my worrisome (6 planets in) Virgo in to the practical, natural order Virgo so I can come back to the Current *PISCES* party (of Life) and contribute! As I type this, it occurs to me that this is a nice illustration of the *Balance/Integration* process of the Virgo (Earth) & Pisces (Water) energies ... Virgo says, "Surrender to the *Natural Order* and Experience *Miracles/Magic*!" and Pisces replies, "Surrender to the *Miracles/Magic* and Experience *Natural Order*!" Play with that! ;-)

I played with a couple of ideas and reviewed our *Recent Past* work (2-3 years) in the *Pisces/Virgo* realms and found some extremely relevant *gems*. I may have gotten a little carried away on the Divine Guidance for each week, as I went "diggin' in the crates" (an old DJ term that means digging to find that Great *Inspired* Music that will keep the energies *Flowing*) ~ when you go "diggin' in the crates", you are sometimes looking for something you will only know when you see it because the *FEELING* is so distinctly *YES*!! I followed my *Feelings* that there was something *Useful & Relevant* from our Collective/Cumulative work in the *Pisces/Virgo* realms in the last couple of years and sure enough, I found many juicy morsels of work we've already done, that we can NOW *Build* ON with the *Current Energy & Support*. It is THIS work (last 3-6 years) that informs our *Choices & Decisions* NOW ~ 2012 - 2013 - 2014 and beyond.

*SPECIAL* Offers ~ One of my goals for *2012* is to get MORE Members and MORE Call Participants to join this already *STELLAR* Inner Circle! What we do as a *Team* when we get together on the calls is evolving in to a powerful *Support System* for, not only us, the Power Circle that gathers *3* times per month, but everyone each Member then turns to *Touch* in their journey. Ripples in the pond. Energetic Support, Community Fun & Co-Creation on many levels happens when we gather to raise the *Vibration* as a group. And to that end, I have created some Incentives ~ *BONUS* Materials you can get when you *Support* Kelly &!
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*Weekly* Guidance & Support*

~ Weekly *Audio* Update ~

Transits & General Cycles
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~ Weekly *Written* Forecast ~
Written Highlights of this Week's Transits
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~ Weekly *Lunar* Divine Guidance ~
Lunar Note & Divinations is the Energetic *Support*
for the New/Full and First/Last Qtr Moons
*PISCES* New Moon ~ 2.21.2012 ~
Click Here for Guidance (2-pages/PDF)
*GEMINI* First Qtr Moon ~ 2.29.2012 ~
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for Guidance (2-pages/PDF)

I have done some tremendous upgrades to all the Karmic *TOOLS* in preparation for the launch (in Divine Time & Order). For now, Monthly *TOOLS* are available by the 20th of each month when the Sign changes. I want to encourage more people to *use* the Tools and it seems there are many of you who would appreciate Monthly *Reminders*. Each month, your Custom *Astro* Reports are available, as are the *Lunar* Tele-Classes, which are great supplements to the Individual & Collective *Tools* we use to navigate these pivotal shifts. Even if you do not join us every month, please consider a $35 Donation for *PISCES/VIRGO* Lunation (Audio + Activations) or $5 for your Personal *Astro* Reports & Tools *THIS* Month!

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